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Chapter 20: Shades of Violet


"Where did Seermon go?" Terriermon asked, clearly confused.

T.K. quickly jumped out of his chair, and shaking his head, he said, "Forget about that for now. We have more important things to worry about."

"It's some kind of ambush!" Davis shouted, leaping to his feet and racing towards the door. "Come on!"

"Davis, wait!" Izzy warned, his words having no effect whatsoever on the goggle-headed leader.

Without any regard for his own safety, Davis yanked open the door and raced out into the hallway. They could hear his footsteps pounding through the small cabin, and then the sound of the front door opening caused a mad scramble as those who were still sitting struggled to get to their feet.

T.K. didn't bother to wait for the others. With Patamon in his arms and Veemon on his heels he took off after Davis, his heart pounding frantically in his chest. Bursting through the front door, he came to a dead stop when he spotted Davis standing in the clearing surrounded by three winged digimon. And though there did not appear to be anyone else in sight, T.K. couldn't help feeling as if they were being watched by something dark and deadly that was peering at them through the trees. It felt the same as the sensation he had experienced when they were making their way through the fallen celestial city.

What is going on here?

"Get away!" T.K. heard himself shouting, the words exploding out of his mouth as he gazed in horror at the scene before him. "Patamon, help!"

"Right!" Patamon replied, leaping into the air. "Don't worry, I'll get him! Patamon digivolve to, Angemon!"

Luckily the celestial champion was quick in the air, and he snatched Davis into his arms before the three winged digimon could attack the goggle-headed leader. Without waiting for a counter attack, Angemon quickly put some distance between himself and the three digimon, who screamed in outrage at the loss of their easy prey.

T.K. waved a hand over his head, and motioning for Angemon to join him, he shouted, "Over here!"

Angemon was quick to respond, and landing next to him the celestial champion gently set Davis down on his feet. Scratching his dark hair and looking a little embarrassed, the goggle-headed leader said sheepishly, "That probably wasn't one of the brightest ideas I've ever had."

"You think?"

Davis sent him an apologetic look, and letting out a deep sigh, T.K. said, "Just be more careful next time."

"Right. Uh...sorry."

"Next time wait for me!" Veemon scolded, giving his partner a disapproving look.

Davis gave the little rookie a thumbs up, and frowning at the three winged digimon, he said, "Who are they?"

"Harpymon," a voice said quietly behind them, causing T.K. to jump in surprise.

Turning, he spotted the rest of the group standing just behind him, and realizing it was Izzy who had spoken, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You know who these digimon are?"

"Thanks to all my research, I've learned quite a bit about the different species of digimon here in the Digital World," Izzy replied. "Harpymon are data type digimon. They're basically like champion level digimon, at least as far as their level of power is concerned, like all of your armour digimon."

"What do you mean basically?" Yolei asked in confusion.

Izzy shook his head. "I don't know enough about the Harpymon species to properly explain, but due to my research I believe they could be a digivolved form of Hawkmon. They look almost like armour digimon, but how that's possible I'm not quite sure. My guess is that they're Hawkmon who somehow managed to unlock the ancient power of armour digivolving on their own. Impressive, especially since the power of armour digivolving was lost long ago for most digimon."

"Well, if that's the case then we'd better teach them a lesson!" Yolei shot back, looking particularly offended by the news. She seemed to find the behaviour of those Harpymon a personal affront, since her own partner happened to be a Hawkmon.

Without further ado, all of their partners digivolved to their various stages of evolution, and frowning, Ken said, "I don't get it. Why are they attacking us?"

"Yeah, it's not like we did anything to them," Davis complained, making a face as he watched their partners battle with the Harpymon.

"I don't think this was just a chance encounter," Cody said slowly, his eyebrows narrowing into a frown. "I can't say for sure, but I get the feeling this was a planned attack."

"I agree," Izzy spoke up, gesturing at the Harpymon with his left hand. "The way they were pounding on the door and trying to lure us out suggests that they were specifically looking for our group in particular. How they managed to find us all the way out here, I have no idea, but I think it's pretty safe to assume we were their intended prey from the beginning."

