You Want Me

If there was anyone in the world who deserved to be called a smug bastard, it would have to be hands down Sasuke Uchiha. Then again, you could always call him the most arrogant prick in the world, whichever you prefer. Okay, so maybe his fanclub would love to disagree, but Naruto would one hundred per cent support those two statements up there.

You can't really blame him though.

Being harassed by Sasuke Uchiha 24/7 did things to a person.

Naruto hated the fact that every week in school, he would have to endure those endless groping, and all those times that he'd be late for class because Sasuke always found the time to push him to the wall and nip at his ear. He hated the fact that Sasuke would always find ways to give him hickeys, or ghost his fingers against the front of his pants underneath the cafeteria table with all the subtleness in the world.

But most of all, he hated the fact that he was actually starting to not mind all those touches. Of course, he wouldn't really admit that to himself, but the truth was a bitch to fight with.

It was a fateful Friday afternoon when Naruto was cursing a certain Uchiha about the red mark on the side of his neck that got him in detention because their Science teacher thought that his tardiness was due to the fact that he was screwing around in class hours. His parents would castrate him if they ever heard about it, he was sure of that.

Curse that bastard Uchiha. May all the bad things in this small, small world fall upon him, may maggots feed on his rotting corpse, and may Death poke him in the ass with his super evil (but super cool) scythe.

Naruto cursed for the umpteenth time that afternoon. Detention was a bitch, but at least he managed to get free time to plot the death of Sasuke Uchiha, even if all his plans ended up crumpled and thrown into the trash bin. The hallways were deserted now, and if Naruto didn't know that the Science club spent overtime with their time-machine-and-physics-defying experiments, he'd think that he was the only student on campus now.

Maybe he should be a little more cheerful. It's Friday, right? At least he could just enjoy those two Sasuke-free days ahead of him.

But on this fateful Friday afternoon, it became obvious that he was not going to be granted the liberty of enjoying the weekends, because Sasuke suddenly appeared behind him, grabbed his shoulders and pushed him to the nearest wall. Naruto suddenly found his neck being attacked by foreign lips and tongue (but a very talented tongue at that.).

"W-what the hell, Uchiha!" He sputtered, cheeks turning crimson, and as much as he liked to deny it, it was the truth that his pants were becoming a bit too tighter.

"It's Friday, isn't it, Uzumaki? Learn to relax a little." Sasuke pulled back just enough to show him an innocent smile and Naruto found his cheeks getting even warmer.

"Relax?" He squeaked, but immediately regained himself, pushing the body off him and glaring daggers at the other person. "You want me to relax with you breathing down my neck every waking second of my teenage life?"

All the warning that he got before Sasuke ground his hips against his own was a sly smirk, and an innocently-said "Yes."

Naruto gasped involuntarily, trying with all his might to glare at the other, but finding it difficult to do so. "Bastard." He said through gritted teeth. "Get away from me." He uttered, but even those four words were hard to say and actually mean them.

Sasuke's smirk, if possible, got even wider, and with one last thrust, he leaned towards Naruto so that his mouth was just mere inches away from the blonde's ear. With the most seductive voice the Gods have bestowed upon him, he whispered, "You want me. You just don't know it yet."

He walked away, whistling an innocent tune underneath his breath, and as Naruto sagged to the floor, bewildered and incredibly aroused, he realized that Sasuke, no matter how smug and arrogant he was, was right.

- tbc –

A/N: This was fun to write, I swear. XD And now, Sasuke lives up to his reputation as a smug bastard. :3 I've had enough of all the angsty fics I have in my head so this was my break. –sweatdrop- I apologize if some of you might think that I'm making Sasuke too much of a smug bastard, but I just had to write this. I hope you guys enjoy this! Please review!