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Chapter 8: The Necklace


She has it. I didn't get a chance to look at the café yesterday, but now it's in view of everyone. The necklace that was given to Maria the day before I died. It's as beautiful as it was 150 years ago. A long, golden chain, with a diamond pendant and Citrine Quartz border.

"I'm glad you joined us for lunch, Gwen." Susannah said, a little over enthusiastically.

"May I ask where you got that necklace? It is beautiful." I wanted to get straight to the point. The faster I got it confirmed, the faster I could talk to mi Madre about it.

"Yeah, was it that new jewellery shop down by Starbucks? They have some gorgeous crystals there. I'd love one, but in green." Susannah is always looking for green jewellery to "set off her eyes".

"Oh, no. it was given to my great-great-grandmother just before she was meant to marry her cousin. Yeah, I know gross; it's a long story, but he died in a barn fire. She was pregnant with my great-grandmother at the time too. Apparently it wasn't his either. Could you imagine what a scandal that would have been 150 years ago?" Gwen answered with extra emphasis on imagine.

"Um, Susannah, Gwen. Please excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." Susannah has really been rubbing off on me, I don't need to go to the bathroom, I need to see mi Madre right away and tell her I have found the necklace.

"Sure, will you be back before the end of lunch?"

"Yes. See you later, querida." I placed a quick peck on her cheek. She blushed deeply.


"Oh my gosh, Suze he is so hot! How did you get a catch like that?" Gwen asked me. I was pretty irked that she said that. I mean, I'm not that pretty but still.

"Well actually, he made the moves on me so I didn't have to 'get the catch'" I said sarcastically.

"Anyway there's a camp in like two weeks time, are you going?" Oh yeah. Camp. I wasn't looking forward to it, because at this stage it was only my year that was going. That meant no Jesse for a whole week.

"I hadn't really thought about it much. I don't think I will." I swirled my diet coke around in its can.

"Aw, why not, I think you would have so much fun." Yeah right I wanted to say. You just want me to go so you could stay here and steal my kind-of boyfriend.

"Hmmm…" I said absent-mindedly instead.

We sat there in an awkward silence until Jesse came back about ten minutes later.


"Susannah,' I yelled running to her table as fast as I could. 'Come here quick!" I stopped to catch my breath.

"What?" She looked alarmed. I picked her up and swung her round and round. I don't know what came over me, but I was just so happy because everything was going to be alright. I knew, because mi Madre said she would sort it out tonight. Everything was going to turn out just as it should.

"Jesse, JESSE!' She screamed.

"What?" I stopped swinging her around, but had not yet let her go. We were going to be together, how it was supposed to be!

"Please put me down for a minute. I'm getting dizzy." I placed her down and she straightened out her shirt.

"I'm sorry querida, I couldn't help it. I'm just so happy!"

"Jesse, what's going on?" She asked demandingly.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you right now, but you'll see. Just trust me. And also promise me one thing?" I looked at her hopefully.

"Ah, Jesse. I'm getting a little freaked out."


My eye's shifted wearily from Jesse to where Gwen was sitting at the table watching us.

"Just promise me you will wear this." He pulled out a small green velvet box and opened. My eyes went from shifty to bugging out. It was the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen!


Jesse was proposing to me!

And that's when it all went black…


I woke to feel Jesse gently shaking me calling my name.

"Jesse, I'm awake." I rubbed my eyes, they felt like they had just popped out of my head. Gwen was also leaning over me.

"What was that all about?" she sneered.

"Ah, Gwen, can you give Hector and I a minute?" I sneered back at her. She walked away without another word.

"Jesse, what was it that you pulled out of that velvet box?" I asked and began to shake. Jesse cleared his throat nervously, "Ah… I…' He tugged at his collar, "Ah never mind." I may have not been 100 there at the time, but if it's what I think it is I'm not letting this go easily.

"Hector De Silva you will tell what you have in that box right now!" Jesse looked around as if he was making sure no one was around. He opened the box.

"Susannah, please wear this on around your neck on your silver chain?" He looked at me hopefully. I was speechless it was so gorgeous. So simple yet so beautiful. It had a pearl in the middle and diamonds around the outside of it and white gold band.

"Jesse…" I still had no idea what to say, 'It's beautiful,"

"It was my grandmothers." He smiled weakly still waiting for my reply.

"Yes. Can you put it on for me?" I lifted my hair so he could undo the chain. He slipped the ring on and his hand lightly brushed my neck and I melted.

"What's it for?" I asked as I hugged him.

"I can't tell you right now Susannah; you have to trust me. All I can tell you is that it will hopefully be enough to be let back to this time. I have to get to Spanish now, I'm helping tutor seeing as how I'm fluent. Goodbye Susannah." He kissed me on the forehead before jogging off to the Spanish class.

"So what was all that about?" Gwen asked me excitedly, she had been watching the whole thing from a distance.

"I don't know." I answered still a bit dazed and trying to think what Jesse could be talking about.

"Did he give you that?" she asked rather nastily.

"As a matter of fact, he did.' I replied with a triumphant smile. Ha, take that Gwen! 'Anyway, I have to go tell CeeCee what just happened. She'll never believe it! Bye." I ran off to go find CeeCee working on the school newspaper.

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