Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?

This is a one shot, and it is set between Lady Catherine's visit, and Darcy's second proposal

The pov's are mainly Darcy and Jane, and at the end Elizabeth

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"Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy ma'am"

"Ah Mr Bingley, it is a pleasure to see you again so soon. Couldn't keep yourself away from our dear Jane"

"No indeed, Mrs Bennet. Pray tell where Miss Jane is?"

"Upstairs with Elizabeth"

"Are they getting ready?"

"No Elizabeth has taken ill; Jane is upstairs caring for her. The apothecary is up there also, and Mr Bennet. All this fuss for a little trifling cold, silly really, rather thoughtless of her!"

Bingley quickly looked out of the corner of his eye to gauge Darcy's reaction, instead of seeing Darcy's usual cold indifferent look. He was surprised to find a highly alarmed and worried expression. Then for the first in their entire acquaintance Darcy turned towards Mrs Bennet, and addressed her directly.

"Mrs Bennet, you must allow me to convey my sympathies. I hope we find Miss Elizabeth to be no danger. Would it be alright perhaps if look in on her, while Miss Jane has a rest? Of course with yours or your husband's presence"

Mrs Bennet's mouth was open with shock. He wanted to see Elizabeth? The Darcy of 10,000 a year wanted to see if her Elizabeth was well! Well if she did leave him alone in a room with Elizabeth perhaps something could come out of it. Well they'd have to take Elizabeth's hair out, and make sure she looked pretty. Maybe, just maybe she could catch Darcy's eye. Oh the possibilities! Of course if Lydia had not married Wickham, she would have no problem catching Darcy's eye, but I suppose Lizzy will have to do.

"Of course Sir, but I do not see a problem if you spent a few minutes alone with her"

Darcy looked absolutely appalled, what mother would wish her daughter to be compromised when she was ill? Apparently Mrs Bennet! Although he couldn't exactly complain about having Elizabeth to him self for a few minutes.

Before he could even answer Mrs Bennet had called for Hill.

"Hill, Hill, oh Hill please escort Mr Darcy upstairs to Miss Lizzy's room. Then request Miss Jane's and Mr Bennet's presence downstairs"

"Yes Ma'am. If you please Mr Darcy"

Darcy followed Hill up a narrow step of stairs, and through a corridor. They stopped outside a door, and before Hill could even lift up her hand to knock it opened.

"Mr Bennet, with the proper care I think that Miss Elizabeth should recover in a matter of days. If she worsens at all, please do not hesitate to call for me. Also perhaps you could give her a little brandy to calm her nerves."

"Yes, thank you Mr Markson. I will escort you to the door myself"

The doctor turned and bowed to Miss Bennet, and followed Mr Bennet downstairs towards the door.

"Mr Darcy!"

"Miss Jane, Mr Darcy is here to visit Miss Lizzy. Mrs Bennet has allowed it, and you are to come down to the parlour with me. Mr Bingley awaits you."


"I assure you Miss Bennet; Miss Elizabeth is not in any danger from me"

The look of absolute earnest on his face made Jane stop, she knew Mr Darcy had once loved her sister, and he obviously still did with all his heart.

"Okay Mr Darcy. But I will be back very soon, once I have paid my respects to Mr Bingley, and had some refreshments"

With that Jane, and Hill left the same way Mr Bennet and the good doctor had. Darcy turned towards the door; he took a deep, and very visible breath and entered the room.

Once inside I noticed the windows were wide open letting in lots of air, and the sun was shining on the bed, and there she was looking as lovely as ever. The wind ruffling her hair, the sun making her it shine so beautifully, that I just wanted to reach out and touch it. Her fever had made her cheeks look lovely and rosy, but the palest of her skin worried me.

"Oh Elizabeth darling, what have you done to yourself. Now this is because I've not been here to protect you. I know you may say I'm just being arrogant but it's the truth, if I'd have been here earlier you wouldn't have taken ill. If you and I would have married –which I know is too much to ask now- but if we would have married I would have loved and cherished you till death do us part."

Elizabeth was still not moving.

"Although I will tell you a little secret, you must promise not to tell anyone, but I don't think anyone would believe you anyway. Well the truth is I will always love you. You have claimed complete possession of my heart and soul, and only you can control me, can you not see that. Whatever you will ask for I will give. The Darcy of Pemberley has completely lost his will power to a mere country lass, it is not to be heard of.

