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Word Guide:

Ohayo Good Morning

Arigatou (thank you)

Neechan (sister)

iiya (no)

Hai (yes)

Gomen (Sorry)


Nani (what)

Nande (why)

Gomen nasai (I'm Sorry)

Neesan (older sister)

Niisan (older brother)

Matte ne (until later)

Okaasan (mother)

Otousan (father)

------------------------------------------------Chapter 18-------------------------------------------------------

Asamiya walked out of the staircase on the top floor of the tower and saw a Kunoichi behind the desk across from the hokage's door. Shizune looked up as Asamiya followed by Neji and Yuri walked towards her. She smiled as she recognized the clothes she had help Anko pick up for Asamiya. "Ohayo Asamiya-san It's good to see you up and already running around."

"anou…I don't believe I know you…" Miya said puzzeled that she knew who she was.

"Gomen, my name is Shizune I was one of the medic nins that attended you."

"Oh so you are Shizune-san. Arigatou for helping Anko out with picking out my clothes I doubt she would have even thought to get me a new kimono and I absolutely love the one you picked out."

"Hai she didn't and the shop keeper Miyuke had brought the silk for it years ago thinking of you but you had left before it came in and her husband found it still wrapped up while looking for the matching silk your original kimono was made from."

"Well it is absolutely gorgeous and…"

Just then Natuto went running by and barged into the hokage's office before the two ANBU guards could stop him.

Shizune sweat-dropped as Miya sighed "I best go get him."

"Hai." As Neji and Yuri started to follow Shizune quickly stopped them "Oh no you two can wait for over there." She said pointing to a bench next to her desk. Yuri sighed and walked over to the bench. Neji glared at her but Shizune glared back "Don't push it Neji-san"

"Hn" Neji said as he went and sat next to Yuri on the bench leaning back and watching Shizune with half lidded eyes.

"NEE-CHAN….." Naruto called as he stormed in. Looking around he saw Tsunade fuming one hand on her desk as she stood up and the other clenched into a fist.

The Raikage was looking past Naruto as Miya had walked in while he was looking around and leaned against the door frame. The raikage thought 'Asamiya…she looks so different from how she looked as Komirino yet she is still as pretty'

"anou…" Naruto muttered in confusion scratching the back of his head.

"Naru?" Miya softly called to him causing him to turn around "You ran right by me. Now apologize to the hokage for barging in without knocking."

Tsunade watched Naruto's reactions to Asamiya in wonder.


"Iiya Demo, Apologize." Miya said sternly

"Hai, Hai Gomen baachan."

Asamiya sighed "Naruto."


Asamiya sighed once more "Nothing Naru, forget it." She said ruffling his hair as she looked up and at the hokage "Goman nasai Hokage-sama that Naruto busted in here demo I would like to talk with you if I may. It wont take long."

Tsunade smirked in disbelief that she had gotten Naruto to apologize to her but before she could answer Miya's question the Raikage spoke up as he stood up "Actually Hokage-san I would like to talk to both you and Asamiya-chan in private for a bit myself."
"Hai, very well. Naruto you are dismissed." Tsunade said waving her hand at Naruto in dismissal.


"Naruto." Miya said sternly glaring at him as she turned him and gently steered him out the door "You can wait with Neji-san and Yuri-chan"

Naruto turned sulking as Miya closed the door. She started to turn around then heard something at the door sensing Naruto's chakra very close to the door she focused her chakra saying "Just a second." She then knelt down placing her hands near the crack under the door releasing her wind chakra though the crack next thing they heard was Naruto's yell in surprise followed by a loud crash. Miya stood and reopened the door. "And no listening in at the door Naru." Seeing Shizune's desk in disarray as Naruto had landed on it scattering everything she blushed slightly her hands going together in apology "Gomen Shizune-san I forgot your desk was across from the door."

"No problem I will make Naruto clean it up."

"Nani? Nande? It's her fault." Naruto said pointing at Miya

"iiya, as it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been at the door trying to listen."

Naruto grumbled and glanced over at Neji.

Miya saw this and said "Oh and Neji-san don't forget I have an easier way to make sure you aren't watching and reading lips of what is being said and I will know if you use your Byakugan."

Neji glared at her before answering "Hai." Miya smiled softly at him before stepping back in and closing the door.

"Gomen Hokage-sama for the disturbance." Asamiya said as she turned from the closed door and came into the room to stand in front of the two kages. "Raikage-sama you wanted to talk with me and the Hokage?"

"Please Asamiya-chan even if your name has changed I don't believe you were not being yourself. No Shinobi can be that nice for so long if it wasn't in them. So please call me Natoshi like nothing has changed. Only drop the sama bit and if you have to use a suffix please use kun" He said with a grin.

