Finally Woke Up


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A/N: This is based off a quote I made up in Chorus.

The girl who always dreamed,

Finally woke up…

Kagome was lying in her sleeping bag when a certain half demon entered her thoughts.

She turned over onto her side and let out a frustrated sigh. She loved Inuyasha and yet he still loved Kikyo. She knows her tried to forget her, but he can't. No one can make their heart feel something it won't.

At least Kagome has her dreams to keep her company.

Kagome starts to drift into sleep, when she hears something rustle in the bushes. Kagome opens her eyes and sees Inuyasha walk off into the woods. Kagome carefully gets up so that she doesn't wake Shippo or the others.

She begins to slowly follow Inuyasha even though she knows it's wrong. And even though it breaks her heart every time she sees them together.

She hides behind a tree when Inuyasha and Kikyo come into sight. She can barley make out what they are saying, but she still hears every word. Every heart aching word.

"Kikyo…let me protect you…" Inuyasha pleads as he takes a step toward her.

"How can you Inuyasha? When you love that reincarnation of me!" Kikyo replies harshly as she takes a step back.

Kagome's heart begins to pound as she waits for his reply.

"Kikyo…I love you…" Inuyasha says softly as he takes Kikyo in his arms.

Kagome runs as fast as she can away from Inuyasha and everyone. She keeps running till she makes it to the edge of the river and she falls to the ground, crying her heart out.

Tears continue to fall like rain as she whispers something to the wind.

"I've finally woken up…"

The End

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