"Ahh, c'mon!"


"But we just had sex, cuddling is a standard!"


Sasuke slapped Naruto's hands away, and twisted himself in the sheets, wriggling as far away from Naruto as possible.

Naruto stared at Sasuke, now completely contained within his fortress of blankets and huddled in the corner of the bed.



Sasuke closed his eyes. He was exhausted… He just wanted to go to sleep, and try to get at least 4 hours sleep. Just as he felt himself dozing off, a hand snaked round his middle, and tugged.

"Gah!" Sasuke swung a fist backwards, and connected with something hard. He was rewarded with an "Oww!" for his efforts.

But after a few seconds…"Sasukeeeee…I just wanna touch you a bit…" Once again, a hand crept up on him, this time winding its way round his shoulders.

"I said, NO!" Sasuke shoved Naruto away, and hopped off the bed, wincing slightly. Huffing, he exited the room, gathering the sheets around himself when Naruto yelled after him, "I can see your ass! And you're limping!"

As Sasuke continued down the hall, he heard Naruto's cry of "C'mon, I didn't mean it! Fine! No cuddling! Come back to bed!"

But no, because though Naruto could make Sasuke do and say whatever he wanted when they were in bed together and Naruto was putting his tongue to good use for once, right now, Sasuke was being stubborn. He was good at being stubborn. He stomped down the hallway, and made his way into the living room, slamming the door as he entered. He jumped onto the leather sofa, and curled up into a ball.

"Stupid Naruto…"

Eyes closed, Sasuke finally managed to start to drift off to sleep…but he couldn't. He lay there for at least an hour, but he just couldn't sleep. He was so tired, his eyes could barely stay open, but he just couldn't sleep

Something was missing.

Though the blankets were tugged around him in a complicated fashion, he felt kinda cold…and the only sounds were of his own breathing and a clock that was perched on the mantelpiece…

After another 15 minutes of being stubborn, Sasuke finally shot upright, and let out a "Goddamnit!"


Naruto lay staring at the ceiling, waiting, waiting…

Naruto could be impatient for some things…okay, most things. Like waiting for ramen, or Kakashi-sensei…but hell, he'd wait forever for Sasuke.

…or, just over an hour. Naruto smiled to himself as he heard the familiar sound of Sasuke trudging down the hall, muttering and cursing to himself, occasionally tripping over the blankets entwined around him.

Naruto smirked and curled up into the remaining blankets on the bed, and waited until he felt the bed droop slightly as Sasuke sat down on the edge of it. After a couple of minutes, Sasuke huffed and shuffled forward, and Naruto felt hands begin to wind around his waist.

He let out a satisfied hum, and turned to hold Sasuke, his face smiling into Sasuke's dishevelled hair.

"Don't say a word…" Sasuke hissed out, snuggling into Naruto's chest.

Naruto smirked and didn't open his eyes, simply pulled Sasuke slightly closer and mumbled into his hair, "You do this every night…"

Sasuke yawned and closed his eyes, inhaling deeply while wrapping his legs around Naruto's. "Just shut up."