Bulma Wins a Tournament… Kinda…

By Yoruko

Disclaimer: I do not own DragonballZ or any of the affiliated characters or storylines, if I did the show and manga would have probably been rated MA.


It was yet another martial arts tournament and somehow Bulma had managed to qualify. The woman would probably lose in the first round Vegeta thought as he watched the preparations for the first fight, Bulma's, take place from the stands. To his surprise, Bulma was dressed in a tight fitting red dress with slits up the side, He could tell that she wasn't wearing anything underneath and the hemming looked odd… He was mildly pissed that she would wear anything like that in public though, she was HIS after all.


Bulma took a relaxed position across from her leering opponent and checked to make sure that Vegeta was watching, it was imperitive to her plan. She moved her hands so that they hooked under the crease of the slits in her dress, pinching the flimsy silk between her fingers. Vegeta and most of the other Z fighters had opted out this time, Trunks and Goten of course had already fought in the Jr. competition and Trunks had managed to win. The rest of her friends were merely staying out of curiosity, because of her entry.

Bulma checked to see that Vegeta was watching the one last time as the announcer was telling her and her opponent to start the fight before pulling her secret attack…

A single pull and the Velcro seams loudly pulled apart, leaving her in nothing but her pale blue hair.

Her last thought before the violence erupted was that it was a very good thing that both Trunks and Goten after beating each other to a pulp were unconscious at the moment due to their injuries…

….She didn't want to corrupt the youth after all….


It had been the shortest martial arts tournament ever, everyone that had gone were beaten bloody or dead with no discrimination towards them being audience and participant. Bulma was the only fighter unhurt as Vegeta, after 30 minutes of dishing out the most grotesque amounts of violence imaginable to anyone in the vicinity who had even seen a smidgen of his naked wife, threw her over his shoulder as she clutched the unguarded prize money in her greedy little arms and his unconscious son under his arm flew home, occasionally assaulting any unfortunate pedestrian who had been unlucky enough to look up as they made their way home.