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Sly Cooper4: How to be a theif 101

Ch4: Lesson 2, Know your weak areas.

Once they arived at the Safe house, Carmelita began "Inspecting" the place.

" uh, what are you doing?" Sly asked a little confused.

" If i chose to be a cop again, I know what your hideing places will look like."


Sly shook his head grabed her arm," that's not why we're here come on."

" Wha-let go of me ring tail!!" Carmelita said threatingly.

She hasn't changed a bit. Sly thought as he pulled her along," got it set up Bentley?"

" Ready to go Sly!" Bentley replyed with a smile.

" What's ready?" Carmelita asked, tilting her head to the side.

" Everything in place?" Sly said, continueing to ignore her.

" yep." Bentley caught what he was doing.

"What's in place?" Carmelita insited..

" All the mechanics set up?"

" yep, it's ready."

" WHAT'S READY?!?!" Carmelita finally shouted.

Sly finally gave her some attiention," For lesson two: Know your weak areas. Apparently Pationce is one of them."

Carmelta crossed her arms," So?"

" So," Sly said putting on the teacher act," some jobs require stake outs, you need to learn to be pationt."

" Whatever." Carmelita replyed," what were you prepareing anyway?"

Sly pulled a lever," this."

Carmelita saw, and was pushed, ionto a room that looked like a warehouse storige room. But soon some heavy boxs were dropped," Alright Carmelita, lets see how good you are at stealth. Try to take out the guard without being noticed."

Easy for you to say Mr.Walk-on-wires. Carmelita complained, then tried to sneak up to him.

Lets just say it wasn't a pretty sight.

Sly cringed as he watched," uh...nice try Carmelita. I guess you don't sneak around much."

" I'm a cop Sly, I don't need to."

" right.." Sly said scratching his head," i think I got enough, don't you?"

Bentley nodded," i know excatly how to use her for our first job.."

"And who's that?"

"we're going after Sir.Raleigh."

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