A/N: I have no excuse. I was replaying Grim Fandango for research of another piece I'm planning on writing, and I thought 'hey- I could scribble a piece of poetry like Olivia's', so here it is. I wrote it on the spur of the moment, then made the mistake of showing it to Scorpicus, who insisted I show everyone else. There may be quite a few of these emerging over time. Just read it in your head with Olivia's voice in mind, and it translates pretty well into the game. But, what am I doing, rambling on? Just read the poetry!

A box

Transports us

From skin and life

To bones and death.

What is it

Moving us on to

A skinless afterlife

But our remorse

For such an occasion?

Wake up, comrade,

(Insert clicking here)

Welcome to your new existence.