Disclaimer: The Odd Couple was created by Neil Simon. Gary Marshall produced The TV Series. I m just using them as part of this tale.

Premise: Felix And Oscar go treasure hunting - or so they think.

FOOTNOTE: This version takes place in The Animated Hanna Barbera Universe after the events seen in The Odd Couple: Together Again TV Movie.

The room was a big dirty mess. It looked like an H-Bomb was dropped on it and only the roaches had survived. Felix was thoroughly digusted by his best friend's room.

"OSCAR!" He bellowed.

From out of a pile of gunk rose Oscar Madison, former Sports Writer rising from the mess that was his bed.

"Whattya want, Felix? I was dreaming about making love to a Bruntette in Mexico. She was a real hot Tamale I can tell you," he said with a huge grin on his face.

"You are filthier than ever!" He fumed.

"What do you care? You don't live here anymore. Besides you're the least of my problems. I got a ticket violation for parking on the wrong side of the street the other day and I can't find it," Oscar grumbled.

"Did you look in your sandwich?" Felix asked with a look of contempt on his face.

"Oh this old thing?" Oscar replied picking up the half eaten confection. "That was left over from 1975."

Felix wanted to throw up at that point.

Just then the doorbell rang and Felix went to get it. There was no one at the door but he spotted a white envelope addressed to him and Oscar.

"Oscar. It seems we got a letter addressed to us. Seems it was hand delivered too," Felix said.

"Well, Open it already!" He said to Felix irritably.

Opening the letter with a letter opener he took out the contents. It was written on yellowish paper. On the top was a letterhead with two bats on each side and a magic wand in the middle.

"What does it say?" Oscar asked.

"See for yourself," Felix replied handing him the letter.

"You are cordially invited to participate in a scavenger hunt. The contents in it will be of most value to you. Please come as soon as possible. In fact after you read the paragraph after this one. You will be here quicker. "Commatuossa?"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Oscar asked puzzled."

"It means you both got here just in time," a short fellow with glasses said.

"Oscar," Felix said to him. "I don't think we're in New York anymore."

To be continued...