I hope you do realise dearest loveliest Elizabeth that we will be brought into more frequent contact with Bingley's and Miss Jane's wedding. I hope this does not injure you, I being in your presence. You seemed to not mind it at Pemberley though, and the way you looked at me; you don't know what I would give to have you look at me that way again. I was coming to propose you know that day at Lambton, but when I found you; you can't know how much it pained me to watch you suffer. When I knew I could not do anything about it, it broke my heart. I wanted to hurt Wickham so much for hurting you so. Oh what's the use telling you this when you are ill, and cannot hear a word I have said. I will come back tomorrow my love, and talk to you again"

I gave Elizabeth one last long look, and I departed because if I stayed much longer I knew; I would be unable to leave.

"Oh Jane, tell Lizzy she must go back to bed for she will not listen to me."

"Yes Kitty I will tell her"

"Lizzy, go back to bed immediately"

"I will not!"

"Yes you will, your suppose to be ill"

"But Jane you know I cannot stay cooped up in a bed all day"

"It is has only been 8 hours"

"Yes but still. I've felt better ever since 3 o'clock"

"3 o'clock? Oh that's the time Mr Darcy came to visit"

"Mr Darcy! You mean to say Mr Darcy? Mr Darcy? Saw me like this, the Mr Darcy. Oh what must he think of me"

"Do not worry yourself Lizzy. He seemed genuinely concerned about your health; I doubt he paid much attention to your appearance"

Lizzy pouted "Maybe"

"Oh yes dearest sister. And what is it that I hear you are asleep every time mama visits?"

"That's probably because I am asleep every time she does visit"

"Oh Lizzy, what are we going to do with you?"

"Let me sit in that chair?"

"No, here have a sip of brandy"

"But Kitty just, and papa…"

"It will make you feel better"

Lizzy took the glass and drank it all

"I likkee brandeeww, braaandy, branldy, brandy. That's it brandy."

"Oh dear, it appears you are little drunk Lizzy"

"I am not" she said giggling, while falling off the bed.

"Oh dear, and the Bingley's and Mr Darcy are coming in a few minutes. Lizzy make sure Mary or Mama don't give you more brandy"

Lizzy giggled "Now why would I want to do that? Brandy's nice, I like brandy, warms the stomach. Stomach that is an odd word, don't you think so Jane. Stomach, stomach"

Jane left Lizzy who was still saying stomach over and over again, and exclaiming how odd it is


"Yes Jane"

"Lizzy is a little bit drunk"

"Oh is she really, now how did that happen?"

"I've given her some, you've given her some, Kitty's given her some, and I think Hill has to"

"Oh my, this is quite a mishap"

"Papa, our guests are coming tonight. What if they were to see Lizzy?"

"Oh yes, that would be a terrible thing" he said with a smile playing across his lips.

They heard footsteps coming down the stairs, it was Mary.

"Mary, where have you been?"

"I gave Lizzy the brandy"

"Didn't you notice that she appeared a bit intoxicated?"

"Yes but mama said she wanted Lizzy asleep when the Bingley's came. So to not cause any trouble or to put Mr Darcy off Kitty or something like that"

"Mrs Bennet thinks Mr Darcy and Kitty would make a good match? Oh my dear Mrs Bennet you have excelled yourself, this is definitely of the most ridiculous notions she has ever thought of. Mr Darcy would never dream of marrying Kitty, much less even talking to her"

He went away chuckling.

"Mr Bingley, Miss Bingley, Mr and Mrs Hurst, and Mr Darcy ma'am"

Jane looked towards the door, and there they were all standing very "regal", and stiff

"Mary, go and say I will be down in a few minutes"

"Where are you going?"

"To check on Lizzy before I come down"

Lord knows how drunk Lizzy could be now; I embraced myself before I went in. I thought I would see her on the floor rolling about laughing, but to my surprise she was sitting very still, and staring into the mirror. Then suddenly she pulled a funny face to herself saying "Elizzeebet you look funny", and dissolving into giggles.

I sighed, and shook my head.

"Come on Lizzy, let's go to bed."

"Bed? Bed! Why on earth would I want to go there?"

"Because we have guests, and you are in no state to see them!"

"Ooooh who is it?"

"The Bingley's, the Hurst's, and Mr Darcy"

"Ooh Miss Bingley is an old witch!"

