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Author's Note: This is my first new story in three months so I hope it is enjoyed by all those that read.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were walking through the mall together. They were holding each others hand as they traveled. They had been dating each other for about three months and were very happy; Kim had finally noticed Ron as more than just a friend and realized that she needed him and loved him. Ron was very happy to finally have Kim be his girlfriend even though he was worried at first that this might jeopardize their friendship; luckily his fears were unfounded and they have been happily going out for the last three months.

Kim and Ron are partners in fighting criminals and saving the world from mad scientist, mutated humans, mad golfers as well as other people bent on taking over the world or just doing some petty crimes. For the two weeks, however, their has not been one major incident that required the help of Team Possible, to the delight of Kim and Ron who wanted to take a break from crime fighting and spend some quality time together without being interrupted and having to save the world.

Suddenly, to the dismay of Kim and Ron, Kim's communicator, the kimmunicator, went off . Kim and Ron went outside and Kim picked it up and opened it. "What's the sitch Wade?" said Kim depressingly.

"What's wrong? Can't I contact my friends without it involving a mission?" said Wade

Kim and Ron looked relieved at hearing that they didn't have a mission. "Yes you can contact us if you want. It's just Ron and I were worried that we had another mission" said Kim

"Don't want another mission just yet do you?" asked Wade

"Ron and I wanted some time to relax and spend time together that didn't involve saving the world from maniacs" said Kim

"I understand. I'm surprised myself to not hear any major criminal activity in such a long period of time" said Wade

"Maybe they all decided to take a break themselves from getting their butts kicked by team Possible" giggled Kim along with Ron

"You might be right. So what have you and Ron been doing during your free time off?" asked Wade

"oh you know, going to the movies, hanging at the beach, going to the mall, having mad hot sex, the usual" said Kim

"Aaahh, I do not have to hear that. You two are sick" said Wade as he covered his ears.

Kim and Ron were laughing at the expressions on Wade's face at what they just told him. "Calm down dude we were only kidding, mostly" said Ron with a sly smile on his face.

"The sex was quite hot wasn't Mr. Stoppable" said Kim seductively

"Indeed it was hot Mrs. Possible" said Rob just as seductively

After seeing the two stop talking Wade calmed down and removed his hands from his ears and sighed. " I do not want to know what else you two have been doing but if anyone deserves a break it's you two. You have been fighting criminals since you both have been twelve and never had a break longer than two weeks. Why do you two keep fighting, not that I want you two to stop otherwise I'll have nothing fun to do without helping you stop the bad guys my own way" said Wade

"I enjoy the thrill of fighting and stopping mad man and mad women from ruling the world" said Kim

" I enjoy spending time with Kim and watching her beat up the bad guys" said Ron

"Flattery will get you everywhere Ron" said Kim as she started kissing Ron

Wade cleared his throat after a few seconds to get the attention of his two friends. After a few unsuccessful attempts Kim and Ron looked back at the communicator, almost forgetting about Wade. Kim and Ron blushed as Kim spoke. "Sorry about that Wade, got carried away" said Kim, feeling a little embarrassed.

" I can see that" said Wade

"So Wade" said Kim, trying to change the momentum of this conversation, " what have you been doing for the last two weeks?" asked Kim

"I have been doing some research on cloning and stem cells" said Wade

"Really? Any reason in particular?" asked Kim, somewhat uncomfortable about this.

"I just thought it would amazing if I could figure out how to clone people. Imagine the possibilities it can create; longer lives, fighting diseases, recreating lifeā€¦" said Wade but was interrupted before he could continue.

"Recreating life? You mean like zombies?" asked Ron

"No exactly. I mean recreating someone's body using their DNA in cases where someone might have killed or injured beyond medical help. Think about it people can almost become immortal" said Wade

Kim and Ron looked at each other worryingly before speaking again. "I don't think that would be a good thing" said Kim

"Why not? Give me one reason cloning would be bad?" asked Wade

"Besides being immoral it sort of goes against the natural order of things. I mean being created artificially would mean that the person might have the same DNA, the same mind and all that but they won't have the person's soul" said Ron

"What do you mean?" asked Wade who was confused at what Ron was trying to say.

"You can create someone's body and they could have all their memories, skills, intellect, etc, but you can not replicate a soul. The soul is the inner essence of a person and without that you would not be able to distinguish from what is really right or wrong, you won't be able to restrain your instincts and you would not be the real person without your soul because you would no longer be aware of the existence and presence of God. This is according to Jewish belief and I believe it to be mostly true" said Ron

Wade looked at the screen blankly for about a minute before responding. "I never really was religious and don't think that much about the concept of the soul in terms of how not having one can affect a person. I won't worry about it though it's not like I'm going to actually try and clone someone" said Wade

"That's good to hear. I would hate the idea of being cloned myself" said Kim nervously as she held on to Ron.

"Me too. If I were to die I would like to stay dead rather than be created without my soul" said Ron shivering a little.

Kim and Ron looked into each others eyes and decided to give the idea of cloning no more though and enjoy the rest of the day. "Well don't spend all your time on looking up about cloning Wade. Listen we'll talk to you again soon, ok" said Kim

"Of course. You two lovebirds enjoy the rest of your day" said Wade happily.

"Take care Wade. Bye" said Kim as Ron waved

"Bye" said Wade as he disconnected the communicator. Wade sat back and thought about what Ron had just told him. "Not having a soul, how silly. Even if the soul did exist it would be cloned along with the body. Not that it matters, for the moment" thought Wade as he went back to looking up information of cloning and other genetic research for some future projects he had planned.