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Life is fragile,

It can change fast,

For the better or the worse,

Depends how you look at it,

Most of the time we never get a choice,

Make the best of what it's worth,

Because you never know when it could end.


Kyle Keenan sat on his swing allowing the air to guide him as his father came up to him and told him he needed to talk. Getting off the swing he walked over to his dad and got the talk of his life.

"Son I need you to forget who you are, you are no longer Kyle Keenan, do you hear me? You are Russ Brennan. Ok?" his dad said holding his son by the arms.

"yes." Kyle said not sure what was going on.

"If anyone ever asks you, police or anybody you don't give them that name, you are Russ Brennan. If you tell them you will be killing your sister and your mother do you understand me?" Kyle nodded his head then looked behind his dad to see his mom holding his sister.

Joy Keenan, his little two year old sister, he loved her and knew he's do all he could to keep her safe, not matter what. Even if it meant lying for the rest of his life.

"Say it with me; you're no longer Kyle Keenan."

"I'm no longer Kyle Keenan." He whispered.

"I'm Russ Brennan."

"I'm Russ Brennan." He repeated again and for the next ten minutes he repeated his name, over and over again 'Russ Brennan.'

Later that night Russ crawled out of his bed and into his sisters where she slept peacefully. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew whatever it was he would always be there for her. He stroked her hair and watched her move around as dreams passed her mind.

She was no longer his little Joy; she was now his little Temperance. He smiled as she opened her eyes and gazed upon him.

"Hi, Russ." She mumbled. He knew she had been easier to convince then he had been and the name was a foreign word to him.

"Hi Tempie." He whispered back.

"Why you call me dat?" she asked in her little talk.

"That's your name now." He whispered.


"Because it just is."

"Are you oh tah, Russ?"

"I just had a bad dream and had to make sure you were ok." he lied looking at her.

"You want to seep wit me?" she asked kindly making room for him in her bed.

"sure." He said getting in and hugged her tightly as she rested on his shoulder and fell fast asleep. "I love you Tempie, and I'll always protect you."

The next morning Russ woke up and found his sister still sleeping on him, he gave her a nudge to wake her up, but no such luck. He tried moving around so he wouldn't wake her, but soon the cries of his mom could be hear.

"Russell!" his mom yelled she could be heard running into the kitchen. "Russ! Where are you?"

"Russ! Come here!" his dad could soon be heard as well.

Christine and Matthew ran around the house looking for their son, the only thing that could come to their mind was somebody had found them and kidnapped their child. They had woken up and gone into his room to find it empty.

The only thing that could come to their mind was fear; they had done so much to keep them safe only to loose them so soon.

Russ looked over to his sister as he noticed the pressure on his shoulder lighten. Tempe had woken up and ran out of bed to see her mom and dad looking around the house.

"MOMMY!" she screamed jumping in her arms for her morning hug and kiss.

"Tempe, have you seen your brother?" Matthew asked running over to her, glad she was still ok.

"I'm right here." Russ said coming out into the hallway to see both his parents in a state he had never seen them in, panic.

"Oh god, you scared the hell out of us." Christine said running over to him to embrace him, Tempe still in her arms. Matthew soon followed suit.

"Hey I got here fist, I want a hug." Tempe cried from her mother's arms, pouting because her brother got the attention she wanted.

"sorry." Her mom said hugging her close and kissed her gently then passed her to her father so he could do the same.

The rest of the morning was uneventful and calm as one could ask for.

A couple of weeks after Tempe had turned three a man stopped by the house asking for a 'Max Keenan' Russ knew his last name used to be Keenan, but before he could answer his mom and dad were behind him.

As Matthew talked with the man, Christine pulled Russ a side and spoke to him.

"Get your sister and hide, if anything happens, run away and find help." Russ nodded and ran to his sister's room where she sat playing with a few Barbie dolls.

He had been in her room for twenty minutes when their parents came in and spoke to them.

"Tempie, pack your things, please." Christine spoke and walked over to help her.

"Russ, come with me." Matthew said motioning for him to follow.

They walked out into the living room where they sat down and talked.

"You saw that man right?" Russ nodded. "If you ever see him again, I want you to get your sister and hide. Don't ever talk to him; he wants to hurt you and your sister. If you ever see him, promise me you'll protect Tempie and hide."

"I promise dad." He whispered.

"Good, pack your things." He said and Russ got up to leave.

A few days later Russ starred out the window to the family car as they drove away. They were leaving the home they knew behind and leaving to a place called Chicago. The young boy carefully placed his hand on the window and looked back at the house until it became so small he couldn't even see it anymore.

Tempe called her brothers name and smiled to him, telling him everything would be ok. He nodded, knowing everything would be as long as his sister was safe.


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