Come What May

Chapter 20 – Thundercloud

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RATING: PG-13 (T) to R (M) - violence, language, angst, horror, possible mild sexual interactions, etc. If you can watch BTVS/AtS and read HP, I doubt you'll have any problem with this story.

TIMELINE: AU. Part 4 in the OOTB-series. Takes place during the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Goblet of Fire and includes missing moments from the Order of the Phoenix. It begins at Hogwarts, wizarding time, and then as it switches to Sunnydale time, we jump to where the epilogue to "Never the Same" (Part 3) left off.

SUMMARY: BTVS/HP crossover. When Dumbledore arrives at Buffy's and Remus' doorstep, they are both very surprised, but agree to come back with him to the wizarding world and protect Harry Potter from Sirius Black, the man responsible for the murders of Peter Pettigrew and Harry's parents. Sirius has somehow managed to escape prison, out for revenge...but so is Buffy and Remus. How will all this mess end?

PAIRING: Buffy/Remus

Special Thanks to: My Beta - CharmedChick

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"What the bloody hell is that?" Was the first thing out of Ron Weasley's mouth the moment he stepped into Grimmauld place and met the shrieking portrait of Sirius' mother for the first time.

"Ron," Hermione scolded, entering after him (she'd spent some time at the burrow with Ginny). "Don't insult a lady!"

"It's a bloody portrait!" Ron said, rolling his eyes.

"So why did you ask what it was if you already knew?" Ginny said, sniggering, giving Ron a sisterly punch on the shoulder. Ron flushed red.

"Why is she yelling?" George said, entering before his twin, pulling out his wand and poked at the portrait's nose with the tip of his wand, which of course, only made her yell higher.

"Because she's mad, that's why," Sirius said, stepping into the hall, which was now becoming quite crowded, with all of the Weasley's (minus Percy, who was noticeably absent).

"Sirius!" Ron and Hermione exclaimed at the same time, while the twins just gawked.

"Sirius Black?" The chorused. They knew the story, of course, but seeing him in real flesh and blood was something different entirely.

Sirius smirked. "Pleased to meet you." He made a half bow, and then turned to his shrieking mother on the wall. "Oh, shut up." He pulled the curtains closed, but the shrieking could still be heard, albeit muffled.

"Just so you know, Hermione," Sirius continued lightly, gesturing towards the portrait, which curtains were fluttering. "That, is not a lady. If you start to define a lady after my cursed mother, I will definitely send you to a permanent ward at St Mungos."

Ron, the twins and Ginny snickered, as Hermione huffed indignantly.

"Why are you all standing in the hall?" A mild voice cut in, and everyone turned to see a bemused Remus in the door to the living room.

"Professor Lupin!" Five voices chorused.

Remus raised an eyebrow. "Not really your professor anymore, am I? Well, come on in. There's lots of space in the rest of the house."

He walked into the living room, the Weasleys, Hermione and Sirius following, Hermione looking around curiously, taking everything in.

"Nice to see you," Buffy said, standing up from where she'd been sorting through a cabinet, dust and cobweb in her hair.

"Who are you?" Ron asked.

Buffy smirked. "You don't recognize me? I'm insulted. I know I'm not the cleanest person, but I did teach you for a year."

"Professor Summers-Lupin?" Ginny said, startled. "I mean, Buffy. Wow, you look really different in dark hair..."

Ron's eyes widened, and you could almost see the light bulb get turned on in his head as he recognized his 'old' professor.

"Not that different," Buffy said, sniffing slightly.

"You're hotter as a blonde," Ron blurted out, only to grow red as he realized what he'd said. The twins, and Ginny snickered, Hermione gasped, and Remus hid a grin behind his hand. Suddenly, he was having a flashback to a 'discussion' the marauders had had, right after Buffy showed up. One about certain 'American hot blondies.' Sirius, perhaps reminiscing about the same thing (or maybe just finding it funny), howled with laughter, making Ron flush even harder.

Buffy smiled a bit. "I'll take that as a compliment. I actually happen to like the blonde better as well," she said, giving Remus a pointed look.

"What?" Remus said, raising his hand. "I haven't said anything."

