Carson Beckett stared at the ceiling above his bed, his blue eyes looking slightly glazed over.

There was nothing really very spectacular about the ceiling. It was a brownish caramel color, smooth and slick and rather common looking, as far as ceilings went.

In actuality, aside from the fact that it was a part of an ancient city built in an entirely different galaxy than the one where his life began, by a race of beings with technological and cultural advances that he couldn't even wrap his head around, it was much the same as his ceiling back home.

He wasn't really looking at anything in particular, just staring straight ahead in that mindless blank way one does when one's brain has gone on vacation due to sensory overload.

He came back to himself a few moments later as a set of fingers gently walked up his chest, reminding his still slightly foggy brain that he wasn't alone.

No, most definitely not alone.

It occured to him then that he should probably say...something. Although, the idea of what that something should be muddled him rather effectively at that point in time. He was pretty good with words, but what had just transpired had been utterly mind blowing and as such, his vocabulary had abandoned him. He tried to articulate just what he was feeling and found he couldn't string a coherent sentence together.

"That was...that...just...Cadman, I-"

She cut him off, "Carson?"


She looked at him with a very mischeivious and not all together innocent gleam in her eyes, "I think you can start calling me Laura from now on."


A/N:I finally spent some time with my SGA scripts a few nights ago (I'm FINALLY caught up on all the episodes I missed from season two) and noticed that in 'Micheal', Beckett's calender happens to say 'Dinner with Cadman'. And I thought to myself-

'They've been dating for how long now? About time he starts callin' her by her first name, yeah?'

Which sent that final line spiraling into my brain. I just heard it so clearly in her voice in my head that it DEMANDED to be written. Seriously, the idea perched on my desk and pestered me until I wrote it up.

Hopefully, I haven't made anyone OOC (that is my one greatest fear when I write canon characters) and hopefully, this will be an effective salve for the wounds I inflicted upon the Beckman shippers after I paired Cadman up with Rodney...repeatedly. So consider it to be just a little something to appease the many, many Beckman shippers I've managed to anger since I first entered the SGA fandom. Hopefully you'll all forgive me for breaking up your favorite ship after this bit 'o fluff.

And now I bet I've angered the Rockett shippers, haven't I? Which means I'll have to make it up to them as well otherwise they'll be after me with pitchforks and the like.

If only you weren't all so damn protective of your chosen ships. Why can't we all just get along? -weeps-

Anyways, what say the masses?