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It was early morning and Wallace and Gromit were eating breakfast. Wallace was reading the newspaper and humming to himself while Gromit was buttering his toast. Wallace came upon a headline that made him gasp.

"A Miss Cheesy pageant, Gromit!" Wallace said to Gromit. A confused look came upon Gromit's face.

"What's a Miss Cheesy pageant?" he thought. "That makes as much sense as trying to breathe underwater."

"Listen to this, mate." Wallace told Gromit. "'The 25th Miss Cheesy pageant is a competition of representing your favorite cheese. It takes place on the fifth of September. The grand prize is ₤120,000, a life time supply of Wenslydale cheese, and a new Chrysler Crossfire. People can nominate their female friends or relatives as a competitor.'" Just then, a light bulb appeared above Wallace's head. "I know just who to nominate!" he exclaimed. He then dialed someone's phone number.

At Lady Tottington's house, the phone rang. Lady Tottington ran to the phone and answered it.

"Hello, this is Lady Tottington speaking. May I ask who's calling?"

"Totty," Wallace said. "This is Wallace."

"Oh, Wallace!" Lady Tottington exclaimed. "How are you?"

"I'm doing fine, Totty! I have a question to ask you."

"Go ahead; ask away." She replied.

"Is it okay if I nominate you as a contestant in the Miss Cheesy competition?"

"Wallace, that would be wonderful." She said as she twirled her red hair around her finger.

"Okay, I just wanted to know if I could." Wallace said.

Just then, one of Lady Tottington's rabbits, Hutch came up to her and spilled pomegranate juice on her lily white dress.

"Oopsy!" Hutch exclaimed and giggled at the same time.

"Wallace," Lady Tottington said. "I've got to go, Hutch just spilled pomegranate juice on me and it's impossible to get out!"

Hutch then started singing the "Mission: Impossible" theme song in response to the word "impossible".

"Okay, I suppose I should let you go. Good luck with getting that stain out!" Wallace replied.

"Goodbye!" Lady Tottington said. The last words Wallace heard her say before she hung up were, "Hutch, you little devil! What am I to do with you?"

"Gromit, lad, let's call the Miss Cheesy Hotline to nominate Lady Tottington." Wallace said cheerfully. Gromit nodded.

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