"Wow! He has a powerful kick!"

"Ron, we don't know the gender yet."

"I've told you, it's a boy. A girl doesn't kick like he does."

"How do you know? As a matter of fact, Catherine often moved like Matthew did."

Ron laughed at Hermione's remark, and kissed her swollen belly letting his hands move softly against it. It was a habit he got used to doing every time Hermione mentioned she felt the baby moving.

They were sitting on a large garden chair in the back yard of their home, enjoying the sunset of a Sunday afternoon. Matthew and Catherine were playing with a charmed Quidditch ball set; it had been a gift from the twins last Christmas.

"Do you want something to eat or drink, love? I'm going to prepare a snack for the kids. You stay here and rest your legs. So, do you want something?"

Hermione felt a rush of pride for her husband; he was being so caring with her and their children

It was Hermione's third pregnancy, but Ron behaved with her like it was her first one. It was so good for Hermione to see his happiness during the moments they shared with their children.

Our family. My Ron.

Deeply, I always believed it could happen. Even during that horrid Christmas our sixth year, and even during the bad times of the war.

"Yes, I would like an apple, please"

Ron arched an eyebrow at her. "Only an apple? A Weasley needs more than an apple for it to be a proper snack! Are you sure?"

Hermione put her arms around Ron´s neck. "I'm sure. I ate so much at lunch that our little Weasley boy doesn't mind getting only a apple now"

Ron´s eyes widened. "Ah, I knew it. It's a boy"