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from last chapter:
Draco and Neville were gazing into the others eyes as Harry entered the room followed by Lucius and Severus. Remus still had a gob smacked expression and Harry asked, "Remus, you really alright with everything I told you?"

Recovering Remus said, "Yes, I really am. I will support your relationship if this is truly what you want." His words answered Harry's question, but his eyes never left Neville and Draco. They nodded in acceptance of the support that was offered.

Chapter 7 Blood brothers

Severus, followed by his mates, swept in with his customary sneer and insults as he all but threw a vial of the latest batch of wolfsbane potion at Remus. While Harry chided and Lucius looked on in amusement, the potion master's vampire senses twanged alerting him to the presence of a rival predator. Every bit of skill and instinct jumped to the fore as said creature was cataloged and located; a warning growl erupted as Severus locked onto Neville Longbottom.

Harry broke off his banter, green eyes flashing in warning as he threw himself between his hyper protective mate and his friend.

"Severus, no!"

The firm command drew every eye as Harry placed a hand in the middle of the black clad chest. Stroking to calm the elder vampire, Harry turned apologetic eyes to Lucius who was looking confused as the anger and jealousy was transmitted through the bond they shared.

"This is my fault," Harry said softly. "I haven't been entirely truthful with the two of you. I am sorry but I didn't know how to tell you that I had done something so..." He paused searching for the right words, finally shaking his head he turned to meet Neville's eyes. "Neville Longbottom, my mates Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. Lucius, Severus this is Neville Longbottom my brother."

Severus growled again then smirked as Neville paled rather dramatically. "Harry, when you say brother what precisely do you mean?"

A squeak was heard from Neville when Severus flashed razor sharp fangs.

Puzzled Lucius asked, "What were you less than honest about?"

A blush colored Harry's face, "I maybe didn't tell you that I bonded with Neville several years ago."

The quiet words took several long seconds to sink in. Bracing for the explosion, Harry flooded the link to his mates with every ounce of affection and love he held for them in an attempt to avoid a huge fight. Surprising everyone it was Remus who yelled at him.

"You did what? What in the nine hells were you thinking, Cub?" The werewolf was appalled to think his cub had bonded to anyone without first telling him.

Severus snarled and shoved Harry behind him, several minutes of posturing by each of the elder wizards was brought to a halt by Neville.

"Enough! All of you!" Yelled the quiet Gryffindor, shocking the room into silence. Glaring at each of the older men he turned to Harry. "Were you sorry we did that?"

"No, no Nev never," Harry rushed to reassure his friend. "I ... I just... oh hell! can we just sit down and let me try to explain?"

Deep breathing Harry clutched at Severus' hand as they all found seats. "We, Neville and I became blood brothers during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Yes, we now know it could have went wrong but it didn't. I was so alone and lonely that year. Everyone turned on me, my best friends thought I lied and snuck behind their backs to put my name in the goblet. Neville was the only person to not turn away or act all weird about it. The others in our dorm shunned me and Ron, Dean and Seamus wouldn't even speak to either of us. We ..."

"Growing up as only children, as orphans," Neville broke in. "The two of us share similar backgrounds."

Growls were heard around the room at that admission.

"No, not everything but at the same time yes. Harry and I share our birthday, our parents were all victims of the dark lords, we were raised by relatives. Grandmother was never physically abusive but she also never showed any true affection. I was to be seen only rarely and heard even less often, I was raised by house elves. Harry and I were both looking for family, one that wanted and loved us for us. Each of us was desperate for someone to be proud of who and what we were becoming."

"So we formed our own family." Harry pick the story back up. "When everyone was in Hogsmeade one weekend we went up to the Room of Requirement and made vow to always be there for one another. We cut our palms and pressed them together. We became brothers."

"Neither of us were aware at that time that our actions had serious long term consequences nor that we had altered our family lines." Neville explained. "I discovered what we had done when I visited my inheritance vault on my sixteenth birthday and found the family tree. Grandmother was livid to find a blood link to the Potter heir. I told Harry last school year."

