"When's Ibiki going to come and interrogate you anyway?" asks Tenten snappishly, making her question come out a little meaner than she meant it to. She tries to combat the blush away from her cheeks.

"I dunno, yeah..." says Deidara aloofly, "I think that big-chested woman you call Tsunade told me he was on a mission currently and would be back soon to take me and Tobi into interrogation.

Tenten could have swore steam was spewing out of her ears.

"What did you just call Tsunade-sama?"

"Uh...big-chested, yeah?" replies Deidara wearily.

Eyebrow twitching, Tenten wanted to just punch Deidara in the face. Sure he could insult her, but when he insulted the great Tsunade, her idol, he had crossed the line. She clenched her teeth.

"How dare you?" asks Tenten angrily, "How dare you speak about Tsunade like that!"

"All I said was-"

"Ugh! Just don't say anything!"

"Hey, chill out yeah!" yells Deidara, startling Tenten a little, "You're the one who asked the damn question!"

She stops herself from saying the next angry statement. She looks at him. Oh she wanted to punch him, but then again she also wanted to punch herself. She was losing it—and she really couldn't afford to. Tenten sighs. Why was this job so hard?

"I guess...you're right..." says Tenten solemnly.

"Is that supposed to be an apology yeah?"

"No." she snaps, but in a more sober tone, she says, "Well...maybe."

Deidara's eyebrow arches and he says, "You're odd, yeah...but then again...so am I..."

Tenten doesn't say anything and Deidara continues to speak.

"I suppose, yeah," Deidara starts, "I shouldn't have called you stupid...and I shouldn't have annoyed you so much...but I really can't help it..."

"W-what?" is all Tenten can manage to say.

Worn hands grip the prison bars. Deidara smiles brilliantly—and his expression gives her an odd feeling. It was a feeling she has only felt with Neji. His expression made her week in the knees, and her stomach did a somersault. His golden hair seemed glow in that light, and Tenten tries to suppress the butterflies fluttering in her chest.

And her cheeks stain with red as she hears his next words...

"Maybe yeah...I've just got a little crush on you."