The Charmed Ones

Ten years have passed, since the first demon the girls faced. They have faced each coming challenge both normal and demonic as a strong family unit, and have survived each.

Prue married Andy after he settled down from his original freak out when he discovered she was a witch. They have a daughter Patty Louise, named for both of their mothers

Leo returned, and Piper forgave his abandonment, when she found out the truth, though things still get a little rocky at times and with the development of Piper's new power, deatomisation, Leo finds himself getting blown up on occasion.

Phoebe remains the rebel, dating the wrong men and doing the wrong thing, but knows she can always rely on the support of her family. She has signed up to do a psychology degree at community college. It starts in the fall.

Paige, is training to become a social worker and trying her hardest to help families stay together, or find each other, because she knows the joy it can bring.

They proved themselves Haliwell descendants, even Paige with DNA testing, and inherited the Haliwell Manor, what with the Nexus in the basement causing problems with resale and all.

So that's our ending, the family, as a family, where they're supposed to be.

No longer lost.

Forever Charmed.