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Chapter 3: school time

The next morning Sango woke up before the others and went out towards the living room and ran into a certain penguin.

"Oh hello." Said Sango as she patted Pen-Pen on the head.

"Waak," Said Pen-Pen.

"Yeah it's nice to meet you Pen-Pen, my names Sango."

(How do you know what I'm saying?) Pen-Pen asked.

"My father had the ability to transform into animals, even though I didn't I inherited the ability to understand animals from him I guess." Sango replied after seeing Pen-Pen's surprised face. "I'll be back in a few minutes I'll be on the balcony." With that said Sango went out to the balcony and started meditating.

Sometime later there was a tapping sound.

"Excuse me," said Shinji, "Breakfast is ready."

"Okay, I'll be there're in a minute," Sango replied as she got up and stretched for a second before heading towards the kitchen.

"So what were you doing out there?" asked Shinji after Sango came into the kitchen.

"Oh I was meditating to clear my head, my mother taught me that," Sango said as she got a far away look.

"Oh, okay," said Shinji as he finished setting the table while trying to change the subject.

"Hey need some help?" Sango asked, "I'm a decent cook, had to be my since my mother couldn't cook to save her life. One time the food I swear melted through the floor."

"No thanks," Shinji replied, "I do this every morning. So if you don't mind me asking what was it like where you used to live?"

"Kind of dull, though one time one of Terra's coworkers, that's my guardian before coming here; I think his name was Wally had the mother of all sugar rushes and went on a panty raid through out the entire complex."

Just than the morning zombie, also known as Misato, made her entrance.

"Morning," Misato yawned as she went towards the fridge and grabbed a beer.

"Good morning Misato," said Sango as she just finished helping Shinji place breakfast on the table. "What's up?"

"Here are your transfer papers," Misato yawned as she handed the fourth child the papers. "You have a sync test after school. We'll do your activation test when your Eva arrives in a few days. Also your school uniform arrived this morning."

"Got it," Sango said as she noticed Misato had gone back to sleep. "Is she alright?"

"Pretty much, she's not a morning person."

"Is breakfast ready yet?" demanded Asuka as she came walking out to the living room as Sango darted out to change.

"Almost Asuka," Shinji replied as he handed her some toast. "Just have to wait for Sango, she went to change clothes."

"Well hurry up Fourth Child, I'm hungry."

"Okay Asuka almost done!" Sango yelled from down the hallway as she ran back out wearing her new school uniform. "Sorry I'm not used to wearing a uniform."

"It's okay," said Shinji with a smile while Asuka grumbled a reply. "So how do you like Tokyo 3 so far?"

"Well it seems nice, definitely quieter than Gotham city."

"Hey is it true some weirdo dressed like a bat lives there?" Asuka said out loud.

"You mean the Batman? Met him once. Seems all right but needs a sense of humor. Hey do you guys have any herbal tea?"

"Not sure," Shinji replied as he dug through the fridge, "I don't know many kids that drink that."

"My mother got me hooked on it before she…disappeared; she vanished when I was five."

"Hey we better hurry or we'll be late," Shinji said a few minutes later.

Shortly afterwards the group was on their way to school.

The group arrived at school right before Hikari the class rep. called for everyone to stand for the teacher.

"Class we have a new student," The teacher replied as he gestured to Sango. "Please introduce yourself."

Yes sir, um hi my names Sango Roth, my mother named me after a friend of hers, I just moved here from Gotham City and there's not much else to say really."

"Question," asked Kensuke much to everyone's chagrin because they knew what this was about, "Are you the new Eva pilot?"

"I can answer yes and that's all I'm saying about it."

"Hey did you ever meet Batman?" Touji asked.

"One time by accident, he does not have a good sense of humor just to warn everyone."

"Hey can you see if they can pick me as the next Eva pilot?" Kensuke asked.

"SHUT UP KENSUKE!" the entire class yelled (except for Shinji, Rei, and Sango).

"Okay class please prepare for the coming lecture," the teacher said causing the class to groan considering that he lectured on the exact same thing every day.

A few minutes later Sango was about to nod off as the teacher was still droning on. 'Geez this is worse than one of Superman's lectures about consequences,' Sango thought to herself as she grabbed a disk out of her bag and inserted it into the computer. 'I wonder how the others are doing, I should tell Terra about the weird feeling I got this morning.' With that said Sango started typing on her keyboard not seeming noticing the fact that a pair of blue eyes were watching her.

(Welcome: Enter Password)

Sango entered the series of numbers and letters

(Please specify member you would like to speak too)

Tara Markov: Codename Terra

(Acknowledged please stand by)

(Access granted)

"Hey kid what are you doing here shouldn't you be paying attention in class?"

"Sorry Terra, but this got too dull. It's the second impact story… I've lost count of how many times I've heard both versions."

"Good point, I wish we could blow the lid off of what originally happened but we have no concrete proof."

"Terra have you heard anything about anyone named Rei Ayanami? Like past, history, or anything like that?"

"Not that I know or heard of, why?"

"She's in my class, but for some strange reason I get a weird feeling about her."

"I haven't heard anything but I'll ask Superman or Bats later. One of them might know. I just hope it's not any of your grandfather's relatives."

"I doubt it Terra. Nothing has blown up or whatever yet."

"Good point, but I'll let you know be careful around her until we get more info."

"Understood. I'll talk to you later Sango."

"Okay, bye Terra."

(Member has logged off do you wish to reconnect?)


A few minutes later Sango ejected the disk from the computer.

Meanwhile at the watchtower sometime later...

"So what's this all about?" asked Terra as she walked with Superman to a hidden room.

"Well, after Sango told you about Rei Ayanami we looked into it, although we did find this room I figured you had a right to know."

"Superman, what are you talking about?" asked the ex-Titan as Superman entered a code to enter the room.

"You better see this for yourself," the last Kryptonian replied somberly as he getsured for Terra to enter the room.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" Terra yelled as she turned around to glare at Superman after she saw…

End of chapter

Yes I ended it on a cliffhanger sorry but I can't give everything away

Next chapter: we skip ahead a week or two to the activation of Eva 03 what will be the results of the thirteenth angel attacking this time wait and see in the next chapter: Angel vs. Demon