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The Lost Ones


The winds of destiny

This is short (outrageously so I know) because it's just set up. It'll start properly very soon. Please R&R

"Mommy, Mommy"

Her youngest, she corrected herself in her head, middle girl called out to her, probably disturbed by her arrival.

"Patti?" her mother looked at her concerned

"I can't Mom. Will you go?"

Penny Haliwell sighed her pain at seeing her only child like this evident and rose to see to Phoebe. Alone in the living room of Haliwell Manor, Patty dropped her head and sobbed.

Meanwhile in the arms of a nun at the local church, a nun, Sister Mary Agnes, gazed into the eyes of the beautiful girl child, sleeping soundly swaddled in a soft blanket embroidered with a P, that had been given to her by the angels.

As the angel sits and weeps, she mutters a spell under her breath, a spell that will prevent any of her children from ever becoming Charmed, and set off on foot across the city to claim her baby, too upset to drive and vowing never to call Sam again. Never to use magic again. This rash wish means she cannot change her lost one's destiny for she arrives too late. Her baby is gone. The nun has kept her promise and given her to a good family.

"The Matthews'" Sister Mary Agnes explains " Good solid people, never able to have their own children, but they'll make perfect parents."

Patty turns from the church and walks away into the night, so distraught she never sees the car that takes her life, just as Penny, weakened by the loss of her fourth grand daughter, cannot fight against the demon that takes her life.

This is the backfire of Penny Haliwell's spell as her children are scattered to the winds of fortune after their father cannot be found.

The new Power of Four cannot be formed because the bonds of sisterhood are destroyed as is their link to the long standing and respected Haliwell line.

But destiny must always have a hand in such things