"Arigatou, Natoshi-san demo I think it still isn't my place to be so familiar with you. Even if you have been spending years to get me to call you as such. And please call me Miya, it is what all my friends call me."

Tsunade smiled as she watched the exchange glad that the Raikage held no hard feeling on the girl who had in all essence spied on him and his village for over eight years.

The Raikage sighed and thought 'well it is still an improvement to what she had been calling me back in Kumogakure at least.' then said "Okay Miya-chan and you go ahead and deal with your business with the hokage first unless you rather not do it in front of me?"

"iiya, that's ok." Miya said then turned to the hokage "Hokage-sama I wanted to request clearance back to active duty."

The Hokage walked around her desk and called forth her diagnostic healing jutsu. After checking over Asamiya's overall health she nodded "Hai, I will move you back to active duty. I assume you will be taking up the last mission you left unfinished before transferring to information gathering?"

"anou…iiya not quite yet. I have a plan that will help Naruto with his current mission and it does involve my last unfinished mission."

"Understood. We will talk more about that latter. Is there anything else?"

"Hai, Fujimika Yuki has request I help train her for the chuunin exam as her current jounin wont. It sounds like he has a problem with kunoichi."

"OH Really?! Let me deal with her current jounin as for you training her you have permission. Are you interested in having a new gunin team I noticed according to your file you have trained a team before?"

Miya thought a bit before answering "I'm not so sure about having a new team…I will think about it though. Yuki-chan in fact is actually the younger sister to one of my former gunin's that is how she knew of me and why she requested me to train her."

"I see, we will talk more on this latter then as well." Tsunade said as she thought 'It seems what happened to her last team after they had became chuunins is still effecting her I will defiantly need to talk with her about it all. Demo that can wait.'

"Hai." Miya said then turned to the Raikage "Last thing is for both of you. I am having a dinner party for everyone and their teams and my friends at the Shinobi Café tonight at five. In fact Natoshi-san your brother and sister already said they would come plus your sister's team except I haven't actually heard from Nao-san though Tori-kun said she most likely would."

"Hai, I will be honored. And Tori is right Nao will be there too especially since I will be there." the Raikage said with a grin.

Miya giggled "Hai. So Hokage you be coming as well?"

"Hai. So who all from here are invited?" she asked

"Hinata's, Neji's and Naruto's teams including their sensei's. I still have to tell Shizune. Yuri-chan and a number of my friends"

"Oh grand Gai, Kakashi and I bet friends includes Anko all in the same small room"

"Don't worry about Anko she will behave I have already threatened her about dressing nice and what is wrong with Kakashi and Gai was it?"

"Hai Maito Gai is Neji's sensei and he will be constantly challenging Kakashi to well anything he can think of. Course Kakashi will most likely be keeping his nose in those awful orange books of his the whole time except for eating."

Miya smiled "Orange books you say?"

The raikage laughed "Sounds like this will be a fun party."

"Well I do hope everyone will have fun. Anyway Natoshi-san you said you had to talk to the hokage and me about something?"

"Hai. Though it isn't as pleasant of a topic as your party tonight. I thought you might like to know about the bells."

"The bells?" Tsunade asked "You sure this is for me as well?"

"Everything will become clear Hokage-sama."

"I take it I know at least one of the eleven shinobi who were killed?"

"Eleven shinobi?" Tsunade asked in shock

"Hai our checkpoint was attacked eight chuunin and 3 jounin lost their lives including…Yugito-chan."

Miya just stared at Natoshi in shock for a few heartbeats before softly saying "That's…imposible. Yugito was close to a kage's level in skills and…her power..not to mention…anou...Do you know what happened? Who is responsible?" Miya asked looking at the ground in thought

"Hai just two men…from the Akatsuki. We have sketches of them." Natoshi said pulling out a scroll case and passing it to the hokage who removed the two sketches. "Taka also reported as to over hearing them talking about their next stop was the fire country. So you see hokage-sama this did have something to do with you as they are coming after your Junchuuriki next."

Asamiya looked up with a cold dead glare on her face as she said "They get him over my dead body."

Tsunade had no doubt that she was addressing one of the best ANBU assassin's the leaf had right then so said commandingly "Stand down Eagle."

Hearing her ANBU code name brought Miya back down to earth in an instant. "gomen hokage-sama…but I do mean that."

"Hai I know and I will be there with you because they get the brat over my dead body too." Tsunade said with a smirk on her face. Miya smiled back understanding now the relationship between her cousin and the hokage a bit better.

"Well I hope I can get my piece in on these two as they killed eleven of my shinobi not to mention the civilians that died. I like to propose a joint venture on going after these two. As they are most likely already in your territory."

