Fear Is Not Simple: a fanfic

"But name? I have none, for I am not name but function: deed, not word."

Michael H. Payne

The Blood Jaguar


I stand here on the first lonely landscape of my life.

Enough–! Where did this place begin? I retrace myself like a prey animal.

Did my life begin it? No. My training has not pointed to exile, but service...!

Did that fool Jedi apprentice begin it, when arrogance made time speed up and his lightsaber reached to my primary heart so that I too thought I was dead, lying beside than manmade pit?

No. That began a new era, the lesser exile...!

Enough–! That fault redirected my anger only slightly. For that later time I believed Lord Sidious did right in aiding me to live, in changing my work from action to his purpose, years-long patience. Ten years and we do not change much, Zabrak or Sith.

I believe it began at the end of the waiting, when plans I had heard audibly nothing of in a galaxy that changed brought you to Coruscant with us. Sidious had focus for you. He told me only that you had lowered much of the population of the Jedi Temple. Whatever this was meant to do, it made me envy you, and hate you.

There it began, then...

So as I search for hope on this barren world, I will count your crimes against me.