There will be a sequel to power of a message this time there will be more drama, romance, and angst this was a prequel to Yugi and Yami's relationship stay tune with the sequel in the middle of the month. I am glad you guys enjoyed the first now get ready for more drama, angst, and romance.

Listed below are idea stories for the next sequel who ever submits the most messages on what's going to be the best story will receive the story.

The Power of Love: In this sequel Yami and Yugi are happily going out with each other. Their friends know about their relationship except Anzu. Their love will be tested when a vicious attack leaves Yugi broken mentally and emotionally. Will their love conqueor?

Accidents Happen: In this sequel Yugi gets involved in a car accident and in serious condition how will Yami react when he finds out one of his friends was involved in Yugi's accident.

The Shell: While Yugi and Yami are in an ancient Egyptian museum Yugi comes in contact with a mysterious sarcaophagus. Later on that day Yugi becomes seriously sick. What is the cause of this how will it effect Yugi and his relationship to Yami. (Based on Angel/Illyria saga)

The Green Eyed Devil: Yugi and Yami are happily married to each other. A jealous friend is mad about their relationship and seeks to let their love and marriage burn. Can their be light? (Based on a little of Shakespeare)

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