The Winchester Code

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Yay! We're back! I'm so excited! Lol. Hope you liked 'The Witch, The Psychic, and The Winchesters'. And now we're off to start 'The Winchester Code'. Alrighty, hope you enjoy the tales of Dean, Sam, Jess, Alex, and the rest of their clan. Lol. Enjoy!

Also, this is a really long chapter to start you guys out with. :)

Chapter One

o.0.o Dean POV o.0.o

It had been two and a half years since I left. Over two whole years without seeing Jess, Sam, Alex, Tommy, Dad, or my new niece, Mary. Over two years of living out of hotels and hunting demons. And I was getting sick of it. I wanted to stop. I had lived this way for years.

So I decided it was time to take a break.

I was in the Impala, driving toward Sam's house. The thought of giving him a ring to tell him I was visiting, came and went as I cranked up Led Zeppelin. But there were a few thoughts that stuck.

Jess. Would she be there? Or did she leave just like I did? God knows: I wanted her there. In the time I had left them, I hadn't thought of being with anyone else. I mean, I was with other people… but they always seemed to blur into her. I guess Dad was right. Some people make you want nothing else but them. But she didn't want me. I knew that. So I would have to get over her like she had me. But not anytime soon.

Sam. He was graduating in a week. And what a surprise: he was Valedictorian. Not to mention that Alex, now his wife, was expecting his baby… another one. Jeez. I really needed to give Sam a lesson in birth control. From what Sam told me she had done a great job with Tommy and Mary. She was always helping them or teaching them or playing with them. I had to let a smile cross my lips. It sounded like Sammy had some competition.

I pulled into their driveway and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the car that was there. A Corvette. Holy crap.

I got out of the Impala and slammed the door shut. I could only stare at this muscle car. It was beautiful. A black Corvette. Amazing.

I could stay in that spot all day, but decided not to. Instead I went inside through the backdoor, using the key Sam had sent me.

"Marco," I called to the house. I didn't know who was home.

"Polo," came the shout. I followed it into the laundry room. There folding laundry was the one person I never thought I'd see again. Jess.

She looked up at me and almost dropped the shirt she was folding.

"Dean," she whispered.

We were just watching each other. What else could we do?

"Dean," came a half asked, half said voice. I turned around and found Sam staring at me from the doorway. "What are you doing here?"

"Not happy to see your big brother," I asked.

"No, man," Sam said as he wrapped his big clumsy arms around me. "I just can't believe you're here."

"Get your hands off me," I told him as I shooed his hands away.

"Sorry," he said and backed away. "Do you want to see the kids?"

I nodded and was brought out into the living room. I watched as a pregnant Alex sat on the couch and read to a three-year-old Tommy and a just-short-of-two Mary.

Sam, who was standing next to me, said, "Guess who's here?"

The three younger Winchesters looked up before Tommy and Mary ran to me, shouting, "Uncle Dean!"

I wasn't too sure as to what I should do. Nor did I know how they knew my name. They hadn't seen me in two and half years.

"We have pictures of you on the fridge, Uncle Dean," Jess explained as she walked into the room and looked into my eyes. "They want to play."

I nodded before looking away and down toward the munchkins. "Anyone know how to gopher hunt," I asked.

Mary shook her head as she watched me. She was cute with her chocolate brown curly hair, deep brown eyes, and Sam-ish features. She was wearing this pink dress and had white socks on. Tommy answered, "No." He wore jeans and a t-shirt that read something about Power Rangers. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes – if I didn't know better, I would say the two were biologically related.

"Dean," Sam asked.

I looked up toward Sam and found he was shooting daggers at me. I guess he didn't want me to teach them how to gopher hunt.

"Little dudes," I said before looking down at the kids. "And dudettes, I'll read you guys a book. Or do a puzzle."

Tommy looked to Mary before he turned up to me and said, "Mary wants to play dolls."

"Uh- okay." I watched as Tommy grabbed Mary's hand and the pair started toward the stairs, most likely to get… I cringed at the thought: dolls.

"Tommy's a medium," Sam explained. "It ran on his dad's side. Mary's a telepath."

"I can't leave you guys without it turning into a circus, huh," I joked and turned to Alex. "I hope he's treating you right."

She smiled and laughed a bit as I gave her a hug, "Great."

Sam gave me a look before smiling also.

"Alex," Jess said. She was standing behind me in the doorway. I could tell she was avoiding me. "I'm going to school. I'll bring pizza home for dinner."

Alex nodded and Jess turned to leave. I watched her go – once again. I would've probably stood there all day long if it weren't for the two kids that came running in, holding dolls, shouting, "Uncle Dean!"

o.0.o Sam POV o.0.o

A lot had changed in the past two and half years. I kept going to Stanford and recently finished up. My graduation was in a week. Alex and I got married. Jess decided to live with us and went to Stanford to become a doctor. Tommy was getting ready to start school in the fall. Mary was born. Me and Alex had a third on the way. Not to mention, finding out that Tommy communicates with the dead and Mary can play with people's thoughts. I only wondered what powers the next child would bring to the table.