"But who would have sent them after us?" Willis wondered. "The same person or digimon who sent DarkLizardmon after the baby digimon? I can't see the Harpymon taking the initiative to act on their own free will."

"I feel the same," Izzy replied, frowning at the battling Harpymon. "There's definitely more going on here then what appears to be the case."

"Do you think this all has something to do with Seermon's prophecy?" Ken asked.

Before Izzy could answer there was a sudden gust of wind, and T.K. shoved Davis to the side just before Paildramon would have flattened them. The large mega crashed to the earth just seconds after they managed to get out of the way, and the impact sent up a spray of pine needles that forced T.K. to cover his eyes to protect them from the debris.

"Paildramon, are you alright?" Ken cried, racing to his partner's side.

Paildramon managed to sit up, and groaning, he said, "There's something wrong with those Harpymon."

"What do you mean?" Davis asked, joining Ken by his partner's side and scratching his dark head in confusion.

"They're stronger than they should be, and they're too fast. Not even ultimates like Angewomon and MagnaAngemon can mange to keep up with them. Their power level doesn't make sense."

Ken watched the Harpymon for a moment, and shaking his head, he said, "I see what you mean. Izzy said their power level is equivalent to that of your average champion, but these Harpymon are fighting like they're powerful ultimates."

"But how can that be?" Kari asked.

T.K. watched the battle as well, and shaking his head, he said, "It's like what happened to the baby digimon. Whatever kind of power it was that affected them, they were given a level of strength that normally they wouldn't have been able to use. Only these Harpymon aren't being controlled the way the babies were. Look at their eyes."

"Their eyes are clear," Willis said, nodding to snow he understood. "They haven't turned red the way the eyes of those baby digimon did."

"Which means...what?" Yolei shouted in frustration. "None of this makes any sense!"

"Calm down, Yolei," Izzy instructed, placing a soothing hand on her shoulder. "Whether it makes sense or not I have no doubt the two events are connected somehow, which means we need to get rid of these Harpymon before someone gets hurt."

"Right," Paildramon agreed, leaping to his feet and launching himself back into the battle. "Don't worry, we'll get rid of them."

"You're not going to get rid of anyone!" one of the three Harpymon shrieked. "Our orders were to destroy you, and so it shall be! Wind Seeker!"

A gust of wind exploded out of the Harpymon's wings, and it went straight for Paildramon, who barely managed to avoid the attack. Kabuterimon swooped in behind her while she was distracted, and somehow he managed to get a direct hit on her back with his Electro Shocker attack. She faltered in the air, but unfortunately she somehow managed to stay afloat despite the force of the attack.

"Aim for their wings!" Aquilamon shouted, diving at one of the Harpymon. "Grand Horn!"

"Let me help!" Gargomon called out, taking aim. "Gargo Laser!"

Aquilamon managed to knock the Harpymon off-balance, and Gargomon's pellets sent it crashing to the ground. It was only down for a moment, though, before it was back in the air and shooting gusts of wind at them again.

T.K. remained standing next to Davis, and stepping up on his other side, Willis said, "Did you hear what that Harpymon said?"

T.K. nodded without taking his eyes off the battle, his bright blue gaze narrowing in concentration as he continued to watch the Harpymon. "I did. She said they're following orders, just like DarkLizardmon."

"They gotta be working for the same jerk!" Davis shouted, crossing his arms over his chest in pure outrage. "Come on, Izzy! I'm totally making sense here. Am I right, or what?"

"Well, it's starting to look more and more like the two events are connected," Izzy said slowly, coming up behind them. "But we still have no way of linking the two together."

"They seem to be getting stronger!" Angewomon called out, holding her bow steady. "Follow me, Wendigomon!"

"Right, I'm on it!" the large champion replied, leaping to Angewomon's aid. "Cable Crusher!"

Wendigomon's large arms made contact with the second Harpymon, and knocking it directly into Angewomon's path she let loose one of her shining pink arrows. It just missed the Harpymon's chest, and piercing one of her wings instead she fell crashing to the ground.

