All right, an angsty one-shot for Kingdom Hearts. It's random, not really very important at all, but I like it. 'S deep, I think, no matter how freakin' short it is. And sad. So, like always, tell me what you think, because if not I will be upset because you don't like it (assuming the worst as usual).

Oh, and it's short. Short, short, short! (I just needed to post something)

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They wouldn't talk about it. They'd sit and smile in each other's presence, talk of the weather or how nice the breeze was, but they would not talk about it. It didn't happen. Nothing was different. They were three friends, sitting on a dock, watching the sun set as if they didn't have a care in the world

Except that was wrong.

One was taller than the others, long strands of silver hair catching the light and brushing softly across his eyes, stirred by the wind. Those eyes, a steady, deep aqua, held the sun in a commanding gaze, his posture rigid, his being demanding respect. And his eyes kept flickering, memories that would not be spoken battling within his core, a love he couldn't have burning in his heart.

This one knew disappointment.

The one in the middle, the sole female in the trio, wore long red hair down, smiling awkwardly every so often when it brushed over her mouth and into her eyes. She'd giggle when the taller one would smirk and ruffle her hair, would blush when the hand of her friend on her other side accidentally brushed against hers. Her eyes, dark blue, were full of passion and sadness, and her heart was open to welcome them in, should they wish to break the pact. She didn't agree of the pact, felt left out slightly, but she was loyal to them. She would wait.

This one knew longing.

And the one on the left, the one of middle height with unruly hair and deep blue eyes, was the one that always shifted, cast nervous, disturbed glances to the two every so often. He was the unsettled the one, the one who couldn't sit and stay sitting, who had to do something instead of nothing. His eyes changed so often from full of expression to expressionless whenever he had to take up his new persona and wield his legend, and he was conflicted. His emotions were worn on his sleeve, his opinions never stifled; he always voiced what he felt, always gave away what he was feeling.

This one knew pain.

But they wouldn't talk about it, because that would make it real, and all they'd wanted, all they'd wanted from the beginning, was a magical adventure.

Yet magic, real magic, didn't exist. All three knew that, as they watched the sun turn the sky a dark, foreboding blue.

How...different. I dunno what I was thinking, really.

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