Miya and Tsunade looked over the sketches and were both relived that one of them wasn't Itachi. "I don't have a problem with that. In fact I propose that you and I handle this personally along with select elite shinobi from each of our villages."

"Agreed." Natoshi replied


"IIya Miya-san. Besides you will be helping Naruto with his mission right?"

"Hai." Miya said.

"We will talk about who you need for your plan and who I will take latter. Besides don't you have a party to get set up?"

Miya smiled "Hai. I take it then I am dismissed?"

"Hai unless the raikage has anything else for you?"

"iiya. I will see you tonight at the Shinobi Café is that right Miya-chan?"

"Hai at five o'clock. In fact I am meeting Nagatoyo and Aiyuki there for lunch so you wont have to worry about how to find it they can show you the way."


Miya smiled and bowed to both of them then turned to leave. As she reached the door to opened it Tsunade called after her "Oh and Miya-san have Shizune get me Fujimika Yuki's former sensei? And tell her to have him wait until I am ready."

"anou…former sensei? Hokage-sama? …She will still be able to take the chuunin test with her team?" Miya asked.

"iiya. She will take the test with Naruto who still needs to take the test as well and one other who I will find latter and let you know. You just make sure she is ready and tell Naruto too."

"Hai hokage-sama." Miya said bowing once more then opened the door and left.

"There that is everything." Naruto said handing the last stack of papers to Shizune then turned to Yuki "Thanks for the help Yuki-chan I don't think I could have picked all those files up by myself so fast."

"No problem. Besides waiting with nothing to do is boring especially when there is something that needs being done at the time." Yuki said with a smile just as the hokage's door opened up.

Everyone turned to look at the door as Miya walked in closing the door behind her.

"NEE-CHAN." Naruto called out as she came towards him "So what did Baa-chan say?"

"Naruto show some respect for Tsunade-hime she's the hokage" Shizune scolded

Naruto spun around and was about to say some retort when Miya ruffled his hair distracting him as he swatted her hand away "Nee-chan…"

Neji watched everything and noted 'her eyes are saying she is sad even though she seems happy. I wonder what happened? I'll ask her latter it wouldn't be polite to ask in front of the ANBU guards and Shizune-san.'

"Nani?" Miya asked smiling with her eyes closed at Naruto. Naruto just glared fuming as Miya turned to talk to Shizune "The hokage asked me to tell you and I quote have Shizune get me Fujimika Yuki's former sensei? And tell her to have him wait until I am ready. end quote."

"Former sensei?" Shizune asked curiously

At the same time Yuki in shocked asked "Former Sensei?!"

Miya giggled and looked at Yuki who blushed at her outbreak before turning back to Shizune and answered the question "Hai. I told Hokage-sama that Yuki-chan had asked me to train her for the chuunin exam as her sensei refused to train her and that it sounded like he has a problem with kunoichi."

"Oh Really?!" Shizune said and smiled as she saw Genma coming towards her with more files for her "Genma-kun perfect timing. I need you to fetch…anou…" She turned to Yuki "Yuki-chan who was your sensei?"

Genma noted 'was huh?

"Kamachi Zenko." Yuki replied

"So you want me to fetch Zenko huh?" Genma asked

"Hai. And tell him the hokage wants to see him ASAP."

"Hai" Genma said turning to go but slowly

"anou…Miya-sensei? Will I still take the chuunin exam with my team?"

"iiya. The hokage will let me know who the third is to be latter demo you will be taking the chuunin exam with Naruto."

"NANI?!" Naruto shouted

Miya turn to Naruto "Naruto you Are still a genin and need to take the chuunin yourself you know."

Naruto grinned and chuckled scratching the back of his head sheepishly "Hai. I know. Just haven't thought about that much."

Miya chuckled and smiled at Naruto shaking her head in disbelief.

Just as Genma made it to the stairs Shizune called out to him. "Oh and Genma-kun? Don't tell Zenko-san anything you have figured out or heard here about what the hokage wants to see him about. Understand?" She said with a grin.

"Hai" Genma called back in answer with a wave of a hand as he went down the stairs.

"Well we need to be getting to lunch." Miya said "Oh and Shizune five o'clock Shinobi Café I am throwing a party will come you?"

"Hai I love too. Anko-kun had said she had wanted to take me there sometime as I haven't been there before."

"Ok great. Anko-chan should be there and the hokage said she would come as well if you can remind her. I will be wearing the new kimono you brought for me." Miya said with a smile and a wink.

Shizune smiled back and giggled "Ok I will make sure to remind her."

"Arigatou Shizune-san. Matte ne."

"Matte ne." Shizune said as Miya turned to leave with Yuki, Naruto and Neji following behind her.