"You didn't have to," Buffy said. "Your off-hand remarks says it all. 'Oh, honey, your clothes go really well with your dark hair.' Or, 'Buffy, have you thought about how we're saving a lot of money on not buying ingredients to your hair coloring potions?' Maybe your 'I have to say brown hair is much better when patrolling. You don't stick out like a sore thumb in the dark.' Or what about 'I can't believe that woman at the store. Every time we see her, she's got a different hair color. Why can't people just use what they're born with?' Obvious much?"

It was Remus' turn to flush as the others laughed.

"I don't find you less attractive as a blonde," he muttered. "I like you just as well in either. It's just...different, with the brown. I hope you know that I don't define you by the color of your hair!" He sounded a little bit offended, really. "I've complimented your hair several times as a blonde too!"

Buffy grinned. "I know. I'm just messing with you."

Their lips met in a kiss, and most everyone pretended to gag, while Ginny sighed, and Hermione seemed to study their technique. Sirius raised an eyebrow at this, but said nothing.

"MUM!" A voice shrieked and Sarah came storming in. "Phoebe has taken my diary and isn't giving it back!"

Following, was Phoebe, for once not looking sweet-natured, but in fact, had the expression of a thundercloud. "I HAVE NOT!" She protested. "I wouldn't do that! And why would I want your silly diary anyway? It's not like it contains anything important!" That's when she realized she had quite an audience, other than her parents in the room and she flushed.

"AND HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU HAVEN'T LOOKED IN IT?" Sarah yelled, hands on her hips, glaring. Phoebe glared back, chin up in defiance, forgetting the audience in order to retort: "You're eleven, what could you have to write about that's so important? Boys?"

Sarah's jaw dropped in anger. "Are you saying I don't know what matters? I'll have you know - "

Remus cleared his throat to interrupt the argument, and Buffy sighed. "Phoebe, if you do have Sarah's diary, give it back."

Phoebe got tears in her eyes. "But I don't! I didn't even know she kept one, I swear! We don't keep secrets from each other; if I wanted to know something, I'd ask! We tell each other everything! Right?" She added, looking at Sarah, suddenly uncertain. Sarah wouldn't meet her eyes and Phoebe teared up even more. "You don't tell me everything?" Her lips were trembling.

Sarah looked up. "You're seven, Phoebs. There are things I don't want you to know - things you wouldn't understand." (Such as how her heart had beat a bit faster around a certain messy haired boy when they'd lived at Hogwarts - not that she knew why. Or that she felt quite sorry for Neville Longbottom who'd she accidentally stumbled upon crying once in the greenhouses - where she hadn't been allowed to go. He'd been horrified to see her, but Sarah had somehow forced it out of him that his parents were...well, insane.)

"By the way," Sarah added. "I'd never tell anyone else either - there are things I don't want anyone to know. It's nothing against you." She felt slightly guilty for making her sister upset.

Remus and Buffy were just observing, letting the kids sort it out themselves. Sometimes, it was better that way. When they needed to interfere, they would, but trying to fix it themselves first was better. It added to the trust between them.

"Didn't you once tell me you thought diaries were silly?" Phoebe muttered. "When I wanted one?"

Sarah flushed. "Well...I was younger then. And you too! You didn't even know how to write! You only wanted one because that stupid Mary Albright down the street was waving hers around! Not that she could write either, mind."

The adults coughed, covering up their laughs.

Phoebe glared. "It wasn't because of that!"

Sarah just looked at her sister. "Oh. So, I got it all wrong then? You weren't following her around like a puppy when you were three, because - " she paused, frowning. "Actually, I don't know why. I don't understand why anyone would be envious of that...that...slag."

Remus and Buffy, who'd been slightly amused, up until this point, gasped, as did everyone else. "Sarah!" Remus admonished. "Do you even know what that means?"

Sarah looked a bit uncomfortable. "No. Not really."

"Well, I hardly think that a five year old Mary Albright, no matter how much you two did not get along, would do anything that could even remotely describe her as a slag," Buffy said. "I do not want you to put that word in your mouth, ever again, Sarah Lupin! And before you get it into your mind to utter a word you've heard God knows where, look it up first!"

Sarah shuffled her feet, thoroughly chastised. "Yes, mum."

