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The next day Sonny wakes up slowly and as he groggily opens his eyes he sees that he is still in the hospital. So it was not all a dream. I really am here and I have been shot and poisoned. He hears his stomach growl and realizes that he is starving. He remembers that the last time he ate was after coming out of surgery and he had thrown up everything as a result of the poison. His head is throbbing as is his arm. But he is glad to feel a bit more like himself than he had the previous day.

"Mmm" Sonny hears and looks around. He spots Ashley lying in the bed next to him, delicately stretching her arm above her head. Her back is to him and the beige blanket has fallen to her hips. He widens his eyes as he gets an unexpected glimpse of her bare back and the gentle rise of her butt before she turns over. Her gown in the front is off her uninjured shoulder hinting at the generous swell of her left breast and Sonny thinks, she is beautiful, creamy and soft all over. It would be wonderful to get lost in this woman.

"Good morning Handsome." Ashley drowsily says as she sees Sonny watching her from the other end of the room. "Oh I mean Sonny." Ashley corrects as she realizes her slip.

"I liked the first greeting more." Sonny says with a grin.

"I'm still half asleep so I can not be held responsible for my words or actions." She says as she straightens her hospital issue gown, slowly gets out of bed and proceeds to the bathroom. She makes sure to hold the back of her gown closed and Sonny says, "It's a pity you remembered that."

"Naughty Sonny. But then I like Naughty." Ashley says as she closes the bathroom door to Sonny's bark of laughter.

Tubbs walks into the room a few minutes later and finds Sonny grinning.

"Glad to you that you are feeling better, partner." Tubbs says as he thinks back to how anxious he was the previous day after the attack on Sonny.

"You know what Buddy, I am feeling a bit better. Still have a delightful migraine and a pulsating arm but at least I'm not throwing up. But then again I have not had breakfast yet." Sonny says as Tubbs stands at the foot of the bed.

"Sonny it's almost noon." Tubbs says and smiles as he sees the shocked look on Sonny's face.

"What, hell they must have knocked me out pretty good. What's going on with the case?" Sonny asks as he looks Tubbs straight in the eyes and silently communicates that he wants all the details.

"They knew that we were cops. It's like the whole thing was staged to get us out of the game. Sanchez, the guy that I caught in the parking lot, will call Manuel today and confirm via a newspaper headline that two Dade County Detectives have passed on as a result of arsenic poisoning. Then he will arrange to collect his money and we will nab Manuel and let him lead us to Rameros."

"Nice. That should get the bastards to back off while I get back onto my feet." Sonny says hoping that he will be out of here in a day or two.

"When you get back on you feet, you are going to use them to go straight home and relax on a two week sick leave…."

"No way Rico! I'm going to work this case with you. Hell they almost had me fit for a body bag." Sonny says as he angrily sits up.

Aaaahhh hell, so much for not feeling nauseous Sonny groans as he places one hand on his stomach and the other on his forehead. The throbbing in his head has intensified causing his vision to blur and the stomach cramps have come back with a vengeance.

"Sonny calm down and lie back. I'll get a nurse." Tubbs says with concern etched in his face, as he rushes out of the room just as Ashley comes out of the bathroom.

"Sonny?" Ashley says as she walks up to Sonny and notices the strain on his face.

"What is it?" She asks as she places a hand on his forehead.

"Pain.. nausea… cramps… The usual arsenic poisoning crap." He groans as the spasms in his stomach get worse. Ashley pushes his blanket down and places her hand under his gown, on to his stomach and she starts to massage it in anticlockwise direction. Her hand is cool against skin and he looks at her confused by what she is doing.

"Its part of Aromatherapy massage and it is meant to settle a cramping tummy." Ashley answers as she presses the nurse station buzzer. She continues to massage his tummy and by some miracle Sonny actually starts to feel some relief. But at the same time he starts to feel other things too and it feels really good. As the door to the ward opens, Ashley removes her hand and straightens the blanket out. Sonny immediately misses the contact and Ashley smiles at him as she is glad that she was able to make him forget his discomfort for a while. Pat arrives with Sonny's medication followed by Tubbs.

Tubbs walks up to Ashley and asks, "Doc, is he going to get through this okay?"

Ashley looks at Tubbs and she says, "You guys are really close aren't you?" She observes as Pat gives Sonny a shot and he curses.

"Sonny is my partner and he's the closest thing I have to a brother. So yes we are close."

"Ricardo the next few days are going to be tough but I think that he will be fine if he can just take it easy for a week or two. The medication is drawing the poison out of his body but his body will still feel residual effects for weeks to come. Nausea, cramps and headaches are the most common for up to 4 weeks after the treatment is completed. I will keep a close eye on him for you. So don't worry too much. Just get the guys who did this so that Sonny will be able to take it easy once he is discharged from the hospital."

"Thanks Doc and we are working on getting these guys as we speak." Tubbs says as he notices that Sonny is dozing off again.

"I'll call you later today with an update on his condition." Ashley reassures as she gets back into her bed.

Tubbs smiles and nods at her as he walks out the door.

Back in the interrogation room, Stan and Castillo set up the phone line and recorder.

"Sanchez, you're on. Say one wrong thing and you will be spending 15 in the slammer." Stan warns as he looks at his watch and realizes that it is 2:30 already.

