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Clash of the Titans 2

Chapter One


Time passed. The Titans grew up and out of the superhero career, and made something for themselves elsewhere.

Robin traveled back to Gotham, bringing his fiancé Starfire with him. Getting a blessing from his former mentor, he went ahead and married Starfire. Afterwards, he became known as Richard Grayson, the entrepreneur of the century.

Starfire married Robin, and had twins a year later. She was incandescently happy, with a loving, smart, rich husband and two beautiful girls. She stayed at home and taught her daughters how to use their powers skillfully, and teaching them the words she lived by; put mustard on everything.

Cyborg became rich due to his new high-tech inventions. He stayed in Jump City and opened a homeless shelter, serving women, men, and children his very favorite food, whether it was gourmet cuisine or Aunt Jemima griddlecakes.

Raven left for Azarath, after persuading herself that there was nothing left for her. Of course, she missed her friends deeply, but the hole that a certain grass stain left was deeper than any of the others.

Beast Boy disappeared, hiding himself away so deeply that not even Raven could see where he was. This is where the story begins, with Raven contacting the remaining Titans.

Raven's expression was one of utmost concentration. If she could have a little more silence, then she would begin to see the four Titans vaguely in her mind's eye.

But that silence wasn't going to be granted to her, unless Raven let a little pride slip away. And nothing was going to keep her from seeing her friends, even if it was jut a vision.

Raven cracked an eye open and glared at her mother. Arella was humming quietly, tapping her foot for rhythm, and drumming her fingernails on the desk she was sitting at. And she wasn't exactly quiet when it came to turning the pages of her book.

Raven shut her eye and murmured, "Mother, could you go do that in another room, perhaps?"

Arella looked at her daughter, who was floating in the air behind her. "Of course," she said simply and left.

Raven exhaled, and then inhaled. She repeated, again and again. Finally, she whispered her chant and saw a stream of images, and felt a surge of feelings.

She saw Robin and Starfire in their wedding attire; happiness and joy made her rise in the air a little. Cyborg with his gadgets; she felt pride. She then saw Beast Boy, with his arm around a girl. She felt contentment from Beast Boy, but jealousy overrode that.

Raven opened her eyes. She sank back to the floor and felt her white robes settle around her with a soft whoosh. She looked at the ground in front of her in shock.

Beast Boy had found someone new. And it was uncanny how much she looked like Terra. Raven sighed. Beast Boy was never going to get over her, was he?

Raven tilted her head up and looked at a picture frame on the desk her mother was sitting at previously. Five years ago, when the Titans were a team, the picture was taken. Raven looked actually happy then. But now that was all changed, what with the past five minutes.

Raven gulped. She knew three Titans' whereabouts, but not Beast Boy's. Perhaps Rob—Richard did, with his cutting edge technology. If he didn't, Cyborg surely would.

Conjuring an Azarathian messenger bird, Raven telepathically gave the bird a message. After about thirty seconds, the messenger bird flew away into Earth's solar system. And impatiently, Raven sat down to wait.


Richard was conducting a meeting when a nagging feeling entered his consciousness. He began to panic, thinking it was Starfire and the twins. But he relaxed, soothing himself with the sight of seeing Starfire beat up any assailant that moved too quickly. Then, when he dismissed the meeting, a bird materialized out of the thin air and placed its wingtip on his shoulder.

Have you seen Beast Boy anywhere? I'm beginning to get…concerned… that he's in some type of trouble. Please relay your thoughts to the bird. It's Raven.

The bird removed its wingtip and waited.

Richard started at the sound of Raven's voice, but then he relaxed. He hadn't seen Beast Boy anywhere, nor heard from him. Then he touched the bird awkwardly and thought, How does this work…? Um, so, Raven, I haven't seen Garfield anywhere. But how have you been doing? We haven't heard from you, or seen you! It would be great if you could come visit sometime…bye…

Robin gave the bird a nod, which vanished once more. He sank back into his chair and sighed. His only contact with Raven and it was over Beast Boy. He shook his head.

Those two were bound to get together, and if he had to blow up the world for it to happen, so be it.


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