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Charter 1: Camping

"Where are we?" Olivia asked looking around. She saw her best friends looking as confused as she did. "I'm going crazy over here" Aeryn hit her arm glaring at her. "What it's not my fault you let Jason drive" Olivia said smiling.

"Next time we go camping I'm diving" Isabella said. Looking out the window of the van. "We would be there by now if I drove"

"You don't even have your Permit, Bella" Ava said from the front seat. "No way"

"I know" Bella said "but we would still be there by now"

"That's what scares me" Jason told her pulling into the woods to there campgrounds.

"Ha ha very funny" Bella said smiling. "were here now let me out."

"Hold your horse's, one at a time" Tyler said as she was being pushed out of the car.

"I'll go check us in and get the lot number for our camp" Christiania said as she stared to walk toward the camp office.

"You want me to go with?" Jason asked starting to pull bags out of back of the van.

"No, I'll be fine" His baby sister replied and walked away.

"She a grown up now she doesn't need you to hold her hand bro" Bella was standing beside her. "she just wants you to baby her." Jason turned to his youngest sister glaring.

"Enough, you know nothing of what's she's been though. If you did you wouldn't be so quick into thinking I baby her Isabella" He turned got her bag out of the van and pushed it to her. Bella was surprised at her brother's reaction. The only time he ever called her by her full name or anyone for that matter she was in trouble. She looked at the rest of her friends who were watching them all except Olivia who was looking in the direction of where the office was.

"Well if you guys would tell what happens maybe I would understand. None of you ever talk to me because I'm the youngest." Bella told them.

"Your right, but not because you're the youngest Bella. Chris is the one who made us promise not to say a word. Now be good and don't say a word. She coming back" Olivia said taking her bag from Jason. Isabella just watched her sister as she walked up and took her bag from Jason. Taking a deep breath she knew her sister had had a difficult year but she didn't know why. Everyone else did but she didn't.

"Were camping on the other side of the lake. The guy said its right next to a big cave" Chris said helping Jason get the coolers from the van.

"Great let's go" Ava said taking the handle of one end of a cooler while Tyler took the other. Jason and Chris took care of the second cooler as they all started down the path to there camp site. About ten minutes later the reached there camp and started to set up. There was no one near them as far as they could tell which was fine. They liked to camp by themselves.

"It's getting late and we have a busy day tomorrow so we better get some sleep." Olivia said pulling out her sleeping bag. The other looked at the sky and saw the sun going down.

"She's right. I didn't even relies how late it was getting." Ava said pulling out her own sleeping bag as the other already had.

"Its late because you let Jason drive" Bella said lying down in her sleeping bag.

"Very funny now go to sleep" Jason said lighting up a fire he just made. As Jason settled himself in his sleeping he saw Chris lying down beside him. He smelled as she settled herself in and closed her eyes. "goodnight everyone" at the same time everyone said 'goodnight' back.

As one by one they drifted asleep until only Bella was the only one awake. She was looking at the stars and smiled. She loved the stars. Right as she was about to full asleep she saw a shooting star. She bolted upright and watched it. She had seen shooting stars before but never like this one. It was red and white and quite big. She smiled and tried to think of a wish.

"I wish I could find someone to understand and love me" she whispered as she lied back down. As it faded away she didn't relies that her surroundings had changed just a little bit. She didn't know that it started to snow a little and as she closed her eyes drifting asleep she didn't see the men in the tree's watching her and her friends.

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