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Chapter 12

Three months have passed since the clones of Kim and Ron were destroyed. Wade sent information on the deaths of Kim and Ron, not telling the world about how the Kim and Ron that existed for the last two months before their deaths were not only the real Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable but also that they killed many people in cold blood; some good and some bad. He had his hands full dealing with the families of those who died. Team Go was distraught at the news of Shego's death, especially Hego. Wade did not tell them about how the clones killed her but rather that she was caught in an explosion that destroyed the lair she and Drakken were in. Wade used the same reasoning and told the same story of Drakken's death to mama Lipsky; she ended up killing herself a few days later after hearing the news from Wade, not wanting to live anymore with the last of her family dead. The police eventually found the bodies of Bonnie and Brick after they were washed onto a nearby beach and identified. They were given to the families and buried next to each other; the families knowing how much they cared for each other. The Possibles and the Stoppables were buried near each other with their children. Tim and Jim attended the funeral with their uncle "Slim" and cousin Joss; their uncle adopted the two boys and promised to do his younger brother proud by raising them the best he could along with his daughter. Jim and Tim didn't blame Wade but he knew that they hated him for what he did, even though they never so; it was the look in their eyes that told him how they felt after losing not only their sister and their parents, but also Ron, who was like a brother to them. Kim's grandmother suffered a heart attack from the news of her youngest son and grand daughter's death. She recovered a few weeks later and continued living but to those that knew her the happy Nana had died after learning the death of several of her family members.

Wade had spent most of his time working nearly nonstop; he had built robots to continue the legacy of Kim and Ron by apprehending criminals and stopping madmen and madwomen from ruling the world. He would hire out the help of his robots to those who were willing to pay so that he could maintain the service he was doing, now that he had to keep the world safe by filling in for Global Justice which has been terminated due to the death of it's leader and it's agents.

Monuments had been set up in Middleton to honor the deaths of the two teenage heroes. Many were sadden by their deaths, showing how much Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable influenced the lives of so many people. Wade saw these monuments as a constant reminder of what he had done and what he has truly lost. He lost his friends for a second time and all those that were close to Kim and Ron are now dead, leaving Wade all alone.

Wade had visited the graves of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. He thought to himself as he looked at the graves how Mrs. Stoppable would have been angered to see his son not being buried in a Jewish cemetery but Wade felt it was only right to bury Kim and Ron next to each other, being that if they were to have lived they would have gotten married and lived happily together. "Hi Kim, Hi Ron, it's your friend Wade. Of course, after what I've done I would understand if you hated me. The rest of your family hates me and I'm rather sure that your parents hate me as well. Betty and the rest of Global Justice would probably kill me if they were still alive. You don't have to worry about the safety of the world any longer; I'm going to spend the rest of my life keeping the world safe from villains through the use of the robots I created to replace Global Justice and you two; not that anyone can replace you two" said Wade. He began to wipe the tears out his eyes and tried to stay strong. "I never meant for any of this to happen. You two deserved to be happy and live long lives after all the good deeds you have done and yet you died so early. I didn't know that cloning you two would have had such terrible repercussions. I know that nothing I do can ever fix the damage I have done but hopefully, one day, I will be able to redeem myself in your eyes. I will keep an eye on your brothers Kim and make sure they stay safe from villains, even though their uncle can probably do it without me. I'll continue the work that we did as Team Possible and make you proud; I promise you that"

Wade continued to stare at the two graves for a few minutes until Mrs. Load drove outside the cemetery and honked to tell her son that she arrived. "I'll come back and tell both of you what's been happening. Take care up in heaven Kim and Ron" said Wade as he walked to the car and got in.

Mrs. Load started to drive as she saw her son looking out the window. "So, how was your talk son?" asked Mrs. Load. She knew what she said was stupid but she was worried about her son and was afraid he might have a mental breakdown or something.

