Disclaimer – I have no claim on Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis other than the chance to live out a few fantasies. Dr. Melody Hayden is my own creation and alter ego in this story.

I had written Complications, but thought of a new version of the story.

Complications with a Twist

Chapter 1 – New Orders

"Doctor Hayden, are you leaving the SGC?" Teal'c asked as he met up with Melody Hayden in the hall on Level 18.

Mel stopped mid-stride, turned towards Teal'c, and looked up at him. Wow, news sure travels faster around here than I thought. But I knew that! She took shook her head and thought a moment before smiling and answering the Jaffa. "I'm not exactly leaving. I've been asked to Atlantis."

"This is a great opportunity for you." Teal'c briefly nodded his head before continuing on their journey to a briefing.

Mel let out a big, loud breath and laughed. "I guess you could call it that. I wasn't sure what to think of it at first."

"Think of what?" Daniel Jackson joined the party moving closer to the conference room on the level above the Gate Room.

"I've been asked to Atlantis."

"Really? Great job!" Sam Carter entered the room just behind the other three.

"I am completely clueless as to why. I guess Elizabeth Weir asked for me to be reassigned to Atlantis." Mel took a place at the large table.

"Doctor Weir has a need for your expertise." General Landry entered the room and motioned for everyone to sit at the table.

"She already has Carson Beckett as her Chief Medical Officer and he has a hand-picked staff. Why would she need me?" Mel asked as Walter passed folders to each of the SG-1 team and her.

"She asked you because you are one of the best in your field. You've been offworld more than any other medical doctor currently attached to the SGC. And you have plenty of experience working and running an ER. A good deal of Doctor Beckett's top people are scheduled to be on rotation back to Earth." General Landry looked at Mel with a proud look in his eye. "I guess Carson needs a top person to run the infirmary while he puts more time in on his research. He asked for you specifically."

"Wow. Really? I am speechless!" Mel wanted to pinch herself since she knew Beckett's credentials were impeccable, and the man himself was considered around the SGC to be the god of medicine reincarnate.

"General, sir, why are we here?" Sam asked the question for Teal'c, Daniel, and herself.

"To help Doctor Hayden acquaint herself with some of the Atlantis personnel. Because of her time offworld, there may be some of the senior staff she hasn't met before that you may be able to give her pointers on." General Landry got up from his chair and walked over to Mel. "I have enjoyed having you here, Doctor Hayden."

Mel choked back a tear and squared her shoulders. "It has been a pleasure, sir." They shook hands for a moment, and then the general left the room so Mel and SG-1 could get to work.

Mel chuckled after a moment. "There is one person assigned to Atlantis who you don't have to warn me about."

Sam laughed as she answered. "Rodney?"

"Yep. I worked with him at Area 51 a couple of times before he went to Atlantis. Even I am an imbecile according to him." Mel opened the folder in front of her and began to scan the list. "Let's see. I've met Sheppard, Lorne, Heightmeyer, oh wow." The exclamation was rather low key.

Daniel and Sam looked up from their lists, looked at Mel, and then looked at each other. Teal'c slowly looked from Mel to Daniel, one eyebrow raised.

Mel plunked the folder down and pushed the chair away from the table. "Sam, remember that time I told you about my past someone?"

"You mean your ex?" Sam had the conversation slam back into her mind. "Aren't you still good friends?"

Mel nodded. "Yep, still write on a regular basis. I guess this is why he hasn't called in a couple of years."

"Which one?" Daniel was curious.

"Not from the US contingent. Czech Republic. Doctor Radek Zelenka."

"Very smart, able to deal with Rodney on a daily basis. Should be a candidate for sainthood." Sam grinned at Mel.

"We were together for nearly ten years, married for five, and just worked out better as friends." Mel smiled as memories invaded her mind. "It will be good to see Radek again."