-1It was the best kind of sweet, Riku mused, swirling the melting Hershey's chocolate around his mouth before he hesitatingly swallowed.

It was an honest sweetness, simple and sugarcoated and bad for your teeth, the kind that came in cheap $.99 bags. Unwrapping another one of the milk chocolates, Riku ignored the growing pile of wrappers on the table.

So he was a bit of a chocoholic. There were worse things he could be doing with his life.

Popping the cool chocolate into his mouth, Riku sucked on it, drawing out the peak flavor and making it last longer. He twisted the melting chocolate in his mouth with his tongue, feeling the smooth flavor slide down his throat.

There was no complications with his milk chocolate. It looked like chocolate, with its creamy surface and dark coloration. It smelled like chocolate, with that warm scent that made mouths water and diets fail. It tasted like chocolate, that honest, smooth, rich flavor that lingered in the mouth, hesitant to leave.

Riku thought Hershey's milk chocolate was a very honest candy. It told the world what it was, and there were no real surprises. You always knew what you were getting with Hershey's milk chocolate. It didn't have a hidden, sour center, and it was never too sugary or bitter. It didn't trick you like those boxes of regular chocolates, where you bite into it only to discover it's filled with peanuts and HOLY SHIT you're allergic to peanuts. No, usually Hershey's chocolate did not risk putting people into anaphylactic shock. (Unless, of course, you were allergic to chocolate. Then you must have done something purely evil in your last life.)

And all too soon, the chocolate was gone, vanished into the endless void that was Riku's stomach, and lazily Riku reached for another one, only to find that the bag was empty.

He gazed at the pile of wrappers on the table top and then back at the empty bag. Maybe that was the problem with something so simple and sincerely sweet. You kept grabbing for more and more and more until all of it was gone and you were left with that stupid anaphylactic peanut filled chocolate.

The door swung open and Leon walked in, his heavy boots squeaking against the wooden floor, his griever pendant thumping against his chest.

Riku supposed that unlike milk chocolate, Leon wasn't simply sweet. He was like that box of chocolates where you had to find scissors to peel off the plastic around the box, then you had to pry it open, only to find that each chocolate was individually wrapped.

So, when you finally get to the chocolate and bite in, there's a chance that it's that stupid anaphylactic chocolate, or that it's dark chocolate or not even chocolate at all but one of those annoying biscuits they sometimes put in (a curse upon all chocolate lovers.)

Riku leaned forward to kiss the man, smiling as his lips pressed against warm, slightly chapped familiar ones.

Sometimes you got good chocolate. Sometimes you got one filled with caramel, or one with a cherry, or you get the best tasting chocolate in the world.

Only, Riku always loved when you opened the box to find a Hershey's milk chocolate lying innocently amongst the others.

And today, that's exactly what Leon was. An honest, Hershey's milk chocolate, and Riku smiled. He absolutely loved Hershey's chocolate. It was always so simply, sincerely sweet.