But through it all, I had hopped that Dean would be coming back to visit. He hadn't showed at Alex's and my wedding, or when Mary was born. But when I saw Dean in the laundry room, I realized just how much our family needed him. We had missed him while he was gone, but now he was back – hopefully for good.

"Sam," Alex asked. Dean was playing with the kids on the floor and Alex was sitting on the couch. I was standing next to her.

"Yeah," I asked and came out of my daze.

"Can I talk to you? In the kitchen?"

I nodded and followed Alex out of the living room and into the peacefulness of the kitchen.

She sat down at the kitchen table and I grabbed a seat across from her.

"What's up," I asked her.

"Don't get me wrong: I'm happy Dean's visiting. But what about Jess," she asked using hand gestures. "She didn't seem too pleased."

I thought about it for a second, before deciding to tell her, "The night Dean left, I had a vision. Jess was crying on her bed and she called Dean's phone."

Alex arched an eyebrow, "This means she still likes him, how?"

"She got his answering machine. He said something about her and she smiled. So when Jess came back, I took her to the lake and she told me about what he did. I told her to call him and she kinda blew it off."

Alex nodded, "Okay."

"I know Dean likes Jess, but I think she likes him, too. And there's something on his answering machine. We need to find out what it is."

Alex nodded and stood up. She got the phone off the hook and dialed Dean's number. After a few seconds, she looked up at me and said, "Oh my God. Call it and listen."

I took the phone from her and dialed Dean's number. I got his answering machine after a few seconds. It was obviously Dean's voice, "Its Dean. Leave a message if you've got a gig for me. If it's Jess: I'm sorry. Please give me a call."

I hung up and Alex said, "That comes from a song. It's one of Jess' favorites."

I nodded, "So he likes her, that's definite. But does she like him?"

Alex got a mischievous look, "We can find out."

"Alex," I said. "Don't tell me were killing one of them. This is not Romeo and Juliet."

She took her chance and playfully slapped me on the arm, "I only read that book while I was pregnant with Mary."

"Twenty-three times," I added, earning an amused glare.

"Remember the time I was expecting Mary," she asked. "Somehow Mary made me use her powers, right?"

I nodded remembering the time her and Jess' powers clashed, "Yeah. It caused us a lot of trouble."

"No, not that time," she told me. "When I read your mind as you studied for your final."

I nodded, "It drove you up the wall."

She gave me another playful glare, "Yes, I did, Samuel."

I gave her a glare, "What's the point, dear?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "I think this baby's an empath."

"You want to tap into the baby's powers," I asked. Last time Alex accidentally used the fetus' powers, she almost got herself and Jessica killed.

"Yeah. But it would be different from last time. Mary has telepathy, something Jess has too. But none of us have empathy. So there's no way anyone could get hurt."

"Alex," I said. This was not my idea of helping Jess and Dean. "I don't-"

"Think I should use the baby's powers? Too bad. I already did," she said defiantly.

I sighed. I wasn't angry, just worried, "Why?"

"I didn't mean to. It just happened. I was helping the neighbor's plant flowers and my chest started to hurt. I turned around and Mrs. Mowat was having a heart attack."

"You didn't tell me that's how it happened."

"I wasn't sure if I was just imagining things or not. So I tried it again with you after you got your tooth pulled."

"It hurt, didn't it," I asked her, remembering the pain I went through.

She cringed, "Yeah."

I gave in, "I guess we can use the powers."

She smiled, "When Jess comes home?"

I nodded. We were now playing matchmakers.

o.0.o Jess POV o.0.o

I thought I was over him. I thought I was over Dean. But I wasn't. So when he showed up, he scared me. And I ran. I left to go to med school – even though I had no classes for the week.

I pulled into the college parking lot and walked into the little café they had set up on campus. I grabbed a tea and sat at one of the booths. I needed to think.

Why did he come back? He hadn't returned for anything else – including the birth of his niece. But he came back for Sammy's graduation. Something wasn't right. I knew he loved Sam but… to miss out on Sam's first biological child being born? He didn't even send a card. So to show up out of the blue? This guy was confusing.

"Hey, what's up," my friend, Patrick, said as he slid into the booth next to me.

"Nothing. You," I asked, being considerate.

"Liar," he called my bluff. "Your face gives you away. What are you really thinking about?"

"A cure for the common cold," I joked. He smiled.

Patrick was in the school's med program too. He came all the way from Michigan to go to Stanford. That's where we met. I helped him out with med terms and everything since I'm already a RN and studied Latin – something that goes far in a medical career. And he just helped me out with everyday things… like making sure I had a ride home after getting drunk.

"Jessica," he said. "You shouldn't keep it inside. Is it about that Dean guy?"

I nodded. I had told Pat about Dean one time… when I was really, really drunk. The next morning I woke up and he was there, offering Tylenol and water. But he never really let me live it down.

"I really need my guy friends to be straight," I joked. "They can't read women as easy."

"Funny," he told me. "What happened with Dean? I thought he was on a road trip."

"He was," I said, unsure of what to say. "But he decided to come back. I think it was for Sam's graduation."

He nodded.

"I thought I was over him," I said.

"You thought that a year and half ago too," he said with a knowing smile.