"Anyway, we're talking about the diary now," Remus said, taking over and bringing back the discussion to the matter at hand, but his eyes were narrowed. "We have not finished this discussion yet. Not by a long shot!"

Sarah sighed. "Yes, dad." While her mother had sounded angry and upset, her father...well, he always sounded so disappointed when she'd done or said something bad, and that was somehow worse.

"So...if Phoebe hasn't taken the diary, and I believe her," Remus added as Sarah rolled her eyes. "Then who has?"

There was a sound of shuffling feet and everyone turned to look at the House-elf.

"Kreacher would know where the little bitch hides her treasure, oh, yes," he muttered, while pretending to clean the wall with a dirty towel, which only made the wall look worse than before. "But no one asks Kreacher."

Remus and Buffy's eyes narrowed. Sarah was clearly not the only one in need of a lesson in proper manners, which contained the lesson that name calling was not acceptable.

Sirius eyes narrowed. "Kreacher!" He barked out, and Kreacher jumped.

"Do bad Master want something from Kreacher?"

"Yes, I do," Sirius said. "What do you know of Sarah's diary?"

Kreacher only sneered, ugly and rotten teeth showing.

"Answer me!" Sirius said, kicking at him slightly.

Hermione frowned. "Sirius!" She said. "Don't hurt him!"

Sirius ignored her. "Have you taken anything from Sarah Lupin? If so, give it back to her. Now! That's an order!"

Kreacher glared, and then disappeared with a snap of his finger. After awhile, they started to think he wasn't going to come back, but then he reappeared, something red and small in his dirty hands. Sarah's diary. Sarah practically had to force it out of his hand, only to notice...

"It's empty!" She gasped. "All the pages I'd written on have been ripped out!" She turned to Kreacher, eyes blazing. "What have you done, you foul pathetic excuse for a being?"

Buffy and Remus didn't corrected her wording this time - after all...they did ring true. And, it wasn't anything they hadn't thought themselves. Or said, for that matter.

"Kreacher is under no obligation to answer the ugly girl. Kreacher's mistress, she is not."

Sarah's eyes almost bulged out of her head in anger. Ugly? She was only eleven, and didn't really care about looks and such things, yet, but she wasn't completely unaware of herself either, and she was certain she was far from ugly! Yet, it strangely hurt to have been called it, even if it had been by a House-elf who obviously had more than one screw loose. Suddenly, she realized why her parents had taken an objection to her name-calling.

"What did you do to the pages in the diary, Kreacher?" Sirius said, voice growling. "Answer truthfully."

Kreacher's eyes glinted in malice. "I read them," he said, delighted. "I read them and then destroyed them. The hideous one - " Sarah felt another twinge of hurt, " - won't ever get them back, no, no." He laughed. "Her secrets are out and gone forever. Kreacher knows." He laughed again, madly, and Sirius kicked him again in discuss. "Get out of my sight!" He spat at him. "Hide in the attic or something. That's what you're best at."

Kreacher obliged, and disappeared again, but not before sending Sarah a last, triumphant sneer.

"You shouldn't be so mean to him!" Hermione said, jumping down Sirius throat the moment the House-elf was out of sight. "He doesn't know what he's saying!"

"Oh, Kreacher is fully aware of what he's saying," Sirius said, eyebrow raised and arm-crossed. "You can't actually be defending the little devil."

"I pity him!" Hermione said. "If anyone bothered to be nice to him - "

" - It would make no difference," Sirius countered. "Kreacher has been in my family forever. No one's ever treated him right, and he's the result of years and years of bad treatment. He's a lost cause - trying to change behavior against him now wouldn't make him okay. He's gone too far 'round the bend for that to happen. He'd only take advantage of your nice attitude and use it against you."

"But he's a House-elf! A being!" Hermione protested. "He still have rights! And what can he do that's so horrible anyway?"

Sirius eyes darkened. "You really don't want to know what Kreacher - and any House-elf, really - is capable of. Believe me."

And he turned around, swiping out of the room, and that was the end of that discussion. Though Hermione would never lay of the topic, and would try and bring it up again, several times. Sirius answer would always be the same.

"Sorry," Sarah told her sister. "For blaming you. I should have known you weren't to blame."

