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A/N: Another new story from me! This one takes place about four years after the fight with MaloMyotismon. I've always loved Willis, and since he didn't show up in the second season of Digimon, I thought I'd write a story that would focus on him and several other Digidestined. As for couples, I'm not sure yet if any will take place for as usual this fic is mostly about friendship. (My specialty) Chapter one will introduce Willis into the story. This will be my last update this week, but I'll be back with more as soon as possible for this story and FTFOD.



Lightning raced across the dark sky, but the figure standing erect beneath the heavy rain clouds barely noticed. At the moment, the only thing the dark shadow cared about was the apartment building located just across the street. It was black and silent, but the smiling figure knew it was far from being empty.

He was in there.

How was it possible that one boy could cause the Digital World so much trouble in the past, and yet the history of the Digital World, especially those tales revolving around the Digidestined, could not lie. The humans had become legend, and every digimon in the Digital World knew all about the Digidestined and their quest to keep the darkness in the Digital World at bay. What was even more amazing was the fact that the boy had no clue just how strong he really was.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

The dark figure did not really know, but considering how much damage the boy had already caused, if the stories about the Digidestined were indeed fact and not fiction, it was pretty safe to say things would go a lot more smoothly if he never found out just how much power he truly possessed within his heart.

After all, he was the main reason why the other two had failed to succumb to the Powers of Darkness in the past, and that was something that could no longer be allowed to continue.

At least, not if we want our plan to succeed.

Neither he, nor his friends, knew just how much he had helped them, was still helping them, and as a result the Digidestined, especially the other two children of light, were unable to understand just how important he was to them. He was their rock, and that was why he had to be destroyed first.

Once he's out of the picture, the other two will fall like flies. There's a weak link in every chain, and in this case there are two. As soon as all three of them lose their hearts to the darkness, the rest of the Digidestined will become easy prey, and then the Digital World will be ours. They will be their own undoing, and once they fall, who then will be left to stop us?

"Through the shadows, evil calls. The face of nightmares shall be shown," the figure whispered, gazing triumphantly at the sky. The rain was starting to pound more heavily against the sidewalk, drenching the dark figure's small body, but rather than allowing the cold drops to cause a distraction, the figure merely ignored them and continued to gaze up at the thick, black clouds hovering over the streets of Odaiba. A loud crack of thunder echoed through the sky, and the dark shadow slowly turned to look back at the apartment building. Nothing had changed. The place was still as silent as a tomb.

The figure smiled.

"Sleep well, young Digidestined, because your nightmare is about to begin."

Without another word, the dark figure slipped back into the night and disappeared.