Ok, just making sure that it is as clear as possible. Italics in this chapter is more memory than dream, and plain font is the current events.

Visions-part three, chapter two


An ivory curve fell to the floor with a hollow clatter. It was a horn, only just recently detached from the head of a young boy. Gingerly the boy fingered the rough stump remaining on his head. Bright red blood spread onto his fingers.

The stone bridge wobbled still farther apart. Yorda was still motionless on the other half. Ico stood slowly, waiting for her to move. She was so still. Ico turned away, looking away from the castle, and from her. A moan, barely heard over the grinding stones brushed against his ears. He turned again, Yorda was stirring.

Ico leapt desperately for the other side. He flung himself over, willing his body to clear the widening gap, dropping his mace in the process. He felt rather than saw it slide past his shoulder and down…so far down to the river.

Ico stumbled into the shelter behind the statue. An icy wave of energy bubbled around him and faded, neutralizing the Queen's attack. The conflicting energies faded. Ico peered around the statue, stepping warily out from behind it. There. His sword had fallen on the stairs directly in front of the throne.

Deftly, Ico snatched up the sword as he ran. He brought the blade up as he charged forward. He thrust it point-forward as he leapt up the last few stairs. The sharp point forced its way through the Queen's thin body and into the stone beyond.

His jump was not enough. He began to fall, just shy of his destination. A small hand grabbed his wrist. Her grip, amazingly sure, was all that kept him from the river. Slowly, she pulled him up, closer and closer to the top of the bridge. Ico strained to reach the edge with his free hand. Yorda smiled a little at him. Thanking him for coming back, encouraging him. It was just a little further up.

A shadow oozed over her arm. Ico watched it drip down to her wrist; felt her skin cool as it engulfed her hand. He froze and looked into her eyes. Yorda's face, her eyes, surrounded by shadow, apologized with broken silence. Ico felt himself slide from her grasp. Over her shoulder he saw the icy black figure of the Queen. She was smiling cruelly at him, her hands set possessively on Yorda's shoulders.

He was flung bodily across the room. The sword, still stuck deeply into the chair flashed again and went dark. The Queen's body disappeared. Ico felt his head connect with the stone wall. White pain seared through his head, followed by a welcome blackness.

An ivory horn fell after him. It clattered and bounced to a stop beside its mate.

End of part three

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