"You're forgiven. I'm sorry too" Phoebe said, and the two sisters hugged. And for awhile, all was right with the world.

Remus smiled, turning his attention back to the Weasleys. Counting the red-heads, he frowned as he realized one was missing. "Where's Percy?"

Abruptly, Molly Weasley burst into tears, and fled from the room, followed by Arthur, Bill and Charlie, who glared at him. After a slight hesitation, Ron, Ginny and the twins lefts too.

Remus winced, realizing he'd somehow hit a sore spot without knowing it. "Eh...I just said something stupid, didn't I?"

Buffy clapped him on the back comfortingly. "It happens to the best of us."

"This is great," Ron whined, from the floor were he was cleaning the bedroom he was to share with Harry later this summer. "Mum's crying her eyes out over Percy the prat, Bill and Charlie are out somewhere, probably doing something important, and the twins are inventing. And me? I get stuck with cleaning duty! As if I don't get enough of this at home. This is child labor!" He said, sneezing.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh, stop whining," she said, dusting off a lamp.

Ron glared. "At least you're not the one on the floor," he muttered. "Why can't the adults do this? With magic?"

"They're busy," Hermione said shortly.

"With what?" Ron asked.

"Buffy told me the Order of the Phoenix is a secret society, with the people who fought against You-Know-Who last time, with some additions." Ginny said, stepping in. "This is their Headquarters and Dumbledore's in charge, he's the founder."

"Big surprise," Ron muttered.

"He's down there now," Ginny said, inspecting a nail and looking thoroughly bored. "And more are coming. I think they're having a meeting, but - "

Ron and Hermione gave each other a look. And then, as one, they threw down their cleaning rags and dashed out, their steps thundering down the stairs.

Ginny threw her hands up, staring at the dirty ceiling. "Why can't you let me finish?!"

"Dumbledore!" Ron said, stopping the Headmaster, just as he was about to step into the kitchen and close the door.

"Can you tell us anything about Harry?" Hermione said, eyes bright.

"Can we be on the meetings?" Ron breathed.

"What are we to write to Harry?" Hermione added.

"Tell us more about what's going on!" Ron demanded.

Dumbledore held up his hand in surrender, chuckling slightly. "One question at the time children."

Ron and Hermione, who'd both opened their mouths again, quickly closed them, suddenly feeling rather small at having been called 'children.'

"Harry is safe," Dumbledore said. "At his aunt and uncle's. No, you cannot be at the meetings." He gave Ron, who was trying to squeeze his way in through the kitchen opening, which Dumbledore was still occupying. "Don't tell Harry anything important. And I mean, nothing. The owls might be intercepted."

"I'm sure he'll love that," Ron muttered.

Dumbledore ignored him. "As for what is going on, well, that is not really for children's ears. Goodbye." And he stepped into the kitchen and closed the door, right in front of Ron and Hermione's faces, both looking rather stumped.

"I can't believe he just shut the door!" Ron said indignantly, spinning around, facing her sister who was now calmly walking downstairs.

"Well, if you'd let me finish," Ginny said, throwing her red hair around her shoulder, "I could have told you we weren't allowed. I asked."

"But you're just a child," Ron said, dismissive. "Of course they wouldn't allow you."

Ginny's jaw dropped. "Excuse me?" She said, anger visible in her voice. "I am not a child! How-how dare you? You're not the one who's figured out how to listen into the meetings!"

Ron lit up. "You have?"

Ginny rolled her eyes. "I don't want to show it to you."

"Sorry, sorry," Ron said quickly. "You're not a child."

Ginny huffed, but pulled out something that looked like flesh colored strings from her pocket.

Hermione wrinkled her nose. "What, is that?" She asked. There was a crack behind her as the twins appeared. Hermione jumped. "Don't do that!" She hissed.

The twins smirked. "That, my dear Granger, is our latest invention. Extendable Ears. Let me demonstrate." Fred grabbed the strings from Ginny, placed one end against the door, and the other against his ear. George pulled out several more from his pocket. "Here you go," he said nonchalantly.

There was a wild squeeze as everyone tried to get the most comfortable place by the door...

"...Have we decided who's to recruit Alyssa Jones?" Buffy asked.

