A few things before we begin:

This is an older story that was originally started back in 2002 and finished around a year later. This means that although I will be happy to read any criticism you have – and no, I'm not being sarcastic – it's likely something I'm already aware of, so you should keep that in mind when deciding to spend the time on it. I'd also be more happy to read your criticism on something current I'm writing.

And just so we're clear, because I know we're on the fourth generation and some people get confused over how long ago things were, Ruby and Sapphire were released in Japan near the end of 2002, and not in America until 2003, and Diamond and Pearl were released in Japan late 2006 and not in America until 2007, which is to say, this story was written using only the first 251 pokemon and takes place within Kanto and Johto. In other words, no, Kyogre and Darkrai will not be appearing. Please note the past tense of "was written" - there is simply no room in the story for them, as the major players and minor characters of the story already exist and the battles already have their locations. Regardless of how much you like them, I'm of the opinion the story is not improved if I go through and replace a particular totodile character with a mudkip.

Also, for those of you who have already read the story, please try to avoid posting spoilers for later chapters in your reviews, as not everyone has. If you'd like to ask me something regarding later chapters, please email me and I'll be happy to answer. Non-spoiler questions may also be addressed to my forum if you'd prefer.

This story is co-written with Charles Rocketboy (user ID 8928, or ~charlesrocketboy). Up until Chapter 29, he writes the odd numbered chapters and I write the even ones. So Chapters 1,3,5,7,9 and so forth are his, while 2,4,6,8,10 and so forth are mine.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the story.

* * *

"You may strip Germany of her colonies, reduce her armaments to a mere police force and her navy to that of a fifth-rate power; all the same, in the end if she feels she has been unjustly treated she will find means of EXACTING RETRIBUTION ON HER CONQUERORS."

David Lloyd George, 1919

"And I will kill them slowly, one by one. Because they made me what I am. They wrote my destiny in stone, they chose my path, in a language they did not know, simply guessing what would happen. And they wrote that I would become what I am, and I would come for them."



First, the news:



Silph Corporation's Fuchsia laboratory was destroyed last night by unknown attackers. The laboratory was researching ways of improving eevee evolutions and creating new ones, under guidance of the renowned Professor Yew. There was no apparent motive for the attack, which left no survivors and is estimated to have been a coordinated assault by high-level pokemon. Human bodies were mutilated, making it impossible to identify them. The experimental pokemon have not been found, suggesting that this could be the work of Team Rocket...

The following reports all occurred over a two month period after the previous, with stories like them increasing exponentially:

Cerulean City was rocked to its foundations after the discovery of the body of a pokemon trainer, beaten to a bloody pulp and with all 6 of his pokeballs empty! This is most likely the work of Team Rocket, who have been escalating their efforts in destroying society as of late...

A small group of novice trainers has gone missing whilst travelling through Viridian Forest…

In a shocking display of pokemon brutality, a raichu gutted its trainer Daniel Philips in broad daylight. Police have pointed to possible Team Rocket agents as the cause of this, the fifth attack in three days in Violet City which bears resemblance to similar incidences that have occurred recently throughout Kanto…

* * *

It is always dark in the forests near Violet City. Normally, this would not bother Ephram, but after all the recent murders...

No, he reasons. He is a grass trainer and the proud owner of 7 Badges. He can take anything thrown at him. So he isn't bothered by the sounds of pokemon in the background- why should he? They are only pokemon, and there aren't many strong species in this forest anyway. All he has to worry about is Team Rocket, and what are they against his pokemon?

Then comes the screech of a noctowl. And it is answered by another, and another, and another, the forest filling with the banshee screams. Ephram shivers and looks around, worried. This isn't normal behaviour, this is like communication...

They couldn't be Rocket trained, could they! Assassin noctowl! No, that's ridicu-

He looks behind him, and stares in bewilderment. A multitude of weedle are blocking the way he came- weedle are surrounding him, preventing him from moving at all. And they look angry. He doesn't understand this. Weedle don't do this. Weedle can't be angry. What Rocket trick is this! What's going on?

And then a strange creature drops down from the trees and lands beside him. It is some sort of eevee evolution, but not one he recognises. He has also never seen that look of raw hatred in the eyes of a pokemon before…

"Go Skiploom!"he screams, wanting for nothing more than to send this monster away.

The little creature leaps out of its pokeball and eyes the odd eevee creature. It nods, as if the thing is familiar to it. And then it turns round and fires Razor Leaf at Ephram.

He dies in seconds, blood matting the grass.

Skiploom laughs giddily, staring at what she's done. {I-I did it! I finally did it!}

~Yes,~ says Eon. She smiles happily. ~This is just the beginning, my friends.~ Her voice drops to a whisper. ~We are growing. Day by day, our army gains new pokemon. Wild, trained, caged… It doesn't matter. They all flock to our cause, ready to commit their lives to the war for freedom. We are strong. And soon we will be strong enough to overthrow our oppressors forever!~

And the forest is alive with cheers.