FOOTNOTE: For the purpose of this story. I've chosen to give Oscar a pork pie hat instead of his regular baseball cap which he usually wears. The reason is because in one of the episodes he wore one in a flashback sequence in The Early years of his career as a Sports Writer.

And as we all know. Oscar NEVER throws anything away - Unless Felix finds it first.

Now back to the story already in progress.

"This is getting ridiculous. There's no way we're going to find that Hand in the jungle," Felix said.
"You're right about that. We're going to need an aerial view to look for it," Oscar said to Felix.
Rummaging through his hat he pulls out a helicopter.
"Can you fly this thing?" he asked Felix.
"Can I FLY this thing? If you thought my fear of planes was bad. You have no idea how I feel about helicopters," Felix said shuddering at the thought.
"OOO-Kay!" he said knowing where this was going. "Wait! I got a better idea then."

"Let's see," Oscar reached into his hat trying to search for what he needed.
"Cueball, Eight ball, Baseball, Basketball. Football, Screwball." He pulled out a photo of the pun.
"Thumb Tacs, Carpet Tacs, Income Tax, Tic Tacs, Flea tacs."
"Flea tacs?" Felix said looking puzzled.
"No! Hold it! It's just Flea Powder." The flea powder falls all over Felix and he starts sneezing, honking and coughing violently.
"Gun Powder, Powder Keg..."
"OSCAR!!!" Felix noticed that his friend dropped a set of matches that lit the fuse of the powder keg and...


They flew twenty feet in the air from the blast landing out of the jungle into a desert.

"Here it is!!!" Oscar shouted. "A flying carpet. It's the latest model too."

Felix and Oscar jump on the carpet as it goes up then shoots down like a missile.


"Abracabookey!" Oscar said and the carpet leveled off in a steady pattern. Felix was a bit shaken but soon gained back his composure - or what resembled it anyway.

"How did you know that the carpet would respond to the word you just said, Oscar?" asked Felix.
"Simple! It's on the carpet itself," he said pointing to a corner with a logo on it.
"You dummy! We left without finding the hand!!!" Felix bellowed.
"Oh this thing?" Oscar pulled out The Golden Hand from his pork pie hat.
"You had the hand all the time?"
"Yeah. I saw on the way out of the canteen we were in."

Felix was too exhausted to chastised Oscar.

To be continued...