"Lizzy no she is not"

"No Jane you are right! She is an old hag. I hate her"

"Lizzy, take that back right now"

"I shan't", and with that she flounced off the bed, and walked very drunkenly towards the door, and opened it.

"Jane, I want to go and see Mr Darcy"

"No!" That would be terrible, her seeing Mr Darcy when she is drunk. Especially when I have reason to believe she may be on her way to falling in love with him. No as a loving sister, and a thoughtful friend I won't let her regret anything in the morning other than being drunk.

"No Lizzy, will you let me have my dinner first? Then I will take you to Mr Darcy"

She bounced back in, reminding Jane of a little 3 year old


"Lizzy, if you come down you won't get to see your Mr Darcy"

"I will"

"Yes, but you won't be able to speak with him, and you do want to speak with him, don't you?"

"Yes! Very much, I have missed him"

"You have?"

"Yes, yes"

Trust Lizzy to act like a child when she was drunk, no Mr Darcy could not see her.

"Lizzy, I'm going now"

"Okay, I'll draw some pictures. For I am very bored and as Lady Catherine said one of us should be able to draw"

"Oh okay, Lizzy"

I mean what trouble could she cause by drawing some pictures?

"Jane, how delightful to see you again"

"Thank you, Miss Bingley!"

"Dearest Jane, we are going to be sisters you may call me Caroline"

"Thank you…..Caroline"

"Miss Jane, how does your sister fare?"

"She is feeling much better, Mr Darcy. I thank you"

Then my lovable fiancé decided to join the conversation

"Oh that is good! That is very good!"

"Yes it is"

"Darcy and I were wondering could we call on you again tomorrow. I would love to take you for a walk, and I'm sure Darcy would love to see Miss Elizabeth again"

Even I could not miss the sly look my fiancé sent Mr Darcy.

Mr Darcy forced a grin "Oh yes Miss Jane I would like to see how Miss Elizabeth is again" he finished with a shy little smile that made me a little light headed. No wonder Lizzy was taken with him, if there wasn't Bingley, I would find herself in love with Darcy to.

"Is she asleep, Miss Jane?"

", not exactly"

Mr Darcy gave me a questioning look

"Well she is awake, quite wide awake in fact. Although I think she will have a bit of a headache in the morning though"

"May we go and see her Jane?"

"No! No I'm afraid not Mr Bingley. She is rather indisposed"

"Ladies, and gentlemen" mama's voice boomed. "The dinner is ready"

I wondered what Miss Jane meant by rather indisposed. She had said Elizabeth was awake, did she know of my afternoon visit? I hoped she did not. Unfortunately for me, I had to escort Mrs Bennet into the dining room, and believe me it is not an experience I want to repeat. Thankfully though I got to sit next to Mr Bennet at the table, I liked him. He seemed a pleasant sort of man, and he reminded me greatly of Elizabeth, which was not really a good thing. Although I must say we enjoyed our conversation immensely, he told me all about the Bennet's growing up, and he was particularly pleased when I paid more attention when he spoke of Elizabeth. The things he told me that Elizabeth had done were extremely funny, I would love to imagine little Elizabeth's running around Pemberley, but that is just wishful thinking. But just imagine them lovely angelic faces, absolutely beautiful eyes, they would be beautiful and clever.

"Mr Darcy, have you been told about Lizzy's latest predicament. I find it greatly amusing myself, it could only happy to Lizzy."

"Mr Bennet?"

"Well Lizzy is dru….."

There was a big thud from the room next door, and a fit of giggles. "Oops, sssh don't tell"

"Miss Lizzy, if the mistress sees you!"

I quickly looked around the table to see nobody had noticed except me, Mr Bennet, Miss Jane, and Bingley.

"If you will excuse Jane and I, Mrs Bennet"

Before Mrs Bennet answered, I cut in "May I come if it concerns Miss Elizabeth?"

"Certainly, Mr Darcy, if you tell me why?"

"I love her" I whispered

"Yes I thought as much. Well I suppose then we will have to let you tag along"

Then we a louder a voice so that everyone could hear "Mrs Bennet, you will have to excuse myself, Jane, and Mr Darcy"

Before Mrs Bennet could even complain Mr Bennet was out of the room like a shot, and Miss Jane quickly followed, and I of course followed her.

We stopped by Hill, and she looked extremely worn out

"Where is she Hill?"

