A/N: what if Lorelai didn't go to see Christopher but to see Rory at Yale instead? This is after the season 6 finale.

After her fight with Luke, Lorelai got her Jeep and drove to Yale to talk to Rory.

Rory, my dear Rory. You are the only one I can turn to now.

Lorelai got to her daughter's apartment and knocked on the door.

Rory opened the door to find her mom with her eyes red and puffy from crying.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Rory asked.

"Can I come inside?" Lorelai asked in an answer.

"Of course" Rory answered.

They both sat on the couch.

"Ok, mom tell me what happened" Rory told her mom.

"I miss you living at home. If it is even home anymore after what I said. I can't believe he would keep that from me for two months! Two months! He had a daughter and he wouldn't even tell me! I let April run the course of mine and Luke's relationship. But I brushed it off! But it bothered me! I couldn't keep it in anymore so I gave him an ultimatum: either we elope right then or we're through. I thought Luke knew me well enough to know that, things like this bother me. That I just wouldn't brush it off. But apparently he doesn't." Lorelai cried.

Lorelai hung her head down.

"Luke does know you. He does. Of course Stars Hollow is home. It always will be. Why did you brush it off?" Rory said.

"I don't know! I thought he loved me! I love him more than I can describe. But he didn't come after me! He just stood there! Why Rory, why!"

"Luke does love you. Of course he does. He has for 10 years. Ever since he met you he has. Everyone knows it. I don't know why he didn't come after you. But he has to think things through. You know him"

"I though I did Rory. He was the one who said that we shouldn't keep any secrets from each other. But he broke his own rule! I want to marry him Rory, I really do. But it will never happen"

"You will mom. You have to go talk to him. Now go!"

After a hug goodbye, Rory pushed Lorelai out the door.

Lorelai sighed and went to her car.

Lorelai drove back to Stars Hollow and stopped in front of Luke's Diner.

She walked up to the diner and saw that the sign said 'closed'.

So Lorelai just stared inside, through the window.

Lorelai was contemplating on whether to go in or turn back.

Luke was cleaning the counters and looked up.

He saw Lorelai staring through the window.

Oh crap, he saw me. Lorelai thought.

Lorelai walked away from the door and headed back to her car.

But Luke got out there before she could even move.

"Lorelai, wait don't go" Luke pleaded.

A/N: I know this is short but this is my first Gilmore Girls fic and I don't think it's very good. Please tell me whether I should keep writing it or toss it. I'm not sure if the title of this fic works or not. So tell me if I should change it.