The third Harpymon was locked in combat with MagnaAngemon, who flung her like a rag doll at Ankylomon. Using his tail, he knocked her to the ground and then proceeded to crush her with his Megaton Press attack. Paildramon was firing his Desperado Blaster attack at the first Harpymon, but even though all three Harpymon were constantly being knocked out of the sky again and again, they didn't seem to be losing any energy. If anything they only appeared to be getting stronger.

"What are we going to do?" Kari asked, looking worried. "Those Harpymon don't appear to be tiring at all. If this keeps up our digimon are eventually going to run out of energy."

"This is rather concerning," Izzy agreed, glancing back once at the cabin before turning his attention back to the battle. "And since the Harpymon don't look like they're being controlled, MagnaAngemon's antidote most likely won't work on them like it did on the baby digimon."

"That's nice and all, but that still doesn't help us with the situation here!" Yolei shouted, glaring at Izzy.

Ken put a gentle hand on Yolei's shoulder, but before he could tell her to calm down a cry from Angewomon caught their attention.

Somehow the celestial champion had been knocked out of the air, and MagnaAngemon had fallen with her. Aquilamon was the next to go down, and together two of the Harpymon began to bombard the three fallen digimon with their Wind Seeker attack.

"It's more powerful than it should be!" MagnaAngemon gasped, struggling to get to his feet. "Feels like knives...ripping my armour...apart..."

"Gargomon! Wendigomon! Help them!" Willis cried.

T.K. could feel the sudden fear in his chest threatening to overwhelm him, and without thinking about it he stepped back to take Kari's hand in his own. He felt the female Digidestiined give his fingers a squeeze, and finding his voice, he shouted, "Come on, MagnaAngemon! You need to get up!"

"We'll save them, don't worry!" Gargomon called out, leaping in below the Harpymon and firing the weapon on his right arm. "Bunny Pummel!"

"Cable Crusher!" Wendigomon shouted.

Both Harpymon managed to avoid their attacks, and screaming in fury they used Wind Seeker to knock the two larger digimon to the ground.

Somehow the first Harpymon had managed to send both Kabuterimon and Paildramon tumbling to the earth, which left only Ankylomon standing.

"Their increase in power has caught us off guard!" Cody warned, waving at hand at their fallen digimon for emphasis. "We have to take a step back and regroup before all of our digimon lose their energy."

"How are we supposed to do that when practically none of our digimon are left standing?" Yolei wailed.

"You can't hope to defeat us!" the first Harpymon screamed at them, her face twisting with rage and hatred. "Now that we have been infused with our master's power, our potential is unlimited! Your digimon will be crushed by the sheer force of the wind! Come, my sisters! Let us show them the true strength of our power!"

"You all belong to our master now!" the second Harpymon shrieked, joining the first one.

"Your power will be extinguished!" the third Harpymon hissed, taking up position on the first Harpymon's other side. "All together now! Wind Seeker!"

The force of the blast was so powerful T.K. was unable to remain on his feet. Somehow he managed to catch Kari as she tumbled on top of him, and Yolei and Ken ended up in a heap beside him. Izzy and Cody went down to his right, and even Davis and Willis weren't able to stay on their feet. The two boys nearly banged their heads together as they went down, and T.K. let out a gasp at the scene before him. With the exception of Paildramon, Angemon, and MagnaAngemon, all of their digimon had been turned back into rookies.

"Uh, guys? I think we're in trouble," Davis said, sitting up and adjusting the goggles on his head.

"We need to get out of here," Ken said sharply, wrapping his arms around Yolei for support as she continued to cling to him in fear. "Like Cody said, we need to regroup."

"You're not going anywhere!" the third Harpymon snapped, flapping her wings in a threatening manner. "One more blast and all of your digimon will be rendered unable to fight. Now, my sisters! One more time!"

"No!" T.K. shouted, the word exploding out of his mouth in horror.