"I thought you and Remus could go," Dumbledore said. "She has been trying to find you, has she not?"

"Why not me?" Sirius said, grumpily. "I'm the one she's investigating!"

"Are you dim, Black?" Snape sneered. "Wait. Don't answer that."

There was a slight scuffle.

"Sirius, sit down!" Remus hissed.

"Order!" Dumbledore demanded, and everything fell silent. "Thank you. Sturgis, how is guard duty coming along?"

"Fine, fine," an unknown voice said. "It's tiring, sitting there hour after hour in the middle of the night. But nothing pepper-up doesn't fix."

"Excellent. Emmeline, how are you doing on the Lucius Malfoy front?"

"Not very well. I've been following him, but nothing he does is really suspicious. I think he might know he's being watched, though he hasn't seen me."

"Absolutely certain?" Dumbledore sounded grave.

"Yes. I wouldn't risk continuing otherwise. I like my life, thank you."

Some chuckles.

"And Severus. Have you heard anything interesting?"

"No. The Dark Lord is still recovering from his re-birth. But he is incredibly interested in 'the weapon,' as you already know."

"More so than earlier?"


"Hmm...Elphias. Do you have anything incriminating on Crabbe and Goyle?"

"No. Except being far from the brightest crayons in the box, if you catch my meaning. Are their sons the same way?"

"Yes," Buffy, Remus, McGonagall, and even Snape chorused.

More chuckles.

"I'd like to discuss the schedule of the guard duty," Ron's father said. "It isn't working very well, for me to do it during day-time. I need to be at - "

Suddenly, all the eavesdropped felt themselves being pulled away from the door and faced with a boiling Molly Weasley, eyes still red-rimmed from crying.

"And what," she said, voice dangerously low. "Do you think you are doing?"

The children all winced.

They were surely in for it now...

Alyssa Jones, Hogwarts graduate of Ravenclaw house, yawned as she was pouring over spread out papers on her kitchen table.

"Sirius Black, where are you hiding?" She muttered to herself. "Or better yet, what are you planning?"

Ever since confronting Kingsley Shacklebolt, she'd thrown herself in her research with new vigor. She was certain he was hiding something. She was onto something big, she knew it. But what?

She groaned, letting her head fall onto the table top with a 'clunk.' It would be so much easier if she had someone to help her. But she didn't (even though she'd told Shacklebolt that she had several co-workers) - not for lack of trying though. But no one was interested in figuring out the mystery of Sirius Black. They were just interested in catching him. "Why would we like to know how that mass-murderer thinks?" They'd sneer, and then, more often than not, giving her lewd looks.

It wasn't always a good thing to be young and pretty. No one took her seriously.

There was a knock on the door and Alyssa yelped, spilling out some of her coffee.

"Damnit!" She hissed, pulling out her wand and doing a quick cleaning charm. They'd never been her forte though, and some light brown stains remained on the documents.

She sighed and made her way to the door, opening it. "Yes?" Her eyes almost bulged out of her head as she saw the two people casually standing there.

The woman, Buffy Summers-Lupin, smiled brightly. "Hi! I heard you've been looking for us?"

Alyssa just blinked, still in shock. "Uh..."

"Can we come in?" Remus said. "I believe we can answer several of your questions..." He trailed of, as it didn't seem like Alyssa was listening. But then, the blonde snapped out of it and she got an eager look in her eyes.

"Of course! Follow me." The puzzle had almost been solved.

"It' interesting story," Alyssa said thoughtfully, when Buffy and Remus had finished talking. The couple gave each other weary looks.

"You don't believe us," Buffy stated.

"Oh, I believe you," Alyssa said with a grin. "That's not the issue here. I will be straight with you. And expect the same courtesy in return, of course."

"Of course," Remus conceded, nodding his head slightly.

"Alright then." Alyssa stared them both in the eyes. "What do you want from me?"

Buffy and Remus blinked, looking at each other in slight confusion. "Want from you?"

"I'm not stupid," Alyssa said. "And what you've just told me...well, why? You would have no reason to come here, give me the answer to all of my questions, and then expect me to believe I got it for free, and you just did this as a fun afternoon activity. I don't buy that. So. What. Do. You. Want. From. Me," she repeated slowly.