"In there, Sir. Begging your pardon Mr Bennet, she has made quite a bit of a mess. I or we haven't had time to clean it up, because she insists on doing it herself"

"Yes thank you Hill"

We entered the parlour, and I was shocked to see Elizabeth sitting on the floor and going through books. Well looking at the cover then kind of throwing it to the side, some of them looked like she was taking great care of, but others she was throwing them behind her in disgust, well one in particular.

Jane ran to pick that book up, and I looked at the title, and read it aloud. "How to be a perfect wife by Lucy Michaels"

Elizabeth looked up, and jumped up, and cried in delight, "Mr Darcy! You have come"

She came towards me, but she had quite forgot that there were books in her way, and tripped quite ungraciously on the floor. I was confused what was she doing?

"Mr Darcy, Lizzy's behaviour is due to her having 5 glasses of brandy"

"She's drunk" I replied trying not to laugh

"Yes it would appear so. Now I'm sure you two will be able to handle this if I send Mr Bingley in, who when we left was looking very put out with being left behind"

Elizabeth slowly began to rise, and then looked at me like a puppy ready to play

"Mr Darcy, how are you?"

"I'm fine thank you Miss Elizabeth, and yourself?"

"I am better than I have ever been. You should really try brandy Mr Darcy. It is quite excellent, and you must call me Elizabeth"

"Yes it is rather nice, and why am I to call you Elizabeth?"

"Because I want you to"

"Can Mr Bingley call you Elizabeth?"

"No" she said with her curls shaking

"So I am to call you Elizabeth, and Mr Bingley is not"

"Well it is not fair that Mr Bingley calls Jane, well Jane. And you call her Miss Jane, so if you will call me Elizabeth, then Mr Bingley will call me Miss Elizabeth. Do you understand?"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She didn't want me to call her Elizabeth out of affection, it was just so it would be fair. Oh why did life have to be so cruel sometimes?


"Yes Elizabeth. Mr Darcy do you wish to see my drawings"

"Yes I do Elizabeth"

"Lady Catherine, was quite dismayed when she found not one of my sisters could draw. So I made it my duty to please her. Please sit down, Mr Darcy"

I sat down, I was interested to see what she had drawn when she was not in the right state of mind.

"Mr Darcy, this is Miss Bingley"

I looked at the picture, and I had to stop myself from bursting out laughing. She had drawn a witch on a broomstick with clothes very much like Miss Bingley's clothes. She showed me numerous numbers of pictures, Miss Jane, Mrs Bennet (which very much resembled a wart hog), and her entire family. Also Mr and Mrs Hurst, and Lady Lucas, Mrs Phillips. The only person who wasn't there was me, why had she not drawn me.

"Mr Darcy here is a drawing of you. It does not do you justice you are much much much more handsome. I love the painting of you in the gallery. I was wondering do you have another one of you in storage somewhere?"

"No I do not Elizabeth"

"Pity, I wanted to put on my wall"

I looked at her, did I hear correctly that she wanted a painting of me on the wall.

"I suppose though it would be too much to ask for the one in your gallery"

"Yes I'm afraid it would be"

"Oh well"

Then suddenly the sadness left her eyes, as fast as it came. They suddenly lit up, and I followed their direction, and I noticed the brandy.

"Elizabeth, I know that brandy is tempting. But you can't have any"

No she wouldn't listen to me she drank some, and then offered it to me out of the same cup. The same cup! I saw Miss Jane watching us, she could not allow for me to drink out of the cup. So I took all of my willpower and refused it.

"I missed you, Mr Darcy a lot"

"You did!" She missed me!

"Why did you not miss me?" she looked so sad I had to tell her the truth

"Of course I did, Elizabeth"

"Then why did you not write to me?"

"Write to you? I didn't know you wanted me to"

"Here I was thinking that you didn't want anything to do with my family. You didn't write, you didn't come to see me either, and then suddenly you turn up with Mr Bingley"

"I er…. I'm sorry. Yes I'm sorry"

"Good! I was worried you did not want to see me"

"Now that is not possible nor will I never want to see you Elizabeth"

Please someone come and help me. Elizabeth was showing signs of liking me, but I couldn't be sure

"Ah Miss Elizabeth, I am glad you have recovered"

"Yes thank you Mr Bingley" Then suddenly she turned towards Jane and said

"I love Mr Darcy better"

Did she just say she loved me, I could tell my urgency for reassurance was apparent on my face.

Then she turned to me and said, "I love you the best!"

