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Melanie Winchester

Did you ever wake up and think…it sucks to be living a double life? Well, those people are lucky because I'm living a triple life! I have to bring home good grades, help around the house, and be the perfect little daddy's girl. The other side of that is my father doesn't know that I go out every Friday and Saturday night and sneak into bars, parties, and clubs. The last side is my hunter side; yep I'm a hunter, of supernatural beings.

I guess I should explain who my parents are or should I say parent, singular. Samuel Winchester is my pops, he's smart, talented, funny…sometimes, but he can also be to damn protective. My mother skipped out on us a long time ago so there's no need in explaining her. My dad is one of the greatest guys but sometimes we have our big differences. He blames himself for my mom leaving and I hate that. Then there's Dean Winchester, my uncle, I love him sometimes and hate him other times. He's what most people call "The Cool Uncle." I call him "The Annoying Uncle."

"Mel! Get up! You have school!"

By the way my name's Melanie Winchester but if you call me that you die and this...is my life and has been for 16 years. I crawled out of bed, showered, changed, and finished my homework from the day before as fast as I could. I walked into the kitchen, of my one story home, to see my dad making breakfast and my Uncle Dean already drinking a beer.

"Dad, I don't know if I have time for breakfast if I have to walk to school."

"Your Uncle Dean said he'd drive you. Sit."

I looked at Uncle Dean and he smiled; I just made a face and sat down. My dad placed pancakes into front of me but I wasn't really in the mood to eat. I'm not a big breakfast person.

"Are you going to say Hello to your Uncle Dean?"

"Hello to your Uncle Dean." I replied sarcastically.

"Cute kid," Uncle Dean directed to my dad.

"Dad, can I go out tonight?"


"Over to Kate's house. We're going to do our Friday movie night thing. Please…" I gave him the puppy dog look.

Uncle Dean laughed, "Hey Sammy, she inherited your puppy dog eyes."

"Fine, but be home by 11."

"11:30?" I tried.

"Don't push it, Mel."

"Fine, let's go Uncle Dean I have a test first period that I can't miss."

"Like two peas in a pod." Uncle Dean smirked following me out.

"If you only knew…" I mumbled.

We drove to school in silence well except for the AC/DC cassette tape blaring. I'll say one thing for him he has good music taste. I jumped out of the car and turned around to thank him.

"Have a good day," He said in a sing song voice.

"Are you going to be at my house again tonight?"

"Yep, your grandpop's coming and he has a hunt for your dad and me."

"Can I go?"

"I doubt it."

"Please Uncle Dean…."

"I'll try talking to your dad about it. Now get in there and prove how smart you are."

"Yeah, whatever. Thanks."

I turned around and walked away before he could say anything else.

"I don't care what you say Mel, you're Uncle is fine!" Kate yelled coming over and waving at my Uncle.


After school I ran home hoping my grandpop was there already. I came through the door and went straight down stairs which is where all our hunting things are.


I have a feeling I startled all of them since they all jumped about ten feet when I yelled. I ran down the rest of the stairs and into my grandpop's arms.

"How come I don't get greeted like that every time I come over?"

"Because you're here all the time," I said sticking my tongue out at Uncle Dean.

"Now you're making me regret talking them into letting you go on the hunt."

"I can go?" I asked excitedly.

"You can go," Uncle Dean stated.

"Thank you!" I jumped into his arms next then my dad's.

"You can go on one condition," My dad said looking at me sternly.

"Of course, yeah, I'll do anything!"

"Did you get your Algebra 2 test back?"

My heart stopped. I had forgotten about that. I got a D- on it. It was a Monday right after I had stayed up all night at a friends house partying. Now I'm going to get killed.

"Nope dad, I haven't gotten it back yet."

"You hesitated, let me see it Melanie."

I groaned, he used my full name, he means business. I took off my schoolbag and pulled out all my stuff since I had stuffed it on the bottom.

"Your schoolbag looks like a bomb site."

"Kind of like your apartment," I murmured.

I fought the urge to yell something worse at my Uncle and just grabbed the test. I handed it to my dad waiting for the lecture to come.

"Melanie! You promised me you had studied for this!"

"I did, it just wasn't enough."

"That's bull! If you had studied I would be holding an A in my hands right now."

"I'm sorry, I can't be perfect…" I mumbled.

He frowned and looked at me in disbelief, "I don't want you to be perfect."

"Yeah, right."

"Excuse me?"


"Why don't you just go over to your friends' house and we'll discuss this later alright?"

"Okay…" I started walking upstairs.

"Do you need a ride?"

"No thanks Uncle Dean, I can walk it's not far."

I went upstairs and wondered if there would ever be a good time to tell him what I wanted to be. I want to be a hunter. I want to help people and learn everything I can about it. Dad would not be happy to hear that. I'm supposed to be a lawyer or at least something along the lines of one. I changed into a tight pair of jeans, and a short t-shirt with my leather jacket over top. I got out of the house unnoticed since they were still downstairs.