His garden is just like any garden (only better) and like any other garden (only better) his garden grows a variety of irritating weeds (only better). He is a gardener though, just like any other gardener (only better) and gardening is what he loves to do (best). So he drops down to his knees into the soil of his every day garden (only better).

He has crabgrass (only better), dandelions (only better), prickly pears (only better), and even aspiring saplings (only better). He pulls them up, every last one, with methodic grace.

Each of his average weeds (only better) find themselves placed into a normal little pile (only better).

He spends the day there, under the artificial sun of his greenhouse (it is better anyway).

When he is finished he looks out over his (perfectly) manicured and (perfectly) normal garden (only better). His satisfaction is immense.

So with the smile of an everyday (only more important) labor conquered, he scoops up his pile of weeds (only better) and carries them off to be properly disposed of.

He finds his unknowing receptacle (garbage bin) waiting in the halls and he knows exactly why.

The little boy (waste basket) looks up at him with surprised blue (stale) eyes and he smiles (sneers).

He urges his average weeds (only better) into the boy's arms and leans down to kiss his cute (disgusting) pink lips.

"Someone has to be the bitch."

And he walks (skips) away with a smile (smirk). He's gotten rid of his weeds (only better).

The little boy (cuckold) stares down at the weeds (only worse) and frowns (scowls).

He knows who the weeds (only worse) will be given to (are intended for).

He finds the man (cheater) talking (flirting) with another (everyone).

The man says (lies) he has (not) been looking for him.

The little boy (betrayed) approaches the man (betrayer) with a smile (frown).

He spills the weeds (only worse) into the man's (two-timer's) lap and smacks (punches) him across the face ("Someone else can be the bitch.").

He turns (runs) away with a snarl (sob). He's gotten rid of the weeds (only worse).

The man (guilty) watches after the little boy (beloved) and (does not) feels his heart break.

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