I tried to swat at him, but missed. I must have talked about Dean more then I thought that night.

"What's your diagnosis, doctor," I asked.

"I think you loved him all along. You're just too stubborn to admit it."

I rolled my eyes, "Thank you, doctor. Now would you go and call your boyfriend?"

He shot me a playful glare, "You know I broke up with him."

"Not by the way you're thinking," I said. I had told him about my powers after we met.

His cheeks got red and he said, "Why don't you just give him a chance, Jess?"

"Because he hit me!"

"You even said yourself: you thought it was an accident."

"What would you do if it was your boyfriend?"

He stopped to think, "I'd be angry but eventually calm down and call him to talk about it."

I scoffed, "Right. Hey Pat?"


"What'd you do when you found Marc in bed with that guy from the law school?"

"Dumped him," Patrick said automatically.

"So why should I consider taking Dean back?"

"Marc was unfaithful. Was Dean?"

I looked down at my tea, "No."

"Think about it, Jess," he said as he stood up. "But right now, I'm late for a date with my… ex-boyfriend."

I rolled my eyes, "So I was right?"

I gave me a funny look before admitting, "Yeah. Later."

And with that, he walked away.

I tossed out the rest of my tea and got into my Corvette – I had gotten it last month but still kept my Camero. I pulled out of the college and started toward home. And its new visitor. But first, I had to pick up pizza.

Fifteen minutes later, I was home and walking inside with pizza. I opened the door and called, "Dinner's served."

Immediately, Sam and Alex were there, helping me get things ready. They were being helpful. Almost too helpful. A few seconds later, Dean walked in. He was playing Superwoman with Mary and Tommy trailed close behind him.

I looked away. I'm pretty sure I wasn't going to make it through this visit.

o.0.o Alex POV o.0.o

Sam and I had it all planned out. We would help them start the kids on dinner before announcing we had a doctor's appointment and would be back soon. They were to baby-sit.

"Tommy and Mary take a seat," Sam said as he helped them get ready while I cut their pizza up.

When it was ready, I turned to see what Sam had done. He put himself on one end, me on the other, and our children on one side of the table… leaving Jess and Dean to sit next to each other.

When dinner (an obviously uncomfortable one for Dean and Jess) was done, Sam and I quickly cleaned the table before grabbing our jackets.

"Where are you going," Jess asked us as Sam got his keys.

"We have a doctor's appointment for the baby," Sam answered for me. I wasn't a very convincing liar.

Jess nodded, "When did this come up?"

"The doctor called yesterday and said they could see me early," I answered – after all, it wasn't a complete lie. I just had the actual appointment tomorrow.

"Thanks for babysitting," Sam said as we walked out the door.

Once outside, I had to laugh. That was way too easy.

"They can still hear us," Sam scolded. "Wait until we get in the car."

But he couldn't help it either. We were laughing too hard. Finally we got in the car and realized we didn't have anywhere to go.

"What were we thinking," I asked and leaned my head back into the headrest and laughed. "We have no where to go and a few hours to blow."

He laughed a little and said, "I bet we could find something to do."

I shot him a look as he pulled out, "Sam, what are you thinking?"

He gave me that face. The one he used when he thought about me and him together physically, "You know."

I gave him another glare and said, "What about spying?"

"Alex," he said. "I know that's one of your hobbies, but… it's Dean and Jess. Seriously. Are you sure you want to spy?"

I thought about it for a second before nodding, "Yup."

He rolled his eyes at me and pulled out onto the main road. "Did you get a reading off of Jess?"

"She's confused," I said. "She misses him and still likes him but something tells her that he would hurt her again."

"Dean wouldn't hurt her. You know that," Sam told me.

"But she doesn't. And I think she means emotionally not physically."

"Could she be looking for a reason not to like him?"

"Definitely," I said. "That's most likely what it is."

Sam nodded and pulled into this drive-in movie theater. "What do you want to see," he asked me.

"Whatever," I told him.

He nodded and got tickets to some chick flick. He was trying to score. I shook my head at how much he acted like Dean. And he didn't even realize it.

He pulled into a spot and turned off the car.

"Are you trying to freeze us," I asked him. It was the beginning of summer, but the nights were still cold.

"I thought we could use body heat for warmth," he said. He was so serious.

I rolled my eyes while shaking my head, "Funny, Samuel."

He gave me a look that said 'oh-no-you-didn't'. I responded by smiling and bobbing my head. I did just call him Samuel.

"What's wrong, Sammy," I mocked.

That was one of the last straws.

"Alex," he said half scolding, half trying not to laugh. "Watch what you call me."

"Sorry, Samuel," I said, hiding a smile of my own. "Oops, I meant Sammy." That was it.

The next thing I knew, he was tickling me until no return.

"Stop," I begged for mercy between laughs. "I'll call you by your name!"

"What's that," he asked, still tickling me.

"Sam! It's Sam," I shouted.

He smiled his trademark grin that made his face light up before I realized the position we were in. I was lying on the front seat, back facing down. Sam was straddling my hips with his knees, his arms above my head. How we got there, I have no clue. But I didn't care right now. He brought his face down toward mine and kissed me.

We didn't really watch the movie.