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Summary: They had ripped out her heart and completely destroyed her confidence in relationships with one stupid decision. A decision that had changed them all. And not for the better.

Rating: PG-13 (for now, anyway)

Author's Notes: So, I just got the latest t.A.T.u. album today, and it's brilliant… Don't know why I didn't buy it sooner… But yeah, so that was sort of the inspiration for this one. This isn't the end, but I'm not really sure how long it's gonna turn out. Could be a few chapters… Could be a lot more. I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to approach this yet. But I'll figure it out…

And just to clear things up, when I speak of love here between Temperance and Angela, I'm speaking of friendship, not romantic love. Hopefully that was clear in the story; I think it was, but I can't remember how many times I actually used the word 'love' in reference to Tempe and Ange and how many times were just in my head while I was trying to put this together, so I just wanted to make sure everyone understood it in the correct context…

Also, I want to let anyone who may be reading 'Through The Iris' know that I haven't forgotten about it… I'm just too lazy to hook up my laptop at the moment, and I don't have Word on this computer. But I will continue. Probably as soon as I get back up to school next week…

Anyway, hope you like it! Oh, and the song here is "Friend Or Foe" by t.A.T.u.

And also, I need to put a spoiler warning here. Not a big one. It's just a tiny itty-bitty little spoiler that most everyone probably knows by now, but I'm warning you anyway, so if you don't want to know, don't read.

Is It Too Late:

Is it too late?
Nothing to salvage
You look away
Clear of the damage

He'd fucked up. Badly. In fact, he wasn't sure they were going to be able to get passed this one. With Rebecca, she'd looked the other way. With Cam, she'd accepted it… But this… Well, there was nothing he could say to justify his actions this time.

They'd been drunk. Really drunk. He wasn't sure he'd ever been so far gone, in fact.

And she'd been there.

It was ironic. He'd been at the bar, drowning his sorrows because of how fucked up his love life had become… And then he'd gone and fucked it up again. Typical. Holding on to a relationship was beginning to seem an impossibility…

It wouldn't have been nearly as bad, had he simply had a chance to tell her. To talk to her about it… Explain all the things that just couldn't be explained away now, because she had seen it. Seen them…

It had happened when her worry had brought her to Angela's apartment the next afternoon. A series of ignored phone calls and the refusal to answer the insistent knocking at the door had been the cause; the emergency key Angela had given her completely forgotten in the midst of waking from a night of serious drinking…

When they'd heard the door crash open he'd tried, really tried to find a way out… But there was none.

She'd opened the bedroom door, calling Angela's name, and she had been met with the wide, guilty eyes of her best friend who was desperately clutching the comforter to her naked chest, and then the sight of him, just barely having managed to pull on his jeans before she had rushed through the door, his chest still bare and his eyes just as guilty.

She had run then and he had chased after her, catching her in his arms and trying his damnedest to hold her close and comfort her. She would have none of it, though, and she struggled against him, breaking free to stand before him; staring him down for just a moment.

He barely felt the sting of her hand against his cheek, because all he could see, all he could feel, were the tears that had gathered in her eyes and the hatred burning behind them. It was something he had never believed he would see directed at him. Not from her…

For a moment, he tried his best to convince himself that her hatred was unwarranted; that she had no claim over him, and therefore he could do as he liked and she had no right to be angry with him for his actions. But as she turned away, fleeing from the apartment, tears streaming down her cheeks; the only sound the echo of the key as it fell from her hand to clink to the tile floor, he knew she hadn't been the one in the wrong, even if they hadn't officially declared a relationship.

She had been betrayed. By both of them. The two people in her life who she trusted more than anyone else in the world… They had ripped out her heart and completely destroyed her confidence in relationships with one stupid decision.

A decision that had changed them all. And not for the better.

The promises
Hollow concessions
An innocent

Show of affection
I touch your hand
A hologram
Are you still there?

Temperance had shut down. Completely. That box she had previously reserved for her heart only when a case became emotionally difficult had become indestructible. It had been weeks since he had seen her smile. She rarely spoke, especially to the two of them, and when she did it was never more than a few words that absolutely had to be said for work purposes. She had discontinued all work in the field, despite her previous passion for it, and she had made an official request to Cullen that he assign her a new partner. As that had yet to take effect, however, she had been stuck with him since the incident…

He knew that the delay was probably the result of Cullen's affections for both of them, and he assumed the man was hoping they could find a way to settle their differences. It was something he truly appreciated, but he was beginning to wish more and more that his boss would simply get on with it… Because with every passing moment that she was near him, it seemed as though she shut down just a bit more; locking herself away so deep down that he wondered if anyone would ever be able to pull her back… And he wasn't quite sure if he wanted out more for her sake, or for his own. As selfish as he knew it was, he wasn't sure how much longer he could continue to watch her this way, knowing that it was his own fault; that he had been the one to break her.

We used to love one another
Give to each other
Lie undercover so,
Are you friend or foe?

Love one another
Live for each other
So, are you friend or foe?
Cause I used to know

And he hadn't simply ruined one life. He had destroyed Angela as well.

She was leaving the Jeffersonian. She hadn't taken any official action as of yet, but he knew. She couldn't take being so close to the woman she had called her best friend for so long, and yet be so far from her. Temperance had looked at Angela with nothing but hurt and anger in her eyes for weeks, and Angela simply couldn't take it anymore.

He'd confronted her about it earlier in the week. He had shown up at her doorstep, and he'd tried desperately to change her mind. She had denied even having thought such things, but her eyes had told a different story, and he had been left with no doubt whatsoever that Angela Montenegro was leaving the Jeffersonian to move on to something less painful. He had apologize profusely after that, as he knew he had been the one to initiate their little encounter, and he had never regretted anything more in his life… She had told him, again and again, that it hadn't only been his fault, as she hadn't exactly been a reluctant participant, but it had done nothing to ease his guilt or his fears. The woman he loved hated not only him, but also the only other person in her life whom she had truly loved since her parents disappearance; her best friend.

One stupid mistake, and three lives had trickled down the drain, leaving nothing more than a dark emptiness… An emptiness he wasn't sure any of them would ever again be able to fill.

The meaning to
Our words of love
Has disappeared

Are you friend or foe?