The three Harpymon were about to launch their attacks when a flash of something white off to the left caught T.K.'s attention. Whatever it was suddenly leaped out of the nearby trees, and in a blur it launched itself at the Harpymon, its claws coming out to rake across their eyes. All three Harpymon screamed in agony, and scattering like leaves in the wind they began to moan in pain and mutter angrily to themselves.

The thing that attacked them landed gracefully on the grass with a flourish, and as it turned to face them T.K. gasped in surprise. The thing that had rescued them was actually a digimon, and though T.K. hadn't gotten a good look at her face before, he instantly recognized the small feline figure. The digimon standing before him was the same one that had been with that strange girl from earlier, and though she didn't look very threatening T.K. suspected she could most likely pack quite a punch if she had to. He'd learned that lesson well enough simply from hanging out with Gatomon, who was a similar type of digimon.

"Hey, it's you!" Davis shouted, pointing at the female digimon. "You're the one who ran away from us earlier! What are you doing here?"

The feline digimon turned to look at Davis, and watching the goggle-headed leader with her dark eyes, she said calmly, "Aim for their eyes and don't let them see you coming. If you blind them, their speed will be useless."

For a moment T.K. didn't know what to say, and getting to his feet, he managed to call out, "Why? Why are you helping us?"

At the sound of his voice, the feline digimon turned her gaze on him, and speaking quietly, she said, "All things in life are a mystery, are they not?"

And with that she leaped into the air and launched herself at the nearest Harpymon, her claws once again raking across the armoured digimon's face.

"You!" the Harpymon screeched, her wings circling around her body to protect her eyes. "What are you doing? Why are you helping them?"

"Why indeed?" the feline digimon shot back, a note of disdain in her musical voice. "You have outlived your purpose. Your time here is done! Neko Claw!"

The harpy screamed as her eyes were gouged out, and she slammed into the ground with a resounding crash.

Landing feet first, the feline digimon turned to the remaining three digimon who had not reverted back to their rookie forms and said, "You three, let's round up the Harpymon and dispose of them. Remember, go for the eyes!"

Paildramon glanced at the two angels, and shrugging her shoulders, Angewomon said, "You heard her. Let's finish this! Celestial Arrow!"

Angewomon's attack was a direct hit. The pink arrow pierced the second Harpymon right between the eyes, and she landed on top of the first Harpymon with a thump. The feline digimon took care of the third Harpymon, and it landed on top of the other two with another satisfying thump.

Their angry shrieks were so sharp T.K. had to cover his ears, and joining the fight, Paildramon shouted, "My turn! Cable Catcher!"

Paildramon fired his claws at the three misguided digimon, and they extended towards the Harpymon on wires. Using his claws, he bound the three Harpymon together so they couldn't escape, and raising a paw, the feline digimon shouted, "Now, MagnaAngemon!"

"Understood!" the angel replied, getting himself into position. "Gate of Destiny!"

As the golden gate opened to reveal the void beyond, Paildramon flung the three Harpymon towards it. The force of his throw sent the three female digimon tumbling through the gate, the sound of their screams echoing through the clearing as they were swallowed up by the void. The gate closed with a sense of finality, and then the clearing settled into an unnatural silence. With the final screams of the Harpymon still echoing painfully in his ears, T.K. turned to Kari and said softly, "Are you alright?"

Kari nodded, and accepting the hand he offered, she said, "I'm fine."

T.K. gently pulled her to her feet, and together they joined Davis and Willis, who were just picking themselves off the ground. A moment later Izzy, Cody, Ken, and Yolei joined them, and holding out his arms T.K. stumbled a bit as Patamon flew into his embrace.

"Did we do okay?" the little rookie asked.

"You guys were great, but most of all I'm just glad you're okay."

"Same to you," Patamon replied, beaming at him.

Wormmon and Veemon had also reverted back to their rookie forms, and joining their partners they were given similar words of encouragement.

Angewomon had reverted back to her champion form, and standing by her partner's side Gatomon proceeded to stare at the newcomer with a hint of suspicion.

The rest of the digimon also joined their partners, and gazing at the feline digimon, Willis said, "Thank you all for your help. We really appreciate it."