"What do you mean by that Lizzy?"

"I like Mr Bingley. But I love Darcy lots, and lots, and lots"

She loved me she really loved, but she was also very drunk. I couldn't be completely certain. I looked towards Bingley, who looked as shocked as I did.

"You love me Elizabeth?"

"Yes very much. I hope I have not displeased you"

"No my dear you have certainly not"

"Oh good. My head hurts!"

Then she went usually quiet, I looked at her and she was cradling her head. She began to whimper. "Oh my head, Jane it hurts" she whispered.

I wanted to help her so badly, but I knew best not to if she had not asked for it.

"Jane, where is Mr Darcy?"

Mr Darcy? She wanted me

"He is here Lizzy"

Lizzy stuck out her hand, an obvious gesture for me to hold it. I took it, and began to soothingly stroke her hand, whispering endearments into her ear. Although I wasn't paying much attention to what I was saying, because all I kept repeating in my head was I love Mr Darcy the best, I love him lots and lots. I tenderly stroked her hair, and I noted that she was beginning to fall asleep.

"Miss Jane it appears Miss Elizabeth is falling asleep. What do you wish to do with her?"

"Do you mind carrying her upstairs, Mr Darcy?"

Do I? Of course I would not mind! I gently picked her up, and she snuggled closer to me, and it really didn't help my self control. She made herself even more comfortable by putting her arms around my neck, which basically stopped me breathing (she wasn't strangling me) it was just the nearest ness of her.

The walk up to her room was entirely too short and before I knew it was placing Elizabeth on the bed, but when I tried to move from her grip she firmly said "Stay!"

"I promise I will Lizzy I will be right here"

She seemed quite content with this explanation as she loosed her grip, and I moved. I sat down next to her bed and took her hand in my. For the first time in months I felt peace and contentment, and I did not want it to end. Unfortunately it did when Bingley and Miss Jane bounded in.

"I think it best Darcy if you return downstairs; my sister is greatly missing your company"

I sighed and reluctantly got up, I gently kissed her hand. "Sleep well my love, and have pleasant dreams. I will come I visit you in the afternoon, as I think you will be in a large amount of pain when you wake in the morning. Until then dearest loveliest Elizabeth"

Oh my head! It feels as if a thousand mamas are screaming in my ear. Oh lord what happened last night? Nothing bad I hope, all I remember is talking to Jane about something, oh and Jane telling me I was a bit intoxicated, then I was looking at books. Then I showed Mr Darcy my pictures.

Mr Darcy!


"I see you are awake, Lizzy"

"Jane please tell me that Mr Darcy did not see me yesterday"

"I'm afraid, dear sister that he did"

"I was drunk, was I not?"


"And Mr Darcy saw me"


"What did I say to him?"

"Oh you will see. Mr Darcy has come to call on you to discuss what happened last night. Shall I send him up, once you have covered yourself up?"

I sat up. "Jane, what happened last night?" I'm sure my voice must have sounded urgent

"I'm sure Mr Darcy will be pleased to tell you!"

WHAT! Oh this did not sound good!

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Securing his good opinion

The Bennet family have met hard times, due to unforeseeable circumstances. They have no where to turn, unless Elizabeth meets the requirements to become Mr Darcy's sisters companion. These requirements are hard to fill, you have to be a respected member of training, be clever, and most of all to be a spinster. She has never met the infamous man himself, or vice versa.

Mr Darcy understands Miss Elizabeth looks and acts like a spinster. This is the only reason she is considered.

Elizabeth must don a disguise; keep her sharp tongue to herself, behave meekly, and act completely unlike herself.

This does not sound good, and Elizabeth is seriously displeased. This can only cause trouble, and undoubtly ruin her chances at securing his good opinion

The other one is called


Countess of Wetherby was a life she wanted to leave behind, no need needed to leave behind. She couldn't stand the pitying glances, the

sympathetic shakes of the head, the mama's of young men simpering at her to stay with them. No she would only go to town when needed, and when was necessary. She felt protected at Longbourn, nobody knew who she was, nobody bothered her. She was perfectly fine with being Elizabeth Bennet a mere country lass, with such low connections.

She was happy until that pompous Darcy had to insult her "family" who she had grown to love so much in the past ten years, with his indecent proposal, and saying Jane had low connections. Well let's see if he finds a Countess to be low connections, Jane you coming out officially in town, ha now lets see what Darcy thinks now!