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Bear with me this is my first time using an o.c character

This will be a/u for both series I guess with Eva it's sometime after unit 01 was absorbed by the twelfth angel than released if you want to call it that

With the titans universe it went a/u after the episode Terra though a long time has passed since than

I also want to thank the author of Neon Genesis Goddess her story gave me the idea for this

Chapter 1: A new pilot

It was a nice day at the Katsuragi institute for the disturbed also known as Misato's apartment where she lived with two (three if you count pen-pen) charges

"Come on already with breakfast third child." that came from the Second child Asuka Langley Soryu who was yelling at her roommate Shinji Ikari the third Child "I'm hungry!"

"It's coming Asuka." Shinji pointed out "Hey should we go wake up Misato for breakfast?" he was referring to their Guardian Misato Katsuragi, who sometimes acted less mature than Asuka and Shinji well at home anyway.

"Did someone call me?" asked Misato as she came out in her nerv uniform and actually awake for once "I have to take care of something this involves you both."

"What's going on Misato?" asked Asuka as her and Shinji sat down across from Misato after noticing how serious she was acting

"I have to go to the airport today; the fourth child is arriving today from America." "Try to make her feel welcome, you guys."

"The new pilot is a girl?" asked Shinji right before Asuka hit him on the back of the head

"Don't get any ideas, third child I am going to warn her about you and your perverted friends." While this was going on Misato quietly slipped out the door as a string of German curses followed. 'I wonder if bringing another pilot here is a good idea.' Misato thought to herself as she got into her car and headed towards the airport

A few minutes later (thanks to the way she drove), Misato arrived at the airport and decided to look at the file on the new pilot while she waited for the flight to arrive

"Well let's see what information we have on this pilot."

Name: Sango Roth

Age: 14

Place of residence: Gotham city

Legal Guardian: Tara Markov (godmother)

"Guardian what happened to her parents?"

Parents: Raven Roth, mother (missing) Garfield Logan, father (deceased)

Misato was so busy looking at the file that she did not realize how much time had passed

"Excuse me?" asked a voice startling Misato out of her reading when Misato looked there was a young girl about fourteen that had green eyes and medium length purple hair with a pale complexion "Are you Major Katsuragi?"

"Yes that's me, are you the fourth child?"

"Yes I am."

"Well it's nice to meet you Sango, just call me Misato."


With that said, the two headed towards Misato's car and prepared to head back to her apartment

"You are going to be living with two of the three other pilots, is that going to be a problem?" asked Misato

"No it's not." Sango replied as she tried to hold for dear life while Misato was driving back to the apartment 'and I thought Tara's rock surfing was crazy.' she thought

End of chapter 1

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