"We...uh..." Remus stammered, slightly caught of guard.

" - We want you in the Order. In the fight against Voldemort," Buffy interrupted bluntly, seeing no need to beat around the bush any longer. "The Order of the Phoenix, the one we told you we and Sirius were in."

"The one lead by Dumbledore," Alyssa added, leaning back in her chair, a thoughtful frown on her face.


"I'm not surprised you asked me this," Alyssa admitted. "I already knew the Order existed. It's hardly as incognito as Dumbledore would wish it to be. Anyone with a brain would be able to put together all the facts from the first war. I mean, it is kind of obvious. Why would Dumbledore show up with a group of fighters in almost every confrontation against Voldemort and his Death Eaters - most of whom have no connection to the MLE or the Aurors - unless he was leading a group of his own against the Dark Lord. After that, it's a piece of cake to map out who were at the sight, and from there, it's easy to figure out who's in the group, who's high ranking, and so on."

"You've given this a lot of thought," Remus noted, frowning. Did the Order have a ranking system? It had never crossed his mind... Alyssa smiled, a bit proudly.

"Yes. As you know, Sirius Black has been a bit of an obsession of mine. To figure him out, I'd need to put all the pieces together. Since he's in the Order, it is far from strange that I've figured this out. I would be a poor investigator otherwise."

Buffy nodded. "I'd have to agree. So, will you join then?"


Buffy and Remus blinked, again. "No?" Remus repeated, slightly incredulously, but more surprised than anything.

"No. I can't, I'm sorry. I truly am."

Buffy sighed, pulling her wand. "Well, I will have to obliviate you. It can't be helped."

"No," Alyssa said, standing up, pulling her own wand. "That is out of the question, I won't let anyone mess with my brain. It's too much of a valuable asset to me."

"You're leaving us no choice," Remus said, standing up and pulling his own wand as well. His voice held a frustrated note. "What we just told you...we can't risk it being spread around."

"But isn't that what you want?" Alyssa said challengingly. "You are obviously frustrated that the Ministry refuses to listen. Why don't you do anything about it?"

Remus and Buffy hesitated.

"Look," Alyssa said, sighing. "I want to bring an end to You-Know-Who as much as anybody, don't misunderstand me. But I can't do that in your Order. I've got my own connections, my own clients. If I joined the Order, I would no longer be independent - I wouldn't be able to do my job. Some of my clients are less...respectable, and a lot of my contacts as well. If it got out that I joined the Order of the Phoenix - and it would - most of them would drop me in a heartbeat. I can't be a 'white-hat', it doesn't work for me. I'm a...shade of grey."

"What do you mean?" Buffy said, frowning.

"I don't take sides," Alyssa shrugged. "That's that. If a Death Eater hired me, I'd accept, depending on what he wanted of course. Same rules for an Auror, a Ministry worker, a homeless person, a father, a muggle...I don't care, as long as the ethic and moral rules I've set for myself aren't breached. I've worked hard to be where I am today. I'm not going to risk losing that status."

"I...see," Remus said slowly.

"I've got a suggestion," Alyssa said. "I'll give you an unbreakable vow that I won't willingly repeat what has been said here today to anybody, in any way. Even if I don't see it necessary, considering Voldemort probably knows more than what you just said already, through Pettigrew and other spies of his. Also, if Dumbledore or the Order want to hire me to find out information, they're welcome to do that. I might even do it for free, if I got some help in return every now and then, but I won't officially join the Order. I really don't think that's too much to ask for. It benefits all of us, without binding me to the Order in any way. Frankly, I think Dumbledore is a bit manipulating. Brilliant, but manipulating."

Remus and Buffy said nothing, knowing Alyssa had a point. They'd experienced Dumbledore manipulating them into making decisions they didn't really want to make in the past.

"Fine," Buffy said. "We won't obliviate you. But we'll have to consult with Dumbledore and the rest of the Order before we can accept your terms."

Alyssa nodded. "I can live with that. Just don't curse me when my back is turned or something," she added, only half joking.

"We wouldn't do that," Remus said gravely. "Having an Obliviate put on you is not fun."