"Dial the number." Castillo says in his usual quiet voice.

The interrogation room is white with a mirror on the one wall. There is one table with 2 chairs. It is small and perfect for intimidating suspected criminals.

"I dunno about this. Manuel, he will kill me…" Sanchez says as he tries to push away from the table.

Tubbs walks into the room and looks from Sanchez to Stan to the Lt.

"Our friend here is having second thoughts." Stan says as he leans against the wall.

"Do you need to feel that needle again to help you reconsider, scumbag." Tubbs asks vehemently as he leans across the table, his face only inches away from Sanchez's.

"No! No! This cop is mad.." Sanchez says as he looks at Castillo.

"You have up to the count of 3 to co-operate. After that we are leaving this room and you will have to deal with this cop on your own. 1…. 2….." Castillo calmly says.

"Okay. Okay…… The number is 558 434561."

Stan dials the number and sets up all the monitoring devices as Tubbs pulls away from the table and takes a deep breathe.

As the call is answered they hear, "Manuel."

"Yeh, Is me boss." Sanchez says.

"Sanchez. Is it done?"

"Don't jou read the paper? Both jour cops be dead this morning. The story, she's in this morning's paper. So what about my money?"

"Be at the docks tonight at 10:00pm. Your money will be waiting for you." Manuel says in a bored voice.

"I want jou to be there in person so that I can shake jour hand and maybe talk about some other opportunities for me to work with you."

"I do not meet with dirt bags like you." Manuel replies with a sneer.

"Hey listen. Jou better be there else I can arrange for you to be floating down face down in the Bay and then I will contact Mr. Rameros and take your place." Sanchez threatens as Tubbs stares hard at him.

"Stop threatening me. You want to meet. I'll meet you." Manuel replies as he thinks, then I will put a bullet between your eyes myself.

"See jou later, Senhor." Sanchez says as he hangs up.

"Stan?" Castillo asks.

"He is in the centre of town. But I do not have an exact fix. Sorry Lt."

"It does not matter Lt. We will set up at docks at 8 and be waiting for the bastard." Tubbs says as he leaves the room to start preparing for the night ahead.

Back at the hospital later that afternoon Ashley is feeling bored. So she gets out of bed and hooks up her earphones to the radio panel in the wall and starts switching through the various radio stations. Her shoulder is tight but the pain is bearable. She looks over at Sonny and he is still asleep. Pat had confirmed that they were sedating him deliberately because of the side effects of the poison. Oh Sonny, It felt good to touch you. You are so smooth and firm and the look on your face as the pain subsided and another emotion took hold was so arousing, she thinks.As she finds a station that she likes she puts the music up a bit and soon she is gently swaying to the music.

Sonny hears a soft buzzing sound as he starts to come to. The sun is setting and through its glare he sees a vision of a woman swaying sensuously. He blinks to try and clear his vision and as she comes closer to his bed he reaches his left hand out to her and caresses her hip. She stops swaying abruptly and he hears her say as if from a distance, "Hi Handsome." She leans into him and he thinks, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Long dark hair, tall slim body, generous bosom and nicely flaring hips. He continues to caress her and he moves his hand up from her hip to her side that then up to her shoulder as he starts to draw her closer to him. Ashley leans over him and allows him to touch her. She feels drawn to him and she gently places her hand on his cheek and waits in anticipation to see what's going to happen next.

"Ashley," he whispers softly as her face comes to a stop just above his and her soft, warm fingers caress his cheek and forehead. He moves his hand up to her hair. So silky soft. And then he pulls her the remaining few millimeters to his mouth. As his lips touch hers, she sighs out in contentment. That is all the encouragement that Sonny needs to take the kiss to the next level. He starts to move his lips hungrily across hers as his hand starts to caress the back of her head. She matches his intensity as she runs her tongue across his lips and into his mouth. He usually likes to be in control but her taking the lead increases his passion tenfold. They moan and sigh into each others mouths as the kiss deepens and their passions rise. Ashley gets onto the bed and lies practically on top of him as she starts to kiss his neck and his shoulder. Both of them have forgotten their injuries, discomfort and pain. They are focused exclusively on the feelings that are bubbling up between them.

"Sonny, you make me feel so incredible." she whispers between kisses.

"I can't get enough of you. Get out of your gown." Sonny whispers as he too starts to kiss her neck and shoulder. He want to touch and feel and taste all of her. Ashley hesitates of a second before accepting that she wants to take this to the next level. Sonny waits with bated breath as he sees the emotions fly across her face and he almost shouts out in relief as she slowly removes her hospital issue gown.

In the aftermath of their passion, Ashley pulls the blanket up to cover them. As she lies across Sonny's chest with their arms and legs entwined and as she tries to catch her breath she says, "That was amazing."

"It was better than amazing." Sonny says as her he kisses her forehead.

"So, where to from here? You must know that I want to get to know you better and that I definitely want to be with you like this again." Sonny says a few minutes later.

"Well, I guess that next time I should invite you to my bed, since we used yours this time." Ashley says a few minutes later as she nips his chest with a huge smile on her face.

Sonny laughs out loud as he hugs her close and kisses her deeply.

Stay tuned for more between Ashley and Sonny and of course more about the case.