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Chapter 2: Missing

January 26, 1988

"Okay everybody!" shouted an important-looking man wearing one of those ugly director's berets in an obvious attempt to seem more important than he really was. "Places, Places! Come on people, first dress rehearsal on Broadway! We got to make it like the real thing! Okay. So, are we ready to rock Broadway or what? Come on people, we don't have all day! Okay! Let's start this musical!"

Everyone backstage gulped as the curtain rose…and the final dress rehearsal for the Broadway rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera began.

"…Lot 665, ladies and gentlemen, a papiér maché…note that says, Haha…it's gone." The man playing the part of the auctioneer gulped and turned to shout at someone offstage. "Um sir? We have a problem."

"What is it now?" asked the important-looking-beret-wearing one, exasperated.

"Well, the music box, sir. It's…it's gone.

"Preposterous," snorted beret man.

"Sir, I'm serious. It's gone…like, missing…gone."


"Sir, there is another problem," put in another obscure cast member.


"Well, it seems that…well, Michael Crawford is…gone."

Beret man, a.k.a the esteemed assistant producer, looked positively murderous. "NOW?!?! MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!?!?!" Running out onstage, he addressed the audience, mostly comprised of giggly middle-schoolers on a cheap field trip with their teachers. "I'm so sorry, ladies and gentlemen, about this dress rehearsal. It seems that we have lost some important pieces to our musical." He walked calmly off stage and, waiting until the ensuing chatter of the audience started up, then began roaring at cast and crew alike, "EVERYBODY START LOOKING FOR THAT BOX AND MICHAEL CRAWFORD! NOW!" sending everyone scurrying about frantically.

As he stood back and "supervised" the search, out of the corner of his eye he spotted two girls backstage and dressed in ways that he never before seen teenage girls dress. Furthermore, they looked nothing at all like cast or crew members.

"Hey you!" he shouted, pointing at them. They jumped, startled. "Over there! What are you two doing? And what's in that duffle bag?"

"LILAC!!!" shouted one. "Hurry up! Were going to get into some big trouble here!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" the other replied, panicking, and dragging a heavy duffle bag across the polished wooden surface of the stage. "All you're carrying is that box and I'm carrying this duffle bag with my prize."

"What the heck is in that duffle bag anyways?"

"I'll explain later…come on let's get out of here before—"


"That is exactly what I was afraid of," said one, and they both started running away from the assistant producer as fast as they could.

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