"It was ok" said Wade

Mrs. Load kept driving until them arrived home. When they entered the house she stopped Wade before he went to his room. "Wade, we need to talk" said Mrs. Load

"What is it mom?" asked Wade

"I want you to know that this isn't your fault" said Mrs. Load

"What do you mean 'this isn't your fault'? Of course it was my fault. I was the one who convinced the Possibles and the Stoppables to have me clone their children. It was because of me that they were killed in the first place. If I had only listened to what Kim and Ron said to me when I told them about cloning none of this would have happened. I am to blame and I will always have to have the burden of knowing that because of me others had to die because of my twisted desire to play god" yelled Wade

Mrs. Load watched her son breath in and out heavily after yelling at his mother. "I know you feel guilty for what you did but you had your heart in the right place. Kim and Ron were your best friends and heroes to many people. If I were in your shoes and had your intelligence I would have done the exact same thing. I'm not saying what you did was right or wrong; simply that what you had planned was based on good intentions" said Mrs. Load

Wade slowly walked up the stairs but stopped before he was out of sight. "Mom, hell is paved with good intentions" said Wade as he went to his room, leaving his mother to reflect on her sons words.


Wade sat in his room staring at his computer, waiting to see what was happening in the world that needed his help. Exhaustion started to overcome Wade as he tried to stay awake. He's been having nightmare for the last three months, and even though he knew he would have to eventually sleep he fought to stay awake nonetheless.

He picked up his bottle and soda and tried to take a sip but noticed that it was empty. He threw the bottle aside and decided to just go to bed. After changing into his pajamas and brushing his teeth he prepared to lie down, but before he did he sat down on his chair and thought about what he had talked about with his mother earlier.

He went to his mothers room and knocked lightly. A few seconds later the mother opened the door. "What's wrong Wade?" asked Mrs. Load as she yawned.

"Can we talk?" asked Wade

Mrs. Load could see that Wade was having some inner conflict and was in need of some help. "Sure" said Mrs. Load.

Wade walked back to his room, follow by his mother, and sat down of his bed. Mrs. Load sat down next to him and looked at him. "So, what do you want to talk about?" asked Mrs. Load.

"Earlier, you told me that what happened wasn't my fault. Then you told me that I did was not right or wrong. I'm not sure how you can see it both ways. It's either my fault and I was wrong for cloning them or it wasn't my fault and I was right for cloning them" said Wade.

"Wade, things are not always black and white. Cloning your friends may have been a good thing to do or it might have been a bad thing to do. No one knows that. The fact that the beings you created were not the friends you cared for so much, that was not your fault. If you had intended to create monsters I would completely blame you a for that and it would have been your fault; but, you had every desire and intention to give your friends the second chance they so deserved after all the good they have done. Will being sorry fix the damage the clones caused? No. Will blaming yourself and isolating yourself from the world fix what has happened? Of course not. The only thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and go on. I know it won't be easy to do, not now or ever. I now you feel you need to blame yourself, but if Kim and Ron were able to speak to you right now, I'm sure they wouldn't be made at you. As for Kim's brothers, they just need time to adjust. I love you, Wade Load, and nothing can change that, but I would tell you if you were wrong and trying to help isn't wrong, even if you believe good intentions paves a road to hell" said Mrs. Load.

Wade looked down to the floor as he thought about what his mother said. He knew she was right and that behaving the way he has will not bring his friends back. "You're right" said Wade.

"I know. Why don't you go to bed and we can talk more about this tomorrow, ok?" asked Mrs. Load

"Ok" said Wade as he kissed his mother goodnight. His mother closed the door behind her and shut the light off as he lay down to sleep. He reflected on what his mom said to him, smiling softly. "I'll never be able to bring Kim and Ron back but I will make them proud and continue on, just as they would have wanted me to" thought Wade as he drifted to sleep, no longer worried about the nightmares he has had and looking forward to a brighter future.

The End

Author's Note: I have finally finished this story. I know the ending seems a bit weak but I decided to end the story as happily as possible. For those who have watched Fullmetal Alchemist I tried to make Kim and Ron more like the homoculi rather than normal killers. I hope everyone enjoyed this story and will continue to review.