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Summary: Demyx loves Zexion, but he's afraid to tell him. What happens when a curious Xigbar gets a hold of his journal?

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"Done!" Demyx said happily, closing his journal and setting the pen on top of it. "Another entry complete!"

"DEMYX! It's your turn to make dinner! And hurry the hell up! We're starving!" Axel called from down the hall.

"Ohmigawsh! I totally forgot! COMING!"

Demyx dashed down the hall. This wasn't the only time he forgot kitchen duty. His journal always got the best of him…

"Man! I am so toa—" Before Demyx could finish his sentence, he found himself on the floor, an emotionless Zexion in front of him.

"Owch. What's the rush?" Zexion asked, face cold as stone.

"I…I…eh, you see, it's my turn to fix dinner and I kindda forgot sooo…yeah…" the blonde replied with an adorable blush. Damn it! How do I always get myself into these situations! Especially making a total fool out of myself in front of Zexion!

"Whatever. Get a move on. The others are growing angry." The lilac-haired man held out his hand for Demyx to grab, pulling him to his feet. With that done, he walked off, leaving Demyx alone in the hall.

"Arg! I don't have time for this! I gotta get to the kitchen before I get killed!"


Xigbar strolled the halls of the Castle That Never Was and walked up to Demyx's room. His stomach was growling and he was NOT a happy camper. He knocked on the door once, but soon decided it was pointless and charged in.

"Demyx you—" He looked around the empty room, a grin coming to his face. "You're not in here. Now's my chance to…look around…"

Xigbar walked into the room, closing the door behind him. A small chuckle escaped his lips. "Oooh… What's this?"

He picked up a navy-blue book on Number IX's bed and examined it closely. Demyx isn't the type to read. Unless…

Curiosity getting the best of him, Xigbar opened the book and flipped through its contents.

Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Today was pretty fun! After a few "unlikely discoveries," I just had to write 'em down! For starters, I never really paid close attention to the Superior's name, but it turns out that his name scrambled is "Mansex!" Heehee. Who would've thought?

"This is no ordinary book," Xigbar said, his grin turning into a devious smirk. "This is Demyx's journal! Oooh, this is too good!"

Anyway, later that day, I found Axel and Zexion in the commons, drinking. I could tell they were already drunk. Axel is the best drunk! I felt bad that Zexion was drunk, though. But he was funny! He was standing on the table while holding a stick and shouting, "This stick will kick your ass!" Axel ran and hid under the table screaming for mercy. I could tell they were having fun, but I didn't last long. Soon Roxas came storming into the room, grabbing Axel by the ear and screaming something about underwear all over his floor. That was a true Kodak moment!

Xigbar stifled a laugh. "Zexion getting drunk? Underwear all over Roxas's floor? Axel in pain? Aw, man, this is priceless!"

I also discovered something about myself…

Number II raised an eyebrow in intrest.

I've been feeling this way for quite awhile, but I guess I wasn't ready to put it on paper until now. It turns out that I…am in love with Zexion…"

Xigbar froze, staring at the last line.

"WAHAHAHAHA! Oh my GOD! I would have NEVER expected this! Demyx is in love with Zexion! Ohhh, this is too rich!"

But you know that comment about us not being able to feel? I don't believe it. At. All. I believe we can feel. Why? Because I get a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever Zexy's near. I absolutely refuse to believe that we can't feel! Oops. It's late. I guess I should wrap it up for now. Besides, I think I hear someone coming…

Xigbar laughed again. Can someone say blackmail? He was just about to flip the page until Demyx called everyone to dinner.

"I'll just get back to this later." Number II said with a snort.


Riko-chan: Well? Well? I hope you enjoyed it, 'cause I sure enjoyed typing it. Depending on if people liked it or not, I'll update. Until then…ciao!