"And believe me, he knows what he's talking about," Buffy said, putting an arm around Remus. Alyssa grinned.

"Well, let me know what you've decided, but don't take too long. And if there's any way I can meet Sirius - I'd be really grateful. To see the man that's been an unsolved puzzle up until now...well, it would be like a dream come true."

"We'll see what we can do," Remus promised.

"He was WHAT?" Buffy and Sirius exclaimed as Dumbledore sighed. Buffy and Remus had just returned from their meeting with Alyssa, and were about to tell Dumbledore what she'd said, but now, things of greater importance seemed to have come up.

"Harry was attacked by Dementors," he repeated. "And is now facing possible expulsion from Hogwarts for conjuring a Patronus."

"They can't do that," Remus said quickly. "It was in self defense."

"But no one can prove it," Dumbledore said, raising an eyebrow. "No one saw the Dementors, and the Ministry will not admit they're out of their control, now, will they?"

"But you said his cousin was there, right?" Buffy demanded. "He must have seen them..."

Remus, Sirius and Dumbledore were shaking their heads. "He's as muggle as they come," Sirius said. "There's no way he saw anything. Felt, but that's it."

"What about Dung?" Buffy said. "He was supposed to be watching Harry. Where was he?"

Dumbledore's eyes darkened. "Believe me, I will have a serious word with Mundungus about duties and priorities."

"The damage has already been done," Sirius spat. "What can we do?"

"I will talk to Arabella - she lives nearby, as you know - perhaps she saw something."

Remus was frowning. "Can Squibs even see Dementors?"

"It has never been proven, either way," Dumbledore said. "Let's hope so, for Harry's sake. Anyway, it is of outmost importance we get him away from Privet Drive. But I still have things to deal with, and I do not want you to go alone, Buffy, Remus. I will not risk sending only two people in to retrieve him. I don't doubt your power, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It will not be possible to get the man power needed for that until August 6, at the earliest. Everyone has been sent out on assignments."

"I can go - " Sirius said, only to be interrupted by Remus, Buffy and Dumbledore.


Sirius pouted. "It was just a suggestion," he muttered.

On August 6, after Tonks had called the Dursleys and pretended to be from All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition, a group - including Buffy and Remus - all traveled to Privet Drive on broomsticks to sweep him away to Grimmauld place.

They were both relieved, after four days of anxious waiting, during which Dumbledore gathered the man-power needed, and concluded his own 'business', whatever that was.

Buffy, Remus and Sirius had all been of the agreement that only Remus and Buffy would have been enough to bring Harry back safely, and that this large a group would only bring more attention, though Dumbledore had been of another opinion.

And in his uncomfortable bed in the smallest bedroom, Harry Potter lay, miserable, thinking no one cared.

A/N: And with that, we end Come What May! The next part, which also is part 5, is called "Way of the Warriors." I will not post it, however, until after book 7 is out, for many reasons. You won't have to wait too long afterwards though - mark down July 31 in your calendars - the magical date where I plan to have the first chapter of WotW posted!

So what will I/you do in the meantime?

Well...I am right now rewriting Out of the Blue - I haven't posted any of the new chapters yet - because it will be (almost) nothing like the old OOTB, so mixing the old/new chaps together wouldn't work, until I've gotten further than where I am at the moment (chap 4). It will be a lot more serious (it already is), more realistic and more. After OOTB I plan on changing Red Horizon as well as Never the Same, and probably Come What May too. The story will be the same though, so you can still jump directly to Way of the Warriors with no problems afterwards, but the writing in the old parts will be a lot more improved, with more details, less dialogue etc. And a lot less silly chaps, because sometimes I feel as I could post this entire story in the humour genre, which is not what I want. So, yeah.

Also, a website completely dedicated to the series is now up - I have been doing lots of artwork lately - and the rewritten chapters can be found there, too - so I hope you'll visit! Link can be found on my profile page!

So, if you're completely starved of the Out of the Blue series, and can't wait, there will be things that will be posted before WotW. And, you can always send me a note/review to feed me. LOL. And, I hope now I will finally have the chance to finish the Return of the Saviour, and get the posting running again. I really feel bad about having ignored it for so long...

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I hope you all hang in there, and wait for me! Lots of love,