Harry nodded, "We researched until we understood what had happened. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't and don't want Neville to be an even bigger target than he already is being my friend. I'm really sorry for not telling you sooner but I didn't know it would be such a big deal."

"I also owe you both an apology," Neville said. "I took it at face value when Harry said he told you both everything. It didn't occur to me that our bond would be a problem or that with the bond he shares with the both of you wouldn't reveal his link with me."

Lucius shook his head in disbelief, once more astounded by how lucky his youngest mate was. Golden indeed, the green eyed wizard had a bloody army of guardian angels watching out for him.

A loud sigh escaped Severus, who couldn't decide whether to kiss or kill his feisty kitten. Pulling Harry into his lap he took possession of the pouty lips.

Harry was nearly cross-eyed when Severus finally released him. Gasping for air he searched the dark eyes. "Does this mean you won't harm Neville and that I am forgiven?"

"No, Brat. It means we will discuss this at length in private."

The dark growl caused Harry to shiver in anticipation, Severus was expert at keeping him in lengthy 'discussions.' The memory of their last one was still fresh and Harry was instantly aroused.

"As for Mr. Longbottom," Severus continued. "He and I will need to have a tasting to appease my long toothed alter ego and reassure it that he is not a threat to our bond."

"What kind of tasting?" Neville asked warily.

"An exchange of blood," Severus stated. "We either exchange bites on a wrist or we open a vein and bleed into a cup. No more than a mouthful or two. It will allow our creatures to imprint the other and settle the need for a territorial fight over Harry."

"You'll have to cut," Harry said from his position under Severus' chin. "Nev doesn't have fangs."

Neville colored and shook his head, "Um actually, yeah I do, Harry. They seem to have come in tonight. I just don't know how to control them yet."

Severus felt the thrum of excitement that rolled through Harry. "Concentration, Longbottom."

Sitting upright Harry nodded enthusiastically, "You just have to think really hard for them to drop or retract."

"Extreme emotion can also affect them until you master control," added Severus. "As will finding your mate, should you have one." The dark eyes narrowed at the wave of nervousness the older vampire sensed coming from his mates brother.

Complexion paling then flushing, Neville ducked his head studying the pale hand he still held. A quick look showed Draco was every bit as nervous as he was.

"Um yeah about that last bit," a fang caught on a soft lip as chocolate eyes met and held stormy grey. "I think I've found my mate."

Draco seeing the upset on his families faces spoke up. "We won't be rushing into a bonding or anything else. I'm not ready."

"We aren't ready." Neville corrected before turning to Lucius. "Sir, I would like permission to court your son."

The elder Malfoy studied the dark haired boy for a long moment. Silently he turned over the request then nodded slowly. "If Draco is amenable to your advances, Mr. Longbottom, I give you leave to pursue him. I warn however that should my heir be hurt the Longbottom line will die with you."

Neville met the cold silver eyes head on. "Thank you, Sir. You may rest easy, I have no intention of harming a single golden hair. I've never held the views others of my previous house did against Slytherins or the Malfoy family."

Harry beamed at how well Neville acquitted himself against Lucius.

Lucius, Draco and I have some bad news." Harry said leaning into his blonde mate without leaving Severus' lap.

"What is it?" Lucius was curious to the sudden change in Harry's demeanor.

"Draco came to me on the train," Harry said. "He was hysterical and crying. He received an owl just before the train pulled out, thinking it from Narcissa he waited until we were underway to open it. It was from the Dark Lord. Cissa," Harry's voice was thick with emotion. "Cissa was killed for not taking me to him. There was a second owl, this one addressed to me from her." Pausing Harry sucked in several deep breaths in an attempt to remain calm. "She knew she was going to die. She charged me with protecting both Draco and you. She sent her love and a message that she would continue to watch out for all of us."