Summary: If you could see the future, would it be the unalterable? Or the possible? Would you believe your visions in the first place or would you be afraid to hope?

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Part One


Breathless, triumphant, a small boy with horns watches a dark portal dissipate into inky smoke. Lowering his sword carefully, he calls to the shadows lingering on the side of the courtyard. He extends his hand and calls again.

A pale slip of a girl appears from behind a stone column. She glows eerily in the sunlight, her skin much whiter than snow. Her thin body moves clumsily, tentatively, as she crosses to the boy. She reaches out with a delicate hand. He quickly grabs her hand and begins to run, dragging her along behind.

He unused to leading, and she unused to being led, they move jerkily. They trip and stumble forward, their arms swinging wildly. Their hands, one unearthly pale, the other small but strong, remain clasped together.

They near the opposite end of the courtyard. A chain dangles over the side of a ledge high above their heads. The girl looks up at the space hidden within the cliff. She nods and squeezes the boy's hand.

The boy releases the girl's hand and tests the chain. Quickly, lest another portal open while he was unable to protect the girl, he shimmies up. Pulling himself onto a ledge, he sees a sturdy box just in front of a huge set of carved doors. He runs his free hand along the carvings, but they remain unresponsive. Exhaling, he begins to struggle to push the box down so the girl can follow him up.

A frightened gasp floats to him. Gripped by a strange vertigo, he stiffens and sees the girl, terrified, a smudge of white slowly disappearing into a black portal. One last heave and the box falls over and down, the boy leaping down behind it.

He lands to the left of the portal that opened just below the ledge. He runs over and grabs wildly for a pale arm. Pulling her out is easy, she is lighter than the box. He backs her away from the portal, slashing at the dark spirits emerging once again.

They are mad. This horned boy has interfered with their sole objective. They attack him just as fiercely as he swings at them. But they cannot reach the girl to return her to her cage. The boy prevents them, rushing back even when he is tossed aside. Eventually, the dark spirits fade. The portal dissipates and the two are alone once again.

The girl hovers nervously by his side as the boy positions the box against the wall. He jumps up and crawls out of sight. The girl waits stiffly atop the box. She is visibly relieved when his horned head appears over the ledge. She reaches up as he reaches down and with his help, scrambles up to the ledge.

The girl walks ahead, releasing the boy's hand. She approaches the doors and makes as if to touch them. An electrical snap shatters the silence. The girl backs up as a green charge spreads across the doors. They creak open and the air is still once again.

The boy takes her hand once again. He leads her through the doors at a slow walk. They pass out of sight around the corner.

Yorda awoke with a gasp. Crystalline tears gathered in her eyes as she slumped wearily against the all too familiar bars of her suspended cage. She had dreamed of the same horned boy seven times in a row now. Seven times. She would have liked to credit that. Seven was a strong number. But horned children were brought to the desolate castle only as a sacrifice. None had ever escaped. Yorda dared not hope her dream had merit. She cried herself to sleep that night all the same.

End of Part One

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