"There's no need to thank me. I was merely passing by," the feline digimon replied, waving aside the American Digidesined's words.

"Somehow I doubt that," Izzy spoke up. "If I may ask, who might you be?"

"Her name is Mikemon," a different voice answered, the clear notes of her soft tone immediately catching their attention.

T.K. spotted the same girl from earlier standing just inside the clearing, and he felt his whole body begin to tingle with some sort of strange energy. The girl's slim form was half covered in shadow, and even from a distance he could see her unique violet eyes watching them with interest. It was like he was seeing her with a clarity he had never experienced with anyone else before, and everything about her seemed more amplified and noticeable than it otherwise should have been.

And for some reason he seemed unable to take his eyes off of her, though by the looks of it he wasn't the only one.

"You're the girl we saw earlier," Willis said, taking a step forward. "Was it you who sent Mikemon here to help us?"

"She goes where she is needed," the girl replied, her violet gaze traveling over Willis as she looked him up and down. "Mikemon here is a champion level beast type digimon. She's quick and agile, and her martial arts skills are the best this world has ever seen. She cannot be found unless she wants to be found."

T.K. glanced at the feline digimon with greater interest, and studying her he was surprised by how much she reminded him of Gatomon. Mikemon was mostly white, but her ears, tail, and the top half of her face were more of a burnt orange colour. The inside of her ears and the bottoms of her feet were a light pink, while the tips of her ears and tail, along with the gloves she wore to cover her paws, were a darker pink. Her eyes were dark, but they also held a hint of amber, and she was small like Gatomon. Judging by her personality, she was typically calm and composed, and she seemed very intelligent. It was obvious she was confident in her abilities, and watching her now T.K. had a sense that she was always ready for battle. She did not seem like the type of digimon who had time to play and joke around, nor did she seem like the type to tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Which meant Veemon was probably not going to remain in her favour for very long.

I wonder why she reminds me so much of Gatomon...

Izzy must have thought the same thing, although in his case he didn't hesitate to speak up. "By any chance would Mikemon come from Salamon's digivolution line?"

"You're very perceptive," the girl replied, moving closer to stand by Mikemon's side. "Mikemon is a digivolved form of Salamon, just as Gatomon here is."

"That explains why they look so similar to each other," Yolei said, her amber eyes sparkling with sudden excitement. "Does she digivolve into an angel digimon too?"

The girl shook her head, and placing a hand on her hip, she said, "Mikemon isn't a holy digimon. She isn't part of Salamon's celestial digivolution line."

"Even so she's very beautiful," Kari said softly, her words sounding hesitant.

The girl raised her violet eyes to Kari's face, and watching the Child of Light closely, she said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As beautiful as one might be on the outside, the inside could be vile, black, and ugly. Humans are such a deep mystery, are they not? More so even than digimon and this very world itself."

Kari looked shocked by the girl's words, and shrinking in on herself she backed away as if confused, her arms going around her own body as if to protect herself.

An uncomfortable silence fell over the clearing, and taking it upon himself to lighten the mood, Willis took a step forward and said in a rather flirtatious tone, "So what's a lovely girl like yourself doing wandering around in these creepy old woods? I don't believe my friends here have ever seen you in this world before."

"Maybe I was looking for you," the girl replied, giving the American Digidestined a mysterious smile.

That seemed to catch Willis off guard, but recovering nicely, he said, "And why would a pretty girl like you want to waste her time looking for a guy like me?"

"As wonderful as you are, I was actually referring to all of you," the girl teased, winking at the American Digidestined. "My partner and I have been watching you all. Your digimon are very impressive."

"Wait, your partner?" Cody interrupted, frowning in confusion.

The girl detached something from her white boot that had been clipped to the side of it, which T.K. hadn't noticed before, and as she held it out to them, he let out a gasp of shock. In her hand, the girl held a light purple D-3 Digivice.

"Yes, my partner," she replied, looking amused. "Mikemon here is my digimon partner. My name is Eden Arakawa, and I am a Digidestined."