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Pairings: You guess. Who would you put together?

Question1: If you could go back in time, would you? .

Question2: If you went back to the time and met Arthur and his knights, what would you do?

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'Have you ever seen a movie that you just wanted to be apart of? Have you ever seen your future in the past? Have you ever thought you would do something to change the past? Have you ever wanted to do something that you thought to be impossible or something you never saw coming until it was to late? You can't always believe the here and now, you have to believe in more then just reality. You have to believe in destiny and fate. Some might call me crazy for telling you this, but I'll be long gone before anybody reads it. All anybody really needs to know is that we are happy but I want people to know of us and about the struggles to save the people we love. I have a family now, which I never thought I would ever have. I also see my friends who I've known all my whole life happier then ever. This is our story of how we lived a life that nobody thought possible. A life that by some might say would be impossible. A life that we live with King Arthur and his Knights'

Ava- 23.she has long black curly hair and blue eyes. She is the oldest and the most quiet of the group.

Jason- 22. He has short blond hair with green eyes. He is the most outgoing but the most protective of the grown. He is the older brother of Christiania and Isabella.

Aeryn-22. She has long red hair with blue eyes. She is the fun one of the group. She is two weeks younger then Jason.

Olivia-21. She has short brown hair hazel eyes. She is the most observant and hostel of the group. She is Tyler's twin sister

Tyler-21. She looks just like her sister but her hair is longer and curlier. She is the most talkative of the group.

Christiania- 19- She has short blond hair with green eyes. She is the shyest of the group.

Isabella- 17. She looks just like her sister however she is anything but shy. She is the most troublesome of the group.