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She sat silently staring at the world in front of her. The world that she had once grew up in; a home, and a life were all now gone. It had happened so fast. The riots, the blood, the countless deaths.

The riots were only in small third world countries, but in a week's time had spread to major cities and after that the military had abandoned the civilians. The survivors were now on their own. In the new dead rising world, countless were to fend from themselves, and any others that may have joined them to seek refuge.

Serena sighed once again sitting on top of the building. She was one of those younger survivors. Only 14. By the time she had gotten to where she was, the news had indicated that more than half of the world's population was now part of the living dead.

The barren wasteland that lay before her eyes were that of her old hometown. Down the street she could see what was left of the old skating rink. The last place she and her best friend Emily had been to have fun. That night was also the last time she had seen any of her family.

Her mother was working at the lab with her father and her sister was sleeping over a friend's house from down the street.

The memories came flooding back like a giant ocean wave. She couldn't get the one fact that not only remained in her head, but that of others that still clung to the hope that life would one day go back to the way it had been before. The fact that today could be their last day. The last day they could take a breath of fresh air. The last day that they could for one last time see an old friend, family member, or even another survivor.

Although this analogy lied in her head, she pushed everyday, praying that she could see tomorrow. Praying that her best friend, that was still with her would also be there to see the next sunrise and sunset.

Emily sat next to her not saying a word. The silence between them lingered for hours on end. From early in the morning to sometimes midnight was spent staring out into the emptiness. There would be noting but the moaning of the zombies down below and the occasional bird chirping.

The creatures below them had grown in numbers over the month and to their surprise, they didn't seem to know they were up there. During the day both girls could see the dead world. The zombies roaming around, with some still bleeding out of the wounds. Others were missing parts. Necks, arms, legs, or even a combination of all. The veins and tendons still there, just waving in the wind. Serena wondered what it was like to be one of them. Dead and uncaring. Their only need was to feed. The one and only thing that had kept them going. Live food.

Emily lay back on the hard cold cement. She hated doing this. Sitting around and doing nothing, but linger on the past. What was the sense in that?

But as much as she wanted to say something, to try and lighten the mood on which this new world had brought them, she just couldn't. She too had thought of her own. Not only about her family or life, but just about things she had never seemed to have time for. Things like the chores she would give her mom a hard time about, or the food she had never finished at Serena's house the night the town had been taken over.

Simple things like that reminded her she was still alive and was going to continue kicking and screaming until her last breath. She looked back over at her friend who had been sitting with her knees drawn up and her head in her arms that rested on the knees. She had been like that since 6 in the morning. Emily looked at her watch. The time now was 10 at night. Another day had gone by without a word said.

Serena knew what her friend was thinking, but just couldn't bring herself to talk. How long she could keep this up for she wondered before one of them cracked. Remembering back, she was never like this. As a matter of fact she was a talker, as people would often say. If there was a likable conversation, she would join in by the occasional, "Oh yeah I heard about that!" or "What! that is not what happened!"

But as all good things do, they went from bad to worse.

She looked back at Emily, who had started to fall asleep out of boredom. Serena sighed one final time, mustering enough courage to say something.

"Hey Em'" she said just a tad louder than a whisper. Emily immediately sat up. It had been the first time her friend had spoken in weeks and if it was only for a minute she was going to listen to every word.

"Yeah." she asked, hoping Serena would answer back. She was silent for a minute and Emily had figured she wasn't going to answer, but was wrong.

"Do you ever wonder?" Serena went on, looking at Emily now. "Wonder what?" she answered back confused.

"You know just wonder. Wonder about things. Do you ever wonder about your family or anything?" she replied as her friend nodded.

"You know wonder about why us? Why now? Why our world?" It took a moment for Emily to understand where she was coming at.

"Yeah all the time. No one can answer these questions though. It just happened. No one could have figured that the meteor had strange radiation or that the dead would come back to life. As far as I see it. God is testing us. An to tell you the truth from where I am standing, we are doing a really good job so far."

Serena smiled. It wasn't really the answer she was expecting, but it was better than what she wanted to hear. Emily sat near her friend again. "But you know what we have that maybe some others don't have?" She asked. Serena looked at her shaking her head "No what "

"We have each other. Someone we could talk to. It makes this thing a little less scary knowing you have someone covering your back."

Serena stared back into the darkness laughing a little. Through this whole experience she had forgotten that one little piece of advice. She still had her best friend with her. It was true they both had each other's back. In the mist of all this confusion and pain. Through all the hardships they had gone through and have yet to reach. Through the one experience they were in together. One thing would remain. They still had each other and were not going to go down without kicking and screaming first.

Suddenly a gun shot in the distance broke their thoughts. Both girls looked up. In the distance there was headlights and flares and gunshots. Without hesitation, Emily reached over to a toolbox that had been left behind when they had gotten here.

She opened the red rusting box and pulled out a big black gun and a flare. There was only one. One flare that could be their chance or their demise. Emily loaded the flare into the gun and pointed it upward.

The shot went off and blasted a bright red in the sky. It had been the most beautiful sight they had both seen. A minute went by. Had the people seen them?

Serena looked at Emily who was shaking. She wasn't sure if it was from fear or excitement. Another minute had gone by without a reply.

"They hadn't seen us." Whispered Emily looking away. Could their one chance of escape be gone? For another five minutes nothing happened. The world had once again gone back into the quietness. The creatures down below were now louder than ever before however. They knew food was only 40 feet up.

Serena looked back at Emily who was now crying. Maybe she had finally thought help wasn't coming. As Serena turned back to the wasteland, a bright red light shot up into the sky. Her eyes widened. It was the answer they had been waiting for.

Emily looked up from crying. The red light was still high in the sky. The answer they had wanted was here. They were going to see tomorrow. By now the trucks had come closer and a bright beam light was shining from the back. The light was shining on them.

Both girls began to jump up and down waving their hands and yelling.

They were saved, but what was now in store for them? What did the future hold? They didn't know.


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