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The day he had dreaded for much of his human life had unfortunately arrived; the passing of his human mother. He had seen it coming a while off, and with how she had been behaving, he was almost sure she did as well. Her sudden interest in investments and savings, and the most appropriate flora for different occasions were all giveaways, if he had thought about it. She had practically told him the flower to place on her grave; the pale pink crape myrtle, a symbol of constant love and remembrance.

After it was official, he had returned to his apartment outside of town. He was anguished, and upset, but he had already come to terms with her impending end, and had a good cry. Now, all he wanted was to be in his own home with his own memories and his own lover to comfort him.

But even that was denied him.

The apartment, when he entered, was dark and empty. Not an abnormal observation by itself, but his significant other had known about his mother's failing health and his return on this day. He should have been there to help him through his grief and pain. He should have…

The phone rang and he rushed to answer it with high hopes.

"Hey, K'rama, yur homet?"

"Yusuke," he sighed, "have you been drinking?"

"Im fine. Jus checkinta sif yur mum's ulrigh."

"Yusuke," he sobbed quietly. If you loved me, you would be here with me.


"She's…gone, Yusuke," he spoke. His tone was muffled as with sorrow and tears.

A moment of silence before, "Yu 'right, K'rama?"

Taking a deep steadying breath he replied, "I'm fine, Yusuke. Just…call me when you're sober." If you want me, come find me. Make up your mind. He hung up the phone and crashed back against the wall, head lowered. Soft sniffles could be heard as he slid down to a sitting position with his legs drawn up. Arms wrapped around his legs and his face fell onto his knees. A fountain of red hair shielded the tear-streaked face from any who would try to see.

'We'll just be another mistake you made in the aftermath of Keiko's leaving you,' he thought about how his current relationship began. 'You'll never call me when you're sober.'

And he sat in the dark having his second cry in as many days; this one for the other loved one he had just lost.

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