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A Family Forged

Chapter one – Comfort and revelations

Harry sat contemplating the turn of events that had changed his life this past summer. He was about to embark on his final year of education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was shaping up to be the most interesting one of his so far. Harry was not an ordinary wizard, as a baby he had survived the curse, which killed his parents and in turn killed the wizard that had cast it. The Boy Who Lived, Griffyndor Golden Boy, Savior of the Wizarding World, Tri-Wizard Champion those were just some of the titles that Harry had been saddled with much to his dismay.

A burst of laughter broke through Harry's reverie as the door to the compartment he resided in opened and a head poked in before turning to say, "He's in here."

"There you are! Where were you all summer? Did you finish your homework? Why didn't you write?" the questions where fired at him without pause by Hermione one of his friends.

"Blimey, 'Mione, take a breath and let a bloke answer," chided Ron her boyfriend and Harry's other best friend, "Hey, Harry, good to see you mate."

The quiet dark haired Neville accompanied them. He placed his things in the overhead and took a seat next to Harry. Neville looked at Harry with a question in his eyes at hearing that Harry had not written to his friends, as the two of them had been in contact all summer. Harry shook his head indicating that he would explain later.

"Out of the country. Yes. Busy with learning some new defense and about my family," came Harry's response. Hermione puzzled out the response while Ron just looked confused.

Before anyone could say another word the door to the compartment flew open and a streak of silver hair launched itself at Harry. The breath was knocked out of him as he caught the bundle of shaking male that landed half in his lap as arms locked around his neck. Startled Harry wrapped his arms around the obviously upset and completely disheveled Draco Malfoy. Draco had until recently been his biggest rival at school but events of the summer had changed their relationship drastically. Running his hands up and down the sobbing boys back Harry pulled him further onto his lap and tucked the silver head beneath his chin.

"What happened to Draco?" Harry asked the group who were now blocking the doorway.

"He just received an Owl before we left the station, after we were settled he took a look at it and freaked out then came straight to you," replied a worried Pansy, the others looked on with concern as the normally snarky blonde whimpered and buried himself in Harry's embrace.

As the whimper broke Harry began a sub-vocal purr that worked to calm the distraught boy in his arms. Neville was the only other person to catch it as he was sitting so close to the pair and raised an eyebrow at Harry. Harry gave a brief nod before turning back to Draco's friends.

"Blaise would you please go and collect Dray's things and bring them back here, he won't be going anywhere until we get to Hogsmeade. Vincent will you go with Blaise and assist him, see if you can find the note that caused this and bring it back as well."

The two boys left as Harry then turned to Pansy and Greg, "Come on in and have a seat you might as well be comfortable."

Pansy took the seat next to Harry and Draco as Greg shook his head "I think I will wait outside until the other are back, we may have attracted some attention as we came flying down here. Let's face it with one of the Slytherin Princes bodyguards outside it should deter others from being nosy."

Pansy snickered as Harry gave a brief grin.

Ron exploded, anger and confusion evident in his voice, "What the hell is going on? Why are you holding the Ferret? Why did he come to you? And why are you being nice to Slytherins?"

Ice-cold green eyes pinned the redhead as Harry brought his attention to his friends. "Ron I will only say this once, do not call Draco names."

"Oh my god you're gay, that's why you didn't write this summer, you spent it with Malfoy," spat an angry Hermione.

"Yes and no, I will try to explain later what happened," Harry said.

"Ry deal with them later Dray needs your full attention now," Neville urged as Draco began to shake even harder in Harry's arms.

"If you can't sit there and support me, while I deal with what ever is going on with Draco then leave and I will see you later. Hermione, feel free to check me for curses and spells as you will any how but know this if you harm a single silver hair on his head you will regret doing so," warned Harry.

Harry growled as Ron once more began to sputter, Neville interrupted "Ron, I thought you were Harry's friend grow up and deal or get out."

Ron was practically purple and Hermione was showing disgust on her face. Harry ignored the others and turned his attention to the blonde and gently placed a hand on either sided of Draco's head and pulled the shaking boy away from his neck as he took a long look in the silver eyes. Harry smiled a gentle comforting smile before placing several kisses on the pale tear streaked face, allowing Draco to once more bury himself in the protection that was offered.

Pansy assisted Neville with gathering Ron and Hermione's things and they were in the process of evicting the now furious duo from the compartment, when Blaise returned.

Blaise put Draco's things in the overhead with Harry's as Pansy and Vincent used Mobilus Corpus to remove the angry and now hexed Gryffindors from their company.

Vincent gave the note that he had found to Blaise, before turning and saying "I think we should go and collect our things as well." Harry nodded in agreement and Neville placed a locking charm on the door as Vincent once more left.

Harry stood with Draco in his arms and Draco wrapped his legs around Harry's waist. Moving towards the door Harry told the others "I need you to transfigure the seats into a bed, make it large enough for all of us. Nev if you want to bail, I will understand. I need to get Draco and myself in full body contact and that means no clothes."

Neville just shook his head "Harry, I'm not going anywhere, "The rest of us don't have to get undressed do we?"

"No, Nev, it won't be necessary," Harry said. "Draco needs the direct contact from family, the rest of you will just be added body heat and emotional help. Dray's got some empathic ability so he can feel the intent of those around him."

A knock sounded and a familiar voice called out, "Harry, let us in its Ginny, Luna and Susan. Luna says you need us."

Neville unlocked the door and let the three girls enter before returning the ward to prevent others from entering. Eyes widened as they took in a very naked Harry being pulled on top of an equally naked Draco. Harry rolled so that he could see the others in the room. Draco buried his head in Harry's neck and wrapped his limbs around the darker wizard. They had just settled as Pansy slid in against Harry's back with Blaise right behind spooning her, both put a hand on Draco stroking his back.

Brown eyes danced in mirth as Ginny viewed the foursome, "Damn, no wonder Ron is blowing a gasket," she breathed. "So what is going on, Luna indicated that you needed help, but from what I can see you seem to be doing just fine?"

"Ron is being a righteous prat. He didn't get to see this and the short explanation is that Draco and I are both part creature and this can help to calm him. He is family, Gin," Harry explained. "The more direct the contact I have with him the quicker he will calm. We were just about to find out what happened to put him in this state."

"What can we do to help," asked Susan.

"Join us, you don't have to do anything but be in contact with us," Harry told them, "but the more skin to skin contact the faster Draco will come back."

Neville had stripped to his shorts and crawled in against Draco, sandwiching him between the dark haired wizards. The girls held a silent conversation and transfigured their clothes to shorts and tank tops. Draco's breathing evened out and the shaking stopped as he slipped into a light sleep.

Gasps were heard as the door once more opened and Vincent and Greg slipped in, there were several people outside who got an eyeful of the pile of people on the bed. Pansy snickered and in a sly wicked voice said, "Neville I hope you don't mind being the talk of the school or having your shapely backside plastered on the front page of the Daily Prophet."

Neville groaned and buried his head against Draco, "Oh god, my grandmother will kill me, and I can just see the headlines now."

Vincent and Greg finished stowing gear and joined the others on the bed, "Harry, there was an owl outside waiting with a note for you, I brought it in with me," Greg told him.

"Read it to me, my hands are kind of occupied at the moment." Harry told him.

Greg paled as he opened the note, "It's from Narcissa, and it says that Dray is now yours to look after and that she will tell your parents that you love them."

Harry's grip tightened on Draco as he whispered, "I'm so sorry baby, and we will make this right and get that bastard."

"Harry?" asked a confused Neville as a surge of protectiveness washed over him and he also tightened his grip on Draco. "Why did Mrs. Malfoy send you a note saying that Draco is yours?"

"Why did you stay and help us," countered a protective Blaise.

"Because Harry would never put me in danger deliberately. I felt an instinctive need to be here for him and Draco," replied a confused Neville

"Blaise its all right. Neville is just curious and he's not the only one. I will tell all of you everything this evening after the sorting and my meeting with Dumbledore. For now just know that Narcissa was killed by Voldemort. Draco and I are family." Harry explained to the group. "My creature inheritance came on my birthday, it caused some major complications as well as a lot of tears and screaming. I have vampire, veela and shadow fae and each of those is predisposed to having a mate. I now have two, who are more than my match in temperament and magic. The magic tripled once we bonded. Just know that I love them and they love me."

"You bonded with Lucius Malfoy, that's why Draco's mother told you to take care of Draco isn't it," asked Susan.

"Yes, Lucius is one of my mates, because of the bond, that makes me one of Dray's parents. He also came into a creature inheritance this summer it will make for an interesting year as we will be affectionate in public," continued Harry.

"Snape is going to flip when he sees the two of you," giggled Ginny.

"Neville do you still need to pass Potions to get into that apprenticeship for your Herbology Mastery," asked Harry slyly.

"Yeah, but there is no way that's going to happen. Snape just makes me so nervous. I can't concentrate on making things the right way," said a defeated Neville.

"I can get you some private lessons that will help and I guarantee that it won't be difficult to do, you and I are a lot alike in the way we learn in potions class," Harry told him. "You can join me in private tutoring, I won't be in the regular class this year, and they don't allow spouses to formally instruct one another."

"Damn! Harry you never do anything easy do you," said an awed Neville.