You Love Me

On this fateful Friday night, Naruto found himself in his apartment frustrated and flushed, and with a raging hard-on. Of course, we all know the cause of his particular predicament -- a cause that goes by the name Sasuke Uchiha, also known as the most arrogant bastard in the whole, wide world.

It didn't help that Naruto just can't forget the events that rolled on earlier that afternoon, from hallway gropings and subtle fingers ghosting over the front of his pants. To make matters worse, his own mind was betraying him by replaying each embarrassing (but very delicious) scenes over and over again whenever he would close his eyes.

Of course, that led to Naruto's current hard-on.

We all know how stubborn Naruto Uzumaki can be, so for four hours, he ignored the ache and throbbing around his lower areas, and had refused to simply finish the job himself, because if he did so, he would be admitting that Sasuke Uchiha had that effect on him, and Sasuke so did not.

Again, we all know just how bitchy the truth can be, and as sad as it is to say, Naruto never really did stand a chance with the truth. Then again, that didn't mean that he can't deny it.

"You want me."

But whenever he would hear the most seductive voice that the gods have bestowed upon a certain Sasuke Uchiha replay in his mind and remember how that damned (but very talented) tongue slid over his skin, he found that denial -- no matter how effective it was -- also did not stand a chance against the truth.

And so, that was how Naruto found himself sitting on his bed, teeth gritted, cheeks flushed and fingers twitching as he tried, with all his might, to ignore his lower regions. His own mind was betraying him, denial had long since abandoned him, and the truth was taunting him, but again, we all know just how stubborn Naruto Uzumaki can be.

Of course, when a knock resounded around his apartment, he was very thankful for the distraction and almost leapt off the bed, scrambling to his feet and wishing with all his heart that it was Jiraiya in a bikini, and although that image wasn't very pleasant, Naruto would gladly welcome it with open arms just so that his raging hard-on could finally die.

And yes, because all of us are very, very smart people, we also know that the Fates are evil and will not grant Naruto a Jiraiya-in-a-bikini that easily. Naruto, however, did not believe that the Fates were that evil and demented and still hoped that there would be a Jiraiya-in-a-bikini behind the door, and so, in an attempt to prove to the blonde just how evil they are, the Fates arranged a special something for him.

When the door opened, Sasuke Uchiha found himself staring at a flushed Naruto Uzumaki with his hair tussled, his cheeks flushed and sweat dripping down the sides of his face. When Naruto's brain finally registered the fact that a Sasuke-with-a-smug-expression was on his door step instead of a Jiraiya-in-a-bikini, it was already too late, and the most arrogant person in the whole, wide world had already invited himself into his house and closed the door behind him, successfully isolating himself and his victim from the rest of society.

Flabbergasted, Naruto scrambled back a few steps, his jaw dropping, and to his dismay, that display of bewilderedness simply flared Sasuke's ego up even more. In an effort to reclaim his dignity, the blonde straightened himself up, and swallowed, before trying his best to look annoyed and utterly failing at it. "Bastard, what do you want now?"

"Well, Naruto," Sasuke said slowly, the other's name sliding of his tongue deliciously, and Naruto almost moaned. If possible, that annoying smirk of his got wider, "I was thinking just how horrible of me to do that to you in the hallways at dismissal, and thought that you needed an apology from me. But from how I see it, it looks like you need more than an apology." His eyes traveled downwards, his expression triumphant as he let his eyes roam over the bulge on the front of the other's pants.

Needless to say, Naruto was horrified and utterly embarrassed. "What the hell, Uchiha! Get the hell out of my apartment, damnit!" He spat through gritted teeth, but unfortunately, that didn't help his situation at all.

Sasuke smiled seductively, moving forward and grabbing Naruto's wrist, "But you know I can always help you with your problem, Naruto."

Naruto twitched, feeling his knees get weak just from that small skin-to-skin contact. "I don't have a problem, asshole."

Sasuke moved forward again. With every step he took forward, Naruto took another step backward. Of course, it didn't matter just how many steps they were far apart, because Sasuke still kept his fingers around Naruto's wrist, and Naruto just can't find it in himself to yank his hand away. They reached the back of the room, and as he stepped backward, the back of Naruto's knees hit the edge of the bed unexpectedly, and surprised, he fell on it, dragging Sasuke with him.

Again, it didn't help Naruto's raging hard-on that Sasuke was on top of him, effectively pinning him down. It also didn't help that Sasuke's knee was mere centimeters away from his crotch.

Sasuke was a bit breathless from the fall and Naruto felt his breath warming on his cheek. The Uchiha paused, "If you wanted me that badly, you could have just asked."

Naruto stared. "Bastard." He muttered, trying to throw Sasuke off him and gritting his teeth when he found that the other would not budge. "Get off, damnit!" He screamed, but that didn't help him at all. With one last effort, he glared at Sasuke and wondered just how someone can be that arrogant. "For your information, asshole, I don't want --" He cut himself off, staring at the other as if he had just grown a second head.

If he wasn't wrong, was that panic in Sasuke's expression? Although it was gone as soon as it had appeared, Naruto found himself pondering if his eyes had been playing tricks on him.

At last, realization dawned on him and finally slapped him in the face, and Naruto didn't know how stupid he was not to have realized it sooner. He opened his mouth to speak, but cut himself off again. If Sasuke can be the most arrogant person in the whole, wide world, then Naruto can be the second most arrogant person in the whole, wild world.

A smirk found itself on his lips for the first time in front of Sasuke, and with the smuggest tone he could muster, he said, "You love me, don't you?"

And as Sasuke stared at him speechless for the first time ever, Naruto realized that he, no matter how stupid and ignorant he was before, was right.

And being right felt so good.

It felt so good, in fact, that Naruto didn't care that Sasuke was the most arrogant person in the whole, wide world because it gave him a small satisfaction to know that, as he leaned up to crush his lips against Sasuke, the most arrogant person in the whole, wide world was in love with him.

Also, the most arrogant person in the whole, wide world just also happens to be the sexiest man alive with the most seductive voice and the most talented tongue ever, so he can't complain now.

There was a small voice at the back of his head that told him that he'll regret this later when they were not thinking of sex and when Sasuke would look at him with that smug expression again, but when Sasuke ground his hips against his so deliciously, he found himself unable to care.

- owari –

KK: This is a week late, I know. Uber late. But please forgive me? –sweatdrop- Stuff happened and laziness caught on, but yay, I'm finished now. I like how this turned out, although I like the style of the first part better. oo I am not sure if this made any sense at all, so if there are senseless areas, please forgive me as too many words make me confused. :p

And there's a lot of repetitiveness in this one. XD I was supposed to add something more to the last part, but the idea totally left my head and yeah… it ended up like this. –sweatdrop-

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