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Chapter 12

Lorelai and her two babies were back in Stars Hollow a few days later.

Lorelai walked into the diner with a two section stroller full of Michael and Vanessa.

Luke looked up at the sound of the bell above the door to see his wife and children.

"Hey" Luke greeted and gave Lorelai a quick kiss on the lips and kiss on both his children's heads.

"Hey hun. Is April here yet? She told me yesterday that she was going to come by and see her brother and sister" Lorelai took out the sections of the stroller, which switched to two carriers, and put them on the counter in front of her.

She smiled at her children and looked up at Luke for his answer.

"Yeah she's upstairs. Do you want me to go get her?" Luke responded.

"No that's alright. I'll go get her. Mikey and Nessa haven't seen their daddy all morning. I'll be right back. You better have a nice cup of coffee for me when I come back" Lorelai flashed her smile at him and went upstairs.

Luke shook his head at her leave.

He smiled and walked from behind the counter to his children.

He looked down at them and brushed his hand across the tops of their heads, on their chocolate brown tufts of hair.

He then got back to work.

Upstairs Lorelai found April doing her homework.

April looked up when she heard footsteps.

"Hi mom" April smiled.

"Hi sweetie. Your brother and sister are downstairs. So, what're you working on?" Lorelai looks over April's shoulder.

"Science. It' quite fascinating actually. It's biology. It's about when—" April was rambling on about her assignment, which Lorelai couldn't even begin to understand what it was about.

"April, why don't you take a break and we'll go down to see your brother and sister?" Lorelai asked.

"Sure" April closed her textbook she was reading from and went downstairs with Lorelai.

"Hello my babies. You both remember your sister April right?" Lorelai greeted Michael and Vanessa, aka Mikey or Mike and Nessa or Nessy.

She kissed them on their heads as did April.

Lorelai then looked up and saw that Luke was arguing with someone on the phone.

"Yes I've considered that….I know….That's not what I mean….Of course, she's my daughter. I'm willing to do anything….No….When?...Thursday at three….Fine….See you then" Luke hung up with an aggravated sigh.

Luke turns around and sees Lorelai and April staring up at him confusedly.

"That was our lawyer calling to say that on Thursday we have to go to court. We will win this. What Ana is doing is not fair to any of us" Luke answered for their confusion.

"Thursday?" Lorelai asked to confirm.

"Yes, Thursday" Luke answered.


Rory was back at Yale crying about two things. One, for Olivia and Lucy being mad at her and two, for Logan cheating on her, again.

When they broke up the first time it was because Logan was told on for cheating with his sister's bride's maids. Now, when Rory went to his office in New York, she found Logan and Bobby having their tongues in each other's throats. Now Rory was glad she moved back to rooming with Paris and Doyle. The good thing is, Rory broke up with Logan.

Rory could understand why Lucy and Olivia are mad at her but she doesn't understand why they won't give her the chance to explain, why she and Marty didn't tell them that they knew each other before. Rory just